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    Physics help?

    How do I calculate the equivalent resistance?

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  • Physics help?

    Mr. Smith is mowing his lawn and pushes the mower across his lawn at a constant speed with a force of 100 N. The lawn mower's handle makes an angle of 53 degrees with the negative vertical. If I push down the handle of the lawn mower and push it 5 meters way across my lawn in one direction, which of the following is closest to the work done by me on the mower?

    a) 300 J

    b) 400 J

    c) 500 J

    d) 664 J

    e) Cannot be determined without knowing the force of friction on the mover

    Physics1 year ago
  • Physics help?

    I find that my delicious hot tea in the morning is getting cold too fast. I always drink 200 mL of Earl Grey tea at a temperature of 70 degrees in each up, and my current cup is made from decorative glass. I want to change things so my tea stays warmer longer. Which of the following actions should I take to make this happen?

    a) Putting my tea into a wider shorter cup

    b) Using a cup with thinner walls

    c) Using a solid steel mug

    d) Use a chilled coaster for my mug that is 5 degrees cooler than the normal table

    e) None of these actions will keep my tea warmer longer

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  • Physics help?

    I pull a cart directly up a small incline as shown above. If I pull with 20 N directly up the hill, the cart moves 10 cm up the hill, and the incline is at 37 degrees above the horizontal. The work I do moving the cart uphill is closest to which of the following?

    a) 1.6 J

    b) 2.0 J

    c) 160 J

    d) 200 J

    e) Cannot be determined without knowing the mass of the cart

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  • Physics help?

    In a thundercloud there may be an electric charge of 37 C near the top and -37 C near the bottom. These charges are separated by approximately 2.3 km.

    What is the magnitude of the electric force between them? The Coulomb constant is 8.98755E9 N*m^2/C^2

    Answer in units of N.

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  • How did the United States affect the outcome of ww2?

    Can somone please write a paragraph explaining their position and three main reasons how the us affected the outcome & explain those reasons. Thanks.

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  • Friends with benefits?

    I've known this guy for about two months, we met through a mutual friend and right when we first met he immediately asked for my snapchat. I said okay and gave it to him. And we eventually hung out. Then, about two weeks later we had a conversation over snapchat that basically led to him asking if I wanted to have sex. I agreed. And we ended up doing it three times over an extended period of time. But I'm starting to think I'm getting attached. Which is not good. Especially since he has told me that he's still in love with his ex, even though she has a boyfriend. And that he's planning on asking her to prom and asking her out. I asked him if he wanted to be in a relationship with me and he said he doesn't care and that he wouldn't because he doesn't want to me to get hurt by him liking this other girl. Speaking of getting hurt, the girl he's in love with asked if he had slept with anyone after the breakup and he said yes just one, which apparently hurt her. I'm thinking of cutting him off just because I don't want to deal with this baggage. And also the fact that I think he's just using me for sex. I've been trying to find a replacement, but so far things haven't worked out. The guy I did find, ended up just using me. Any advice on what I should do? He was my first, so I don't want to be too harsh and lose him as a friend.

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  • Physics question?

    A 60 kg woman and her 40 kg son are standing at rest on an ice rink, as shown above. They push against each other for a time of 0.80 s, causing them to glide apart. The speed of the woman immediately after they separate is 0.50 m/s. Assume that during the push, friction is negligible compared with the forces the people exert on each other.

    a) Calculate the speed of the son after the push

    b) Calculate the magnitude of the average force exerted on the son by the mother during the push.

    c) The woman continues gliding across the ice and runs into a force sensor coming to a complete stop. Find the impulse applied onto the woman by the sensor.

    d) Using your understanding of momentum, explain how momentum is conserved in this system, The "initial" condition in the system is defined as the mother and son at rest and the "final" condition occurs after the mother and son begin to glide apart.

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  • physics help?

    I am building a robot that uses a piston to support a very light weight arm. This arm is 100 cm long and must be ableto hold up a large box of mass 1.2 kg at the end. The piston is installed 10 cm from the hinge that the arm is on and applies a force straight upward. Which of the following is closest to the minimum force needed in the piston to keep the arm level?

    a. 0.12 N

    b. 8.3 N

    c. 12 N

    d. 83 N

    e. 120 N

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  • physics help?

    The owner's manual for my car states that the bolt that anchors my seatbelt mechanisms to the car frame should be tightened to a torque of 14 Nm. I have a wrench whose handle is 15 cm long. If I can push with a force of 100 N and push at 90 degrees to the handle, where should I put my hand on the handle to achieve this torque (with a distance of zero meaning I am at the bolt)?

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  • Physics help?

    Two identical (same mass and shape) balls of clay are flying through the air. Ball A is moving to the right at 4 m/s, while ball B is moving left at 3 m/s. They collide in a perfectly inelastic collision. What is the velocity of the resulting mass (positive is to the right)?

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  • Physics help?

    I hang a meter stick from the ceiling with a string at the 50 cm mark and it balances properly. I hang an unknown mass on the stick at the 35 cm mark, causing the stick to tilt. I move a 100 g mass along the meter stick until I get the stick to balance out. The 100 g mass ends up at the 83 cm mark when the stick is balanced. What is the unknown mass?

    a. 45.5 g

    b. 94.3 g

    c. 100 g

    d. 220 g

    e. 553 g

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    Help with physics?

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  • Help with this physics problem?

    A 90.7 W bulb is connected to a 130 V


    1. A lamp dimmer puts a resistance in series

    with the bulb.

    What resistance would be needed to reduce

    the current to 0.45 A?

    Answer in units of Ω.

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    Physics help - bridge question?

    A bridge of length 65 m and mass 49000 kg is

    supported at each end (points A and B on the

    picture below). A truck of mass 36000 kg is

    located 21 m from the left support A.

    Calculate the normal force on the bridge at

    point B (the right support). The acceleration

    of gravity is 9.8 m/s.

    Answer in units of N.

    Calculate the normal force on the bridge at

    point A (the left support)

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  • physics question help?

    A 704 N window washer is standing on a scaffold supported by a vertical rope at each end.

    The scaffold weighs 141 N and is 4.37 m long.

    Assume the window washer stands 1.4 m from

    the left end.

    What is the tension in the rope on the right?

    Answer in units of N.

    What is the tension in the rope on the left?

    Answer in units of N.

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  • Can someone write a suspenseful narrative poem?

    All it needs is a narrator, a symbol, an eerie mood and suspenseful elements

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  • Should I spend my Christmas money?

    I want to buy an expensive item that will eat up the majority of my money, leaving me with 50 bucks. And I’m not sure whether or not I should spend it. The items lifespan is long and to me it’s worth it, but I don’t like spending money, so I’m conflicted

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