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  • How Can I Calm Myself When I'm Home Alone?

    My parents often go out to meetings or events and leave me to about 1:00am at the latest. Usually I'm quite okay with this, although I HAVE had some trouble with being home alone in the past, but I have passed that faze. So really, I have no clue why it's coming back slightly now, but I've been getting really scared lately. Always for a different reason too. Sometimes I'm scared of shadows and ghosts and dark spaces, but more so I'm scared something will happen to my parents. A car crash, etc. I know it's really weird and childish, but I need some tips on how to stay calm and relaxed. Please don't say:

    1. Listen to music

    2. Watch TV/Movies

    3. Turn on lights

    Because I already do all of those things, and nothing has worked.

    If you have ANYTHING you think would be helpful, please tell me. I have such a wild imagination that I usually think up random things that I realize later make no sense, but at the time I'm totally convinced. No matter how unreal something can seem, I just start thinking what if it IS real. What if you're supposed to think it's not real or it won't happen but it does, like in the movies? IDK. I just need some tips.

  • Easy, Creative Shirt Decorating Ideas!?

    I have to make some T-Shirts for tomorrow and I have a few hours at the most. We were going to do tie dye, but it didn't work out to well, so I need a quick, easy but creative shirt idea without needing to go the the store. Anything? Please, I'm desperate.

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  • Who Do People Bother Comparing Twilight To Harry Potter?!?

    Ok, so here's the deal. I've been really frustrated lately because Twihards are getting me all angry! First of all, I would like to point out that I like BOTH Twilight AND Harry Potter! But Harry Potter is a CLASSIC, It's HUGE, J.K Rowling started off POOR and now has more money than the Queen of England for gods sake! Harry Potter and Twilight cannot be compared, or we come up with stupid answers like "Edward is better because he sparkles!", and "England always makes bad books" like what is that about! Listen carefully to me, both Potterhead and Twihards, Edward sparkles for ONE scene in the book, just because Stephanie wanted a different idea instead of them dying in sunlight! It has nothing to do with fairies, or weirdos! and the England thing, I hear A LOT, which is offensive and pathetic! The fact that Twihards don't like Harry Potter has NOTHING to do with England itself! LOL that is probably the worst excuse to like Twilight more I have ever heard! I do not mean to make anybody angry, I'm just trying to help you understand that just because Twilight can't be compared to classics, doesn't actually mean Twilight is BAD! It's not Twilight, the books or movies that we hate, it's the fangirls! The Twihards! THEY are the annoying thing, because they honestly drive me nuts! They obsess over Edward and Jacob because they are sexy and muscular, while Potterheads obsess over Snape's undying love for Lily, and awesome quotes from the books! Twihards, thisis pointless, just stop fighting against a book that has already won! :) sorry if I offended you, this is just my opinion!

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