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  • Should I build a Duplex? Or a house split in 3 and call it one house?

    I know this is bizarre, but im getting married soon and we want our immediate families close by. My idea is to sell my current house and use the funds to build a house that looks like a normal house outside but inside is divided into 3 sections (wife and I, her family, my family). The house will then have 3 entrances for each.

    OR I was thinking simply building a duplex (for her family and mine) and then build a studio/garage apartment for wife and I.

    Im not looking for huge rent or anything, really i just want 1 house to manage with everyone in it but everyone having their own "home" and privacy.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you for your thoughts!

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  • What else should I know about buying shares?

    I have saved a great deal of money from working and ive learned much being a banker. I want to try making additional income by buying stocks or shares from something like or another discount brokerage.

    I know that the risk of buying stock is that when i buy something, it might go down in value, thus I lose money (example: I buy1 share of XYZ company for 10$ and tomorrow it goes down1$ so I lost 1$.)

    But what other risks should I know about? Could I be sued or owe more money for owning or selling a stock? How do paying taxes work when I have purchased a stock? Do I pay taxes on what I own? or what I sell?

    I am doing research but somethings I simply dont understand. I plan on just tossing 100$ on some things and seeing what happens for a few months before I try applying more money.

    Thank you so much for the help and your pacience!

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