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  • Any one know about owls and there habits?

    A friend of mine inherited a owl and has had him for like 6 months, been taking care of him as well

    to best of his ability. The owl went into his house inside of his cage and will not come out. Wondering if maybe something is wrong, he has not come out for 3 days. Any one know? Do the hibernate in winter?

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  • Poll question for girls........?

    How many girls out there have male friends that stick around even if you do not give them any?

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  • Will Kelly ever save me from this useless life?

    Just a kiss and good bye almost like a funeral, a kiss goodbye!!!!?

    Other - Music1 decade ago
  • With out plumbers, would feces have a way?

    They have guns and no heart do what they say or pay. If you cant get squashed just like a piss ant below a mosh!

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  • I went to a gay carnival once, I got raped by the clowns, what should I do!!?

    The memories truly haunt me, deviated my entire life and whats left, with a few short breaths!!??Yahoo and there life saving answers with questions I persist, rated number one by the survival list Time magazine proley wrote some quotes....With a terd in the bucket I may have some hopes!!!!????

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  • What do you do!!!!??When the worms go round and round!?

    The werms in yer eyeballs go round and round!ROUND and round!!!! RoUnD&round! YUP!! The werms in yer eyeballs go round and round!ROUND and round!!!! RoUnD&round!!!!In yer eyeball they go munchie munch, munchie munch, munchie munch so very hungry in the morning!! Geeks in the corner go corecto yo! corecto yo! corecto yo! Geeks in the corner go corecto yo! corecto yo! corecto yo! Punctuation and spelling incorect!!!! Your life sucks I bet!!!?? While....The werms in yer eyeballs go round and round!ROUND and round!!!! RoUnD&round! YUP!! The werms in yer eyeballs go round and round!ROUND and round!!!! The werms in yer eyeballs go round and round!ROUND and round!!!! RoUnD&round! YUP!! The werms in yer eyeballs go round and round!ROUND and round!!!! Capital buts sit in the way sit in the way while my eyes rot and decay rot and decay!

    Capital buts sit round and round pound for pound they sit round and round and take it all a way.....

    Good news!!!!! The moral and ending of this story is my eyeball hurts and I cant see money stole everything including me, way before gold and all the damn souls that had been sold! GOD DAMN life is sure cold.......

    2 AnswersPhilosophy1 decade ago
  • My problem is what again?

    My prolem is my prolem who needs punctuation or propa english when there are a million geeks

    out there to do it for you in heart beats. Lil no it all's that will make it right at all cost with a attitude

    they fight just to make it right. Maybe wrong proley right U have a problem not I in my site. No stress no fussy struggle for a security in there head! Thank you for making my life so much easier go ahead correct it all and make it proper while I will be free being me problem free!

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  • Hmm another poem I just barfed out?

    Melted away with everyday that came and went holding on today with this time was spent accumulating these moments entirely hell bent. Reaching out for the ones on the way in a desperate kind of shade. Dim dark and decrepit the collection decays projecting its influence upon any on coming displays. Abrupt are the oddities awake I will flee on every opportunity as they maybe. Wither, whither be amongst the reality, a case of waiting for the time the real show there face and the pretend are put in place. Directed by the fools the subjects worked like tools where the rules drove the entire schools. Whither, whither be amongst this atrocity.For all eternity. No change no motion floating along this grand ocean no direction no destiny until a new life is on its way after the disastrous storm wipes it all out whither whither on till rescue efforts spawn whither whither on........

    1 AnswerPoetry1 decade ago
  • Read a poem I just wrote?

    In my sight there it dwells the truth plain as day the whole story tells. The price you pay

    to sell **** sandwiches today. The construction of fairy tales owns you u say? Relying on

    this self trust is a must if you listen and play you may never come back today anyway.

    Good luck on selling your story and surviving the grasp of the delusion that will be consuming your life and its conclusion.......

    5 AnswersPoetry1 decade ago
  • Do you like poems, spines backbones to music and fable?

    I appreciate the messages

    of validation and support,

    the love behind the symbol

    of recognition and

    the time stamp promptly

    in and around the serenad

    of multitudes parade.

    The color of sounds reflected

    from the numbers selected at

    the time directed.

    A cosmic connection with

    the hearts song was played,

    I came to realize it had 2 be you guys!

    The things that where made where of a magical escapade.

    Take me I am yours,

    mine is a will that destroys,

    influence me with your loving

    guidance and support,

    I am ready to process fourth the great work.

    Time is short I can see

    the direction and the destiny

    the truth in me.

    Divine quest of my heart open wide display the part,

    Manifest the calling

    and carry out the plan

    I know you can

    like night and day

    marks and measurements

    of time relativity a mans recipe,

    I must find mine. Feel my spirit

    when I call hear it

    It is of your kind,

    together we belong with this message

    placed within my song.

    1 AnswerPoetry1 decade ago
  • Will you understand, and come around? Do you still check on me?

    I know you poke your nose around and rub elbows, I am sure you are there. Close by or far away you seem to find me any way. For what ever reason it may be I feel you keeping tabs one me. The existence of life and its legacy constantly changes inevitably. The universez law reaction of actions good and bad the unique connection that we have. I never had a chance to really show and tell what this means in my heart, face 2 face with our hands and eyes to consummate the questions or answer that your mind whys. I am the same person through and through, there is no other way to prove this to you until a interview! With every last breath and expression in me I LOVE YOU! I want to show you before the changes become finally. I know you know just let that secure instinct go. The day we kissed I will never forget the things that where said I should have accept, my mind was owned by a false concept. I had my chance and now I reflect, the table has turned only you can select. The whole world adores you now it is up to you to make it happen like it was too me back then.

    I love you KC



    I missed U

    Poetry1 decade ago
  • Would a terd taste good fried?

    I thought so but aperantlly CO. America lied. The county FAIR I was poisoned and shunned but they continued to market genuine fried terds publickly next thing you know the entire would has at least has a Mc terd at least once and its too late. GOD BLESS AMERICA and these wicked people for god is great الله أكبر الله أكبر .

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  • What would be a good port for P2P sharing?

    N e one have n e suggestions?

    1 AnswerOther - Internet1 decade ago
  • Have u seen Jesus lately? What about his maw and paw?

    Hey if U have seen Jesus his dad or mom around would you please let him know that I can clearly see

    my will is headed for hell run riot and I am bound to never make it back, Please feel free to take it,

    some time soon be for resentment and doubt proclaim it's entire existence thank very much and have a nice day,

    P.S. I love you and please forgive the misunderstanding and miss fortunate life that I have led.

    Yours Truly,


  • A poem 4 today, wont u read and comment?

    The final moment in time is coming. The people are fast approaching, some see the reality others

    blindly find the calculations combine. I see the paths that align, one is the end the other is people

    that comprehend and negotiate a suitable treaty, Amongst the individuals of the entire planet.

    The balance of peace was laid out, hostile unloving beings have been lost only the one left to survive

    feel the compassion of love and thrive. Not one war monger will exist, extinction with a furry

    for the few left to flurry, love or die you will see. Sooner or later the time will come.

    Keep playing dumb and feel the wrath, close in on you path. Go ahead and let time pass keep it up

    the time is near at last.

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  • Would any girls 18 and up like to chat?

    No cam spam scamers, just regular every day people please

    Singles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Scared or not scare?Does new years frighten you?

    Midnight last night my entire neighborhood shot off guns for like 10 mins. I have lived in rowdy hoods through out life and used to be frightened. But last night I actually felt safe, there where so many gun shots and from every other house. My first feeling was comfort I live in america and everyone still has

    guns. No way terrorists will invade my neighborhood. They are smarter than that they will get public

    crowded places but our homes because of guns will remain our castle.

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  • Wanna hear a poem I just made?

    In deeep thought consumed with a expectation, cracking the code with

    contemplation. No mathematics or calculation, no gluten greed to own

    no possession of selfish rulers on a throne. Individual beings of a comfortable home. Liberty and privacy are for our own. A fair piece of the pie for we. Love and life come together. We are smart enough to be free from the toxicity of the evil currency.

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago