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  • So I got hired at taco bell and I have a question?

    So I had my orientation where I got my uniform and filled out the paper work and when I went to the back my tax thing wouldn't print so she sent me home and said she would call me. They hired 10 new people but im getting nervous its been 5 days and no call. but I did get my uniform. Should I wait or call them ?

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  • question about taco bell?

    so i had an interview at taco bell saturday and i think it went well. she told me i had to take my nose ring out, she asked for my pant and shirt size and put that down and then asked for my number. she said she would call me after all her interviews that same day. its been 2 days im guessing she got busy. should i call her ? does it sound like i got the job ?

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  • so im pregnant and i have a question?

    okay so im almost 16 weeks and the father of my baby broke up with around 2 1/2 weeks ago and when we broke up he told me "I will be there for the baby" now its not so bad between us, like we get along and stuff but my friend was talking to him and he told him that he wanted to be with me but he didn't know it would turn out since its awkward already and he doesn't want to make it worse. Hes worried im going to end up hating him, which i could never ! and he told my friend he wants to be there for me and his baby. I miss him, and i was his 1st real girlfriend and took his virginity.

    im 19 & he is 16. ( Don't judge me)

    do you think there is a possibility of us ever getting back together ? how do most guys feel when they hold and see his baby for the 1st time ?

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  • So question about a job?

    Well I filled out and application on thursday for this cleaning place and they called me the next day telling me they seen my application and told me the information on it and told me to call them if i was interested and when i called them back they told me more about the spot and then she told me to come in monday through friday 9am to2pm to fill out a paper one. does this sound like a guaranted job ?

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