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  • Best web sites for learning Quebec French?

    40,000 people immigrate to Quebec, Canada each year and they all need to learn the spoken slang of Quebec French. As far as I know, there is no good overview of the resources that these folks can use to learn the spoken slang. Not understanding the slang is like being deaf. It's not very pleasant.

    Are you learning Quebec French? What web sites have you found?

    What to you like about them? What do you not like about them? Is there something specific that you find missing from all of the web sites that you know about?

    If possible, include links to the web sites in the Sources.

    It would be nice if this blog post could help people learning Quebec French get a quick overview of the web sites available.

    It could also help the web sites improve the quality of their content.

    Note : We have a free web site and we are looking for ways to improve it.

    I think that many people avoid using the Contact Us form on all web sites because it requires sharing the email address. This is a nice anonymous place to make improvement suggestions and share information where a lot of people can see it and vote on it.

    Thanks in advance for your helpful and informative answers!

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