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  • Why are Pashtuns in the UK so dark?

    I live in Canterbury, UK. There are many Afghan Pashtuns over here. They can be recognized from a mile away. However, there skin is as dark as Indians. Why is this? Ive seen ones in my country who are quite light skinned with much lighter hair although it is much hotter there with much more sun. This is confusing for me, because all the Pathans I have met throughout my life were very fair. I studied with alot of Pashtuns and none of them had complexions as dark as ours. Why is this? Shouldnt they be getting lighter in the UK due to the climate? Its mind boggling.

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  • What does Merhaba mean in Turkish?

    Hello. I am a Pakistani male of 19 years. I went to a Turkish restaurant with my friend. The chef there, who was Turkish said merhaba to me. Is it an Arabic word or Turkish. And why would he say that to me? Is it a common phrase that they also use with foreigners or what? Some Turks have told me that I don't look Pakistani or that maybe I look like them. Idk. I am a 6 foot tall male with ginger brown hair, my skin is quite light, in Pakistan people think I am from the north. Your comments would be appreciated because I am a bit confused.

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  • Hepatitis B symptoms?

    Okay, so like 4-5 weeks ago, on a Saturday morning I woke up, and I had lost my appetite. This was very unusual for me as I had always had a large appetite. A week or so later, I developed a flu, started taking paracetamol, and it gradually cleared off, it has been 2 weeks since my flu has been gone but the odd thing is I still do not feel hungry. I checked up on what could be causing this, and turns out Hepatitis B coule be one cause, something which I may have been exposed to.

    Anyways I got an appointment from the doctor a few days ago, and he did not do a blood test or anything, just felt my stomach, and told me my stomach had an inflammation problem, to which he prescribed some meds. Anyways, when I asked him whether it could be Hepatitis, he said ''No, I felt your liver, it seems to be fine'' question to everyone today is, is it possible for him to know for sure just by checking my liver, or is a blood test required.....answers from qualified people would be highly appreciated..

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  • If I turn red in the sun, can I be classified as a white man?

    I am a 19 year old Pakistani male, and when I go in the sun, my skin turns red, while the skin of my peers turns brown/dark, and when that happens in Pakistan its pretty awkward bcz every1 is staring at me like wtf? So, can I be classified as a white man?

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  • Why do people think Imran Khan, the Pakistani politician looks white?

    I mean, okay he is Pathan and Pathans are generally fairer than Punjabis, but why is everybody raving about how white and European he looks? I have seen Punjabis, Pathans and other northerners that look much much more western than him but nobody talks about them.

    For example, look at these pictures of Imran Khan

    I am a Pakistani, and by what stretch of imagination can this complexion be called 'white' or even 'fair', I would like to ask people. Not that a person with fair complexion is better than one with dark complexion or vice versa, but its just a question?

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  • My filter turns black when smoking?

    I am an 18 year old male, and I am a social smoker, I smoke socially, even though I used to smoke heavily a few years ago, but stopped after a short time. I smoke every 1 week to 2 weeks depending on my mood. My friends smoke a lot more than me, but when I am smoking with them I notice my filter turns dark. Some people say that I put too much saliva maybe, and when I am conscious it doesn't, but should I still be worried? I have no lung problems or anything either (to my knowledge)

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  • What goes in the Golden Pearl formula cream?

    I want to make my own formula cream, I think it contains betnovate and stillmans, but I would like to know what other ingreients it contains and how much of each goes in it..?

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  • What is the connection b/w satanism and sexuality?

    hey, just wanted to ask, cuz ive reserched satanism and there seems to be quite a strong sexual element....why? last time i asked this question it was removed.....not to me

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  • Question abt annunaki...?

    I mean, why do ppl choose to put their belief in this ridiculous theory rather than believing the bible, the quran, or the torah, i.e god's words, i mean the babylonian story of creation is much more complicated and ridiculous than the genesis story, i understand if ppl abandon their religions for the evolution theory, but y this, doesn't tht go to show tht ppl r just egotistical maniacs who believe anything thts up in the market rather than basing their decisions on rationality

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  • Are the rockefellers jewish or not?

    Every1 is saying tht they're jewish, but i have found no source on the internet stating tht they r jewish, im confused

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  • Question abt Indian/Pakistani Punjabis?

    I mean, ive watched jhoom barabar jhoom and many other movies in which pakistani characters (veer zaara) were included, and i noticed something, tht in every one of those movies, pakistanis (most of the time portrayed from lahore) speak perfect urdu like theyre mohajir or something, whereas if the producers were to actually go to lahore, they would be really surprised as most of the ppl dont even understand urdu and spk punjabi, why r we pakistani punjabis in indian movies portrayed as a bunch of urdu speakers.....why dont indians know tht there is a larger punjabi speaking majority in western punjab than east punjab, and why do they consider east punjabis and west punjabis totally different, whereas if they were to spend a day in lahore or rawalpindi their views would totally change

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  • Why have hindus always been used as slaves while.....?

    punjabis and pathans have always been soldiers, and have never let their territory be controlled by any1, even the british did not control punjab as they had made a treaty with ranjit singh, and were afraid to even set foot in the nwfp, while they and many others like mughals, turks etc. have been using the hindus as slaves, even the ancient ancestors of the punjabis and the pakhtuns the hephtalites, scythians and aryans have bosed around the native population, why is it tht in every example of history, punjabis and pathans were held in the highest of regards by the ruling class, while the hindus were termed inferior, and dont gimme tht "alot of punjabis r hindu", bc hindus were a minority in punjab,i am a pakistani punjabi syed, and am not trying to be racist at all,infact i have many hindu frnds, so pls dont take my question the wrong way, im just curious

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  • Why do Muslims, Christians & Jews say amen?

    i mean wasnt he supposed to be an egyptian god, any1 who has knowledge of this subject pls englighten me on this, and does any1 know what pharoah or king amen originally was, since osiris is nimrod, horus is baal, and semiramis is isis, what person would he be?

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  • Were the nephilim blonde with blue eyes?

    and why r their fathers referred to as "the sons of god" in the bible, whereas they were fallen angels, who god supposedly despises?

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  • Why are Pakistanis so ignorant of their own history and heritage?

    I mean why? Even they don't know their own history, i mean like, there r 2 extremes in pakistani society no.1 being the pro-indian pakistani's claim:

    "We are indians, and we r desi, and i love my desi brothers"

    and the other anti-indian one:

    "We are descended from turkish and arab invaders who kicked hindu asses"

    I mean, these claims r so false and factless, some ppl claim they look different to indians mainly bc of the invasions, but tht isnt true, infact, the punjabis r distinct from the hindus, turks and arabs, but share a common genetic genepool with afghans and iranians, bc they are descended from ancient scythians and white huns, most tribes trace their lineage to central asia, i mean, why dont these facts pop into their heads, why do they only look back 50 years, or bak to post islamic years when identifying their history, why are they so ignorant..and why do these ideas not pop into their heads, why dont they realize tht their identity predates arabs and is distinct from the indians, tht is why they look different and wear different clothes etc....?

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  • Girls, would i be considered attractive?

    Hi, i am 5'11", i have a thin to medium frame, like 140 lbs., im 15 btw, i have an oval face with a sharp jaw, girlish eyes with long lashes, small mouth, thin nose, my complexion is a medium olive with reddish tinge,my hair is very dark, a little off pure black, and my eyes r very dark brown..... sry i dont have any pics, but would i be considered attractive according to the info i given u?

  • What happens to Pakistani girls when they go abroad?

    What happens to pakistani girls when they go abroad, whenever i meet a pakistani chick abroad, they look so ugly, malnourished and dark, but the ones i see in pakistan r so beautiful, and have glowing complexions and look healthy.....why is tht?

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  • Why do persians reject islam merely because of their ego?

    Why do persians reject islam just bc they wanna get close to the caucasians, i have seen many many persian white supremacists (ya i know its like saying russian black supremasists lol) who in their vids view a slideshow of 3 or 4 "white" persians, and then claim "THIS IS US, WE ARE WHITE AND BLONDE AND WE HATE ISLAM", this is actually rejecting the true spirit of islam to be mistaken for white, i mean, thats just madness, just bc islam was spread under the arabs, they reject it, without even studying it and without seeing the true meaning of it just to fulfill their egos, i mean, thats just rotten and an ugly attitude towrds life.....

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  • Girls, will i be considered ugly?

    Hi, im wondering will i be considered ugly, i dont have a picture with me right now? I am only 15, 5'11", 140lbs., almost black hair, almost black eyes, i have olive complexion, with a reddish tint, and a straight thin nose, with girlish eyes and long lashes, and medium but small lips, i also have a sharpish jaw and high cheekbones, will i be considered ugly....?

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  • is kaballah a satanic phenomenon?

    is kaballah a satanic phenomenon?cuz ive been reading quite some negative things abt it, ive heard its also the source of freemasonry and modern day witchcraft, and neopaganism, can any1 tell me abt it, im not trying to be antisemitic or anything, im just asking a question, not making a statement......

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