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  • Imaginary friend names?

    I have to write a children's book for creative writing, I have the whole plot planned out, the only problem I don't have a name for the two imaginary friends. One of them is very cute but has a maniacal personality and is always getting the protagonist in trouble, the other one is scary looking but very nice and also makes the protagonist happy. I don't know what names to give them.

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  • Does he like me?

    Ok so I used to self-harm, it is something I no longer practice. I had been doing it since I was 11 and I wasn't strong enough to help myself. People found out every once in a while but they just brushed me off as an angsty teen, one girl even went as far as saying, "at least when I cut I have a reason," without actually letting me explain why I was hurting so much. Around a month ago this boy that I didn't really talk to much, he was in my friend group so we knew each other but didn't really know each other, he noticed some cuts poking out of my sleeve. He grabbed my arm and pulled up my sleeve, revealing a lot of cuts, new and old. He got this sad look on his face and asked me why. I told him it's because all my life kids had bullied me and called me fat. His reaction, "no offense, but you were stupid to believe them. I know someone who likes you, if you don't cut for three months, I'll tell you who he is." I agreed and I haven't cut since then, if I felt the urge I would message him and he would tell me everything was going to be OK and I was beautiful. Lately we were messaging and he said my eyes sparkle, and he always says I'm beautiful. Do you think he might like me?

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  • Telling someone I self harm?

    So, I really want to stop self harming, I've been doing it since I was eleven because everyone always told me I was fast and ugly so I believed them. I told my mom and brother and the school counselors but they don't care at all, my mom even jokes about it when a knife goes missing but she just left in the dishwasher (ex; oh one of the knives went missing, pearl must be slicing again then she laughs). I told one friend who was a chick that I wasn't currently doing it because she noticed a scar poking out of my sleeve. One of my guy friends found out on accident and he is now bribing me not to cut which is just staying me out more. I want to tell one of my best friends because he helped himself stop, I think he would understand the best and he wouldn't pull the bullshit cliche lines on me. The thing is, how do I tell him or even bring it up in conversation?

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  • A girl threatened me.?

    Today at lunch I was hanging out with my friend, let's call him Spencer. A girl, let's call her Amanda, came by. I don't know much about Amanda aside from she is overly clingy and very annoying (at least according to my friends) I haven't talked to her enough for her to get clingy but she is pretty annoying, she's that one kid you know, she does that thing from seventh grade where she hides your stuff and the whole class is giggling while you try to find it except nobody is laughing because we're sophomores not seventh graders. Well Amanda has an evident crush on Spencer. I was teasing Spencer a bit and we were laughing and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder (not a hug, an arm wrap). After the bell rang I decided to give her some pointers so she wasn't alone in her highschool life. "If you're funny he hugs you," I say to her an and in response she says, "get in my way, and i will end you." Should I try to deal with this on my own, I could tell her I'm lesbian (which I am and I'm open) or should I tell the principle. I feel I should tell the principle more for the safety of Spencer than myself.

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  • Is my cut infected?

    So I cut myself earlier, and now that I've taken off my sweater a small area around the cut is bright red, when I looked it up on Google this was the only sign of an infection and I was wondering if this might be an infection, I don't think it is bit better to be safe than sorry.

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  • My crush saw my self harm scars?

    Ok so I'm recovering from self harm and I hadn't cut for probably 8 months but yesterday I had a really dramatic day and I relapsed (which is normal for recovery). And today at lunch I didn't realize that my sleeve had slipped up. While our other friends were talking among themselves he quietly pointed it and asked "what is that?" This guy might have a crush on me, I'm friends with his sister and she told me he likes me but I'm not sure. Anyways I got scared and pulled my hand under the table and used the stupid, "it was my cat." Excuse. It seemed like he believed it but should I pull him aside and tell him?

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  • Telling a friend I self-harm?

    Ok, so I've known this friend for a while and we're both girls. I met her at the freshman orientation where we did normal things, one of the things was a make a list of goals, no matter how unrealistic. We traded lists and read over each others lists and the goal that I remember was "I want to stop everyone in the world from self-harming". It caught my attention because I've been dealing with self-harm since the sixth grade and I'm great at hiding it, but I don't want to hide it from her anymore. Do you think I should tell her? And if I do what do you think her reaction would be?

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  • Saving money to live on my own?

    Hello I'm 14. I plan on moving out of my house as soon as possible. I don't plan on running away because that's a ticket for disaster. I plan on waiting until I'm 18 or if I get into college I plan on waiting until I graduate so I can move out of state, or going to college out of state. It recently dawned on me that if I want to move out in the future I shouldn't just expect to magically be able to live in a five story house next to the beach. I want to move to California and get a one room apartment (hopefully my taste doesn't change) I have started saving up money and I have $180 right now. I know that's not much but keep in mind I'll be saving every penny for four years. I plan on getting a job at a sushi restaurant as a waitress because it pays well and my brother works there. I know that this is a long ways away but do you think it's a good idea to start saving now or worry about it once I'm older like 17?

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  • Shampooing dyed hair?

    Ok so I have really greasy hair and need to wash it everyday, my hair is so greasy I have to use dawn dish soap just to make it look clean and keep in mind that is what they used to clean up animals in the oil spill. So anyways I have really dark brown hair so I will be bleaching it so I can dye it blue. I was wondering if bleaching it might cut back on my hair being so greasy so I might be able to use shampoo for dyed hair, and if I should use brunette oriented shampoo.

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  • How to break plastic?

    Ok I need the razor inside this pencil sharpener. The cap is too small for scissors to do any damage and I can't stick anything up there to unscrew it. And anyone answering yes this is for self harm, I don't need anyone wasting their time telling me to stop, I just need to know how to break the plastic.

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  • How to take apart pencil sharpener? the pencil sharpener looks like this and I cannot break the top for the life of me, I need the razor inside and I can't reach anything up there to unscrew it because it's such a thin opening, so what to do?

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  • What color looks good with purple?

    Ok so I don't know how soon this will be answered so I'm asking now. In about three months I'll have homecoming so I was wondering what color looks good with purple. I was wondering because I have a short dress but I want a different color for the tights. Don't ask why I want tights it's kind of personal. But anyways I don't want to look like a walking plum I want some variation so Amy suggestions?

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  • is it OK...?

    I'm writing a book and I was wondering if its OK to put Disneyland as a setting or is copyrighted? Like is it alright or do I have to make up some crappy name like didney world?

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