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  • Is it ok to ask her if she likes me over msn?

    All right.

    There's this girl that i like, and two weeks ago she told me she liked me while we were over at a friend's place. Last week we hung out at school. Now, this week we've got a vacation, so we haven't really seen each other. We have talked on MSN however, and I have asked her if she wanted to come over and watch a movie with me (And like every time i ask a girl, i got "maybe" as an answer), but that never happened

    The last days though, she hasn't really initiated any conversations with me on msn, like she usually does. And I'm getting worried, because I have no idea what to do with girls. So I've been thinking about asking her if she still likes me, or I could tell her that I'm falling for her and that I like her, but I don't know if this is a wise thing to do.


    By the way, I've noticed how people tend to wonder about details that I've forgotten to write and since I can't edit my post, feel free to add me to msn:

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  • Why can't i give compliments?

    I'm a boy of 17, and i have a problem.

    Basically, I'm unable to give compliments, especially to girls. Well, i do compliment my friends on stuff, but not often. They don't seem to care though. However, when i hang out with girls I like then I just can't seem to find anything to say about them. Heh, I can't really say anything useful when i'm around girls i like. I'm awkward. I just feel that everything i can say would sound stupid.

    Probably some spelling mistakes in there... Sorry if there are.

    Any advice?


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  • RSA Encryption, example.?


    Could someone give me an example of an encryption and a decryption using the RSA method?

    I know how I get the required values for the process, but I can not wrap my head around how to encrypt something.

    Here's a link to the Wiki page:

    Please help me.



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  • Modern Warfare 2 NAT?


    This has probably been asked before, but i'm too tired to search for it.

    I've forwarded all the required ports which i've found on different websites, however my NAT is still set to "strict" when i start the game.

    Both: 28960 - 29000

    Both: 1500 - 1500

    Both: 3005 - 3005

    Both 3101 - 3101

    Both: 27000 - 27050

    I found some ports here

    It would be appreciated if someone, who knows the reason for this or the solution to my problem, answers.



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  • I can't understand how java interfaces work.?


    I'm learning java and have got to the Interface section, but i'm having some trouble understanding what is going on.

    Here's a link to the example i'm going to be talking about.

    public interface Relatable {

    // this (object calling isLargerThan) and

    // other must be instances of the same class

    // returns 1, 0, -1 if this is greater

    // than, equal to, or less than other

    public int isLargerThan(Relatable other);


    Alright, an interface has been created.

    Here's the part of the code in the URL i linked that uses the interface.

    // a method required to implement the Relatable interface

    public int isLargerThan(Relatable other) {

    RectanglePlus otherRect = (RectanglePlus)other;

    if (this.getArea() < otherRect.getArea())

    return -1;

    else if (this.getArea() > otherRect.getArea())

    return 1;


    return 0;


    1. Is relatable a keyword?

    2. Why would you use an interface to create that method?

    If anyone understood anything, please respond!

    Oh, and if anyone have a link to a better explanation of java interfaces, it would be appreciated.



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  • I need help reading a file in java.?


    I'm learning java and i've been trying to get my program to read a file that i've created with another program. The file that is written and read is the same file of course.

    When i run the "read" program, it just prints "null"

    Here's the code for the write program.



    public class WriteFile


    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, FileNotFoundException


    BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;

    PrintWriter write = new PrintWriter(new FileOutputStream("file.txt", true));

    System.out.print("Write something: ");



    }catch(IOException e){






    And the read program.



    public class ReadFile


    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, FileNotFoundException


    // Open file to read input from

    BufferedReader read = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream("file.txt")));

    String temp;

    for(temp = read.readLine(); temp == null; temp = read.readLine()){

    temp = read.readLine();


    if(temp == null){







    I hope someone is able to help me.


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  • How the hell do you kiss a girl?

    I have no clue how to kiss a girl... Help?

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  • Would you want to become immortal if you had the chance?

    Would you want to become immortal if you had the chance? With this i mean that you would live forever in the body that you have now. You would regenerate no matter what happened to you.

    I'd want to live forever. Of course it has its bad sides, like outliving your loved ones and eventually Earth. However, as i believe that the human race will travel the stars and befriend alien races, i think it would be interesting to explore the universe.

    What about you?

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  • I'm looking for a certain TV show, please help me!?

    Hello. I was making a presentation about dinosaurs, and i suddenly remembered a show i watched some years back. I can't remember the title of the show or the whole plot, but what i can remember is that it contained dinosaurs who could speak, something about a lost island where they lived (It might have been a lost world or a planet or something) and some humans who went there and befriended them and something.

    I remember an old dinosaur who became the humans friend, although that might have been from another show.

    Any information helps! Thanks in advance!

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  • Need help with my CD/DVD drive.?

    Hello, i got a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4522B CD-rom device. The guy i bought my computer from has burned stuff alot, and i wanna do to. but for some reason when i insert a blank CD/DVD my computer doesnt register it :S so it says there is no CD inside the device. anyone know what the problem might be and what i can do to fix it?

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