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  • How can you tell if a VERY Strict Teacher, Coach or Boss goes too far with the students/employees? ?

    I understand many people are very mean looking and 100% intimidating but I will call a professor or boss one of the best as long as they give you what they deserve and some transparency with your progress. Even if it's brutal to hear they care for your improvement even if you never see them smile. However sometimes I hear people say, he's too much or "Why is he even here?" I'm just wondering when is it a Very strict person has crossed the line. 

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  • Why can't my dog jump down as easily as jumping up?

    My dog is a black toy poodle and she can jump up the couch............but not go down. I really don't get it. SHe is like afraid to go down. I toss her ball to the couch she goes up. When I toss it down from the couch, shes' afraid to go down. 

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  • I feel guilty of not standing up?

    I feel guilty of not standing up to early childhood bullying.

    I was grade 4. There were 120 students in a batch with 4 classes of 30 students each. I was in 4-B. I hated my classmates and wanted to be in 4-A. I would go inside their main classroom during lunch break because I liked the people there. The ones in 4-B were not. There were 5 guys who would constantly tease me.They weren't physical or calling me names. They knew my fears and played it along with me. I never bothered to tell the teacher because If I told the teacher, I felt like the bullies will hate me forever. I really didn't want to be hated to. Because of Grade 4 i became I try-hard at making friends at Grade 5 and I became distanced. No one likes a try-hard. I had to change schools because I wasn't making good friends. At grade 6 that's when I restarted and made a friend, who was also in the same old school as me but we were never classmates. He would eventually be my best friend. At High School I had to realize I have to do the right thing and it's the bullies fault if they decide to hate on me for the rest of their life. I know like it wouldn't have happened (me and my best friend meeting each other) if I didn't stand up but.........I feel guilty of not doing it. I know it's a very long time but I have flashbacks of them once a year. 

    TLDR. I feel guilty of not handling my childhood bullying because I thought I would be hated if I told on them.

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  • How can you grade someone in team sports?

    Let's say in Basketball this guy made 40/50 passes a game. So on a scale of 1-10, do you grade his passing an 8? (40 divided by 50 is .8) Or there is more to that. It's just my School is wondering if the analytics team on basketball tournaments, which I'm part of can do a grading system of players to help the coach out so he knows his starting 5.

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  • Will this be good for both Youtube and Coppa?

    I know I'm a bit late and It's been ike 5 months since COppa but IDK I just thought of an idea that would benefit both Kids and Adults. If you use Youtube and you are not signed to an accound or the account is below 18 years old......the COPPA Effects like no Comments, Notifications, no saving the videos will apply but if your account is above 18 then COPPA will not Apply. It's not like 10 year olds will lie about their age. The parents jsut have to make sure the child is telling the truth on their age and they are free to search youtube.

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  • How long should you wait to call someone if he doesn't text you back?

    I need to interview people thru vidchat but they are not replying? Is the weekend the best time to call them? I mean tere is no work?

    4 AnswersEtiquette3 months ago
  • Can you Survive Underground if an extinction level meteor hits THE OTHER SIDE OF THE EARTH?

    Your are a scientist so you prepare ALOT. Let's say a shelter........Food. and a way to imitate sunlight so you have an underground gardent to grow food and the extinct meteor will hit the other side so your good. Just wondering if you can survive like that.

    7 AnswersAstronomy & Space3 months ago
  • Is going to a surprise party uninvited rude?

    Inknow its rude to go to parties uninvited but this is a different one. The bday boy or girl wont know who is invited and I think as long as he/she is happy even if the planner is sort of mad, Its okay. What matters is that the bday boy or girl is happy to see me

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  • Are there ways to get a full time job while still a student?

    One senior student i know took removals for one subject, real analysis (RA) before lockdown. Heres the thing. If he fails, he has to wait another two years. RA is offered every two years because the third and fourth year students are classmates. RA alternates with Operations research (OR).Both those subjects alternate every schoolyear and in both classes, third and fourth years are classmates so no need to offer one of them next year. Anyway is it possible to get a fulltime job if he is still a student with the case he fails and has to wait two years? There are two subjects like that in my course and i hope it wont happen to me. It just sucks if you cant get a good job cuz of one subject.

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  • Do Kills matter in many online games?

    Someone made an anonymous post in my schools freedom wall saying kills dont matter in many online games as long as you contribute to the objective. He was called noob in the comment section.  

    In my opinion it depends on the game mode. If he isntalking abt deathmatch then he is a noob because you need kills to win deathmatch. But if he talking abt capture the flag or Destroy the enemy base like dota 2 then you can get away with 0 kills and still be the hero.

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  • What are Anime that made a mistake in continuing when it should have ended at one point.?

    I watched Sword Art Online....Loved it I watched Season 2 and Hated it. Season 1 was the perfect ending. It should have ended there. I wanna know if there are other anime that should have ended at one point but was continued and lost tis charm. Just curious and wanna find new anime.

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  • How do can people do their Final papers during lockdown when it can't be done online?

    My GF told me that quarantine got extended and her sister is crying. Her Sister and her defense group have to go to this factory for their Engineering Paper. That s the only thing they need for graduation. However since lockdown got extended to May. SHe really Can t do it plus there is internship for her summer. My GF s Sister has to do internship FOR THE SUMMER AFTER FINAL DEFENSE. I really pity her. Plus seniors in my Course Have to get Nearly 1tb of data (Like WTF). THat really cant be sent online and they wrre planning to go to someones house to put it in their 1tb hard drive but quarantine happened. Anyway there are papers and undergrad research works where there is is NO ONLINE ALTERNATIVE.

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  • How does suing work?

    I thought it was a VERY LENGHTY PROCESS So whatever you sue must be really serious but some people I heard would sue for small matters. ONE a basketball tournament.....which I was an organizer, one opposition from another school threatened to sue us if we dont hire a good referee because the ref sent out their best player when he got 6 fouls but they still won the game. The organizers still have to deal with it after classes resume. Another time my friend parents owned a school but they were sued when one.....JUST ONE student was failing and his rich parents sued them for failing their kid. I asked other kids from my friend school, who are not that close to my friend to avoid bias, and they all agreed the rich kid wasnt doing anything and was slacking off.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 months ago
  • Why do Some Universities have a residency period instead of letting delayed finish their majors in a slower pace?

    Residency in my univ is how long can you stay in the school to complete your course. My school has a residency of Additonal 2 years of your course. SO if your course is 4 years, then you will get 6 years to complete the course with the case your delayed. If your course is 5 then you have 7 and so on. IDK why there is like that tho. What's wrong with completing a 4 year course in 7 years. The school already kicked some people out even if they are not done with residency. My friend got kicked out with 3 years left in his residency because his first two years were bad plus he took a year leave, which is still part of residency and when he tried to go back, the school said he won't finish his majors on time. That was too harsh. Anyway I just want to know why there is residency.

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  • How do you compute Tolerance level in Statistics?

    I have to watch a whole football match online (I chose Liverpool Barcelona) and mannually get the statistics. Then I will see if the Stats I got fits with the stats posted by UEFA and see if the errors I made are tolerable. I dont know how to compute tolerance error. I was sick when the class discussed it.

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  • Should I find new Friends?

    two months ago, I tagged ten people from my High School Circle in an inappropriate post because I thought it was funny but 5 got mad and I deleted it. The psot was a private part shaped workout stuff. I thought it was really funny but they were offended I tagged them. Anyway I said Sorry in the groupchat and told them I won't do it again. However up to now, they have been ignorin every message or conversation i try to start in the groupchat. Even Plans. I asked on person who I'm really close to and he said maybe it;s because I tagged them in that inappropriate post two months ago. IT'S BEEN TWO MONTHS AND THEY ARE STILL MAD AT ME. I ALREADY GAVE A SORRY. In short, my friends are mad at me Still for tagging them in an inappropriate post two months before.

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  • Is my Friend being Over Reactive and Childish?

    There is a basketball tournament involving non-varsity and My friend was in charge of assembling the team. He's trying to get as much players as he can, find a jersey supplier and so on. However, he is complaining that he isn't getting playtime. Whenever he's asked to be subbed out even if he was only in the court for like 30 seconds after one quarter, he says yes. That's the problem, he's too submissive to people's requests. There is no coach here as it is a non-varsity thing and it's jsut a school tournament, which means subs are based on squad requests. However one time......he threw a long message of dissapointment saying that he's doing all the work, making the team lineup, signing the contract and making sure we have enough players for a game. his whole point of the message is that he is team captain, doing all the work, making the team but he's not getting any playtime from his teammates and he complained why one person who was never a varsity got more playtime than him. My friend added that the time he was given was not enough to judge his own performance. He was made team captain because the tournament organizers were looking for High school varsities who are not college varsities and my friend is one of them.

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  • When will Youtube Die?

    Since Coppa has affected so many channels...........Im thinking about the end of Youtube. Many Channels are affected because they can't get revenue, personalized ads or even chats. Sometimes the channels that reviews products can't get the feedback on comments because their vids are "marked for kids". Someday, youtube will be replaced by a video sharing wbsite with more limits like how snapchat has been replaced with instagram or multiply being replaced by Facebook or itUnes by Spotify.

    3 AnswersYouTube7 months ago
  • How is this diet plan?

    For weekdays.......I will go either vegetarian (Veggie) or Gluten Free. If i cant go gluten free, I must go veggie and vice versa. one day should be BOTH veggie and gluten free. Like I tried gluten free for one weekday and my love of bread made it hard so I though hmmmm Maybe i should lose something too if Im gonna have bread.......and that is meat and seafood. In short. I cant have Bread and Seafood together in One day while one day is completely prohibit both of them

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