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  • Been bitten 200x + What is it and how do I kill it?

    Hi, in the last few days i've been viciously attacked by (a) biting insect/s

    I have been bitten probably over 200x times within the last 3 nights.

    I first noticed it sunday 5pm (wednesday morning now), I had dozens of bite marks on the underside of my left wrist, going from wrist to quarter way down to elbow (I counted 36!), the bites slightly spilled out over my palm and side of thumb, nothing on top.

    later I found dozens of bite marks on the underside of my left foot and maybe 2-3 on top/side. I have a few on right wrist, right foot and both knees have a few bites, also last night my right elbow (outside part, not inside) seemed to be the area of attack.

    I don't seem to have any bites away from these area's, not on my chest or back, thighs, to.

    the bites are only slightly itchy at certain times. there seems to be Limited anticoagulant

    I might have picked this thing/these things up at one of the two parties I went to friday/Saturday and Saturday/sunday. unless there was a long incubation time?

    I don't have pets and my dad (who im living with) doesn't seem to have any (yet). I don't think they are flees (have encountered them before) and it's not an allergic reaction.

    I haven't spotted any bug at this point, I have turned my bedroom upside-down, cleaned it, washed everything, bathed, etc.

    At this point im thinking it's one individual for 2 reasons: 1 because I haven't seen any bug yet and 2 because if I got it at a party most likely only one could have made the transfer.

    It's keeping me awake (you start thinking every itch is a bug), the bites are annoying and I don't want to F*&* share me bed nor my blood with this piece of *@&*

    So if anyone might know what it is and/or how to kill it, that would be awesome

    thanks for reading!

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  • is playing chess on the computer a board game or a computer game? and a mate where playing the xbox360 while my other mate was being anti-social on his laptop.

    out of nowhere he asked:'' would you guys like to play a boardgame?''

    ''uhm what you have in mind?'' we asked.

    he replied ''monopoly or something''.

    then I said:'' what about chess...on your laptop?...''

    and then the questionmarks started looming... is chess a boardgame when played on the computer?

    I don't really expect a real answer but I thought i'd share rather amusing problem with the world :)


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  • Theories for DEJÁ VU ?

    Hi guys, thanks for having a look.

    write down your theories or comment on mine

    (note: I wrote this 6months ago, was first gonna put it on youtube)

    My theory for Déjà vu’s

    Definition of a déjà vu : the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously (an individual feels as though an event has already happened or has happened in the near past), although the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain. (wikipedia)

    Discription: déjà vu is a feeling that the present situation has occurred before, but the details are elusive because the situation never happened before.

    My experiences with déjà vu’s have been quiet frequent, but have not been completely random. I ussually have a few weeks of activity in which I may get 3 déjà vu’s or so and then it falls completely silent for a few months. This cycle has been repeating itself for basically enough times for me to have noticed this ( looking at about 8 repeats).

    When I first got these déjà vu’s (or atleast recognized them as something very weird) I thought:’’what the hell is going on here?!’’

    Now however, I simply freeze and I concentrate to see if I can predict what is going to happen next (though I haven’t had much succes yet), but ofcourse there is only a tiny window of opportunity to do anything and then the feeling starts fading.

    I just read about the scientific theories for them, but they arn’t convincing or satisfying enough for me that this odd phenomena might be some old memories boiling up because I have had déjà vu’s in places where I have never ever been before and nothing that would stimulate that kind of reaction. When I have those old memories boiling I have a very different feeling, usually of joy and aw which simply takes your breath away.

    There are also the supernatural theory’s: things from a past life or your spirit leaving your body in a dream or just simply á dream.

    With déjà vu’s it has ofcourse crossed everyone’s mind that you might be able to look into the future, since you already seen what you just witnessed. I thought: maybe if I get enough practice I’ll be able to do this etc etc.

    Now for my theory (this is far fetched I know, but it’s just a theory): what if there are multiple dimensions (or parallel universes,whatever you want to call it), all with the same you in it, but all these differen’t ‘’you’s’’ are traveling at different time speeds, some slower then us and some faster. And every time 2 of these ‘’dimensions’’ match up to the exact same time, you get a deja’vu and some sort of a phycic bond between you and the other you (which just crossed our time lane) is created. You connect with each other and you both see the same things, making it look like you have seen it before, but infact, you’ve seen it double (you and your’e other self). But since you are traveling in different time lanes, one of you can’t keep up with the other and the bond seffers leaving you thinking…what just happened?

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