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  • How bad did I screw up? (Women's opinions needed)?

    A friend that I have spoken with and have completely opened up to over the past 3 years has recently been having relationship woes, we'll call them. We had shared feelings for each other a few months back, but I think the whole thing was to help boost her self-esteem :/ Anyway, recently, I only hear from her when she's ready to vent about how her current man is being an *** or doesn't appreciate her or doesn't want to commit. Well, I've done my friendly duty up until a couple days ago when I kinda got upset and told her that the reason that I did was out of jealousy. I've always wanted to go out with her or w/e, and was never given a chance or was given excuses. Meanwhile, the guy who is causing her so much grief, she hangs on to like he's the best thing since sliced bread :/ I told her all of this and as terrible as she's been feeling about breaking up with him, I'm sure this made it worse. What can I do to make it up to her? (I'm sure it'll be worse when she reads this) :(

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