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  • what were some of the best matches that should of happened when it did but didnt?

    bret hart vs hulk hogan king of the ring 1993

    flair vs hogan wrestlemania 8

    regal and taylor vs mnm vs london and kendrick vs the hardys part 2 no way 2007

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  • who else should be a manager?

    we got

    vickie guerrero


    michael hayes

    and who would you have them manage

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  • i have a question state of ohio wise?

    if a apartment complex gives you a letter that says with in 10 daysof this letter, please make a payment, to avoid potential legal action, and they give you updated balance, what does that mean

    when it really doesnt say you had to completely pay it off

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics10 years ago
  • when a person uses a emulator for a Nintendo 64?

    to play the games on the computer can anyone tell me what the buttons are that the computer buttons replace

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games10 years ago
  • past vs present speciality wrestling challenge in primes?

    beer money vs apa in a bar fight

    dudleys vs public enemy flaming table match

    owen hart vs jericho in iron man match

    undertaker vs sting in a buried alive match

    sabu vs mick foley vs terry funk in a triple threat hardcore match

    flair and steamboat vs hogan and warrior vs stonecold and rock in a special attraction triple threat tornado tag match

    hbk vs eddie guerrerio

    how would you rank this card, who would win these matches

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  • round 2 of the dream tournament?

    Hardy boys vs london and kendrick ladder match

    team angle vs the hart foundation

    Beer money vs Apa in a bar room fight

    road warriors vs steiners vs team 3d in a steel cage triple threat match

    2 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • the dream tag team tournament?

    la resistance vs team angle

    demolition vs dudley boyz

    london and kendrick vs motor city machine guns

    beer money vs edge and christian

    hart foundation vs wild samoans

    apa vs nasty boys

    road warriors vs brothers of destruction

    new age outlaws vs steiner brothers

    harlem heat vs hardy boyz

    what do you think of these matchups, should there be any changes

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  • you have control of the next legends of wrestlemania game?

    your given better controls, and a chance to make the best roster but it could not total more then 42 people, and tag teams were given one spot who would you pick

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  • wrestling ppv a dream one in my opinion?

    heel doink vs eugene 2004

    80s road warriors vs 00 dudley boyz in a street fight for the tag titles

    late 80s steamboat vs 2003 chris benoit in a 60 minute iron man match

    1990 ultimate warrior vs Batista this year in the ppvs bathroom break lets face it would be for me

    late 80s ric flair vs 2003 kurt angle in a last man standing

    Stone Cold vs Sandman in a Bar room Brawl

    Jbl 2004 vs Millon Dollar man 1987 for the million dollar belt

    Randy Savage late 80s vs HbK This Decade for the Ic Title

    Hogan of the 80s vs Cena of This Decade Vs Bruno Of the 60s, who would vince choose in this match For the WWe Title

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  • interesting ppv in prime?

    goldust and booker t vs edge and christian

    steamboat vs hbk in a iron man match

    chyna vs beth vs awesome kong for the womens title

    taker vs old kane in a hell in a cell match

    cactus jack vs sabu vs terry funk vs abyss in a barbed wire massacre fatal four way

    hhh vs sting

    hogan and austin vs rock and flair

    bourne and kingston vs the hardys vs london and kendrick vs motor city machine guns

    ladder match

    1 AnswerWrestling1 decade ago
  • money in the bank predictions?

    i got to admit

    i was excited about the show

    swagger vs rey rey will probably retain its not going to be a short reign

    cena vs shameus shameus should retain and somehow nexus will get involved

    smackdown money in the bank, it had some potential but why is the big show in this match its kofis match to lose though

    raws money in the bank i can see the miz taking it probably the best match on this ppv

    7 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • my dream roster.. the past meets the present?

    i took awhile to try to determine this the way id like so kinda bare with me if theres alot of disagreements

    main event



    bret hart






    high mid card/main event



    bruno sammartino

    rey mysterio





    mid card


    jake roberts


    bob backlund

    scott hall

    pyscho sid

    arn anderson

    tag teams road warriors, dudleys, freebirds von erichs, hardys, nasty boys, british bulldogs

    womens division moolah,sheri,wendi richter,beth,mickie,trish,lita,chyna

    what do you think

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  • dream wrestling card who wins in there primes?

    1. the ultimate warrior vs batista inside a steel cage

    2. eddie guerrero vs hbk falls count anywhere

    3. londrick vs hardys vs generation me vs mcm in a fatal four way ladder match

    4. benoit vs owen 2 out of 3 falls

    5. team 3d vs public enemy in a tables match

    6 hhh and flair vs undertaker and sting special attraction tag match

    7 Bret vs randy savage

    8 Hogan vs Austin Vs rock

    6 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • team a or team b im team a title game?

    team a


    ricky williams

    cedric benson

    andre johnson

    anquin boldin

    dallas clark

    roddy white

    mike prater

    airzona def


    team b


    stephen jackson

    frank gore

    vincent jackson

    braylon edwards

    dustin keller

    lee evans

    john kasay

    tennesse defense

    who do you like to win the title game

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • what would be your lineup this week if you was me. this is the title game?

    you can start

    one qb

    two rbs

    one wr/rb

    two wr

    one tight end

    one kicker

    one defense

    favre and hasselbeck qbs

    charles, pierre thomas, chris brown, fargas, and cadallic williams

    miles austin ocho, boldin, fitz, mason

    vernon davis

    the rest doesnt matter because im looking for suggestions at defense and kicker

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • who has the stronger lineup my team and this guys team are on a collision course to meet in the title game?

    my team


    benson when hes healthy

    ricky williams

    andre johnson

    roddy white


    dallas clark


    sandiegos def or

    his team


    ryan grant

    chris johnson



    sidney rice

    vernon davis


    dallas def

    4 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • got a bad position matchup for running back?

    since slaton is in danger of not staying as starter my options are then for him cadallic williams, or johnathan stewart from carolina

    who would you go with this week

    keeping in mind the rest of my team is good considering there 7-1

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • what should i do to make my team better right now im 2-4?

    my team is qb brees and favre

    rb cedric benson, kevin smith, tim hightower, ricky williams and if the waiver goes through brendon jacobs

    wr roddy white, andre johnson, boldin, derrick mason and housh

    te dallas clark

    k tynes

    or would i be better off not doing anything as of now

    4 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • conflicted matchup for flex position?

    do i put in johnathan stewart vs buffalo whos been basically has been terrible stopping the run pretty much all year long

    or do i put in ocho cinco who has greatly improved from last year vs chicago and seems to be palmers go to guy

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • fantasy football lineup?

    i got


    kevin smith

    fred jackson

    boldin flex

    andre johnson

    roddy white

    dallas clark

    tynes k

    pitts def

    my other running backs are buckhalter, hightower and larry johnson

    my question is based on my starting lineup now in a 12 man league do i really need to any more improvements

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago