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  • What's the craziest thing you've done?

    One time I played five finger fish fillet with a serrated knife road a 10 speed bike on the yellow line in the road in between 2 oncoming semi then played chicken with the last semi coming down the road because I got tired of people saying that I was a crazy person so I decided to show them the true meaning of crazy plus I was bored.

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  • Is 500mg of caffeine to much?

    It takes me forever to get awake In the mornings so I use stay awake caffeine tabs to help I usually take 300mg but I'm thinking about uping the dose to 500 bc i feel like I'm getting used to taking 300mg and it doesn't seem to be working as well as it used to.

    3 AnswersMedicine2 months ago
  • What can I do?

    What can I do to feel better with out counseling I've been goin through a range of up and down moods one sec I'm fine next I'm depressed an numb I've moments where life just dosen't seem real if that makes any sense I've been to counseling bf but all they did was prescribe me pill after pill which caused nasty side effects such as sensitivity to sun light,behavior problems and nausea.

    1 AnswerMental Health2 months ago
  • Should I wait to go to the doctors?

    I think I've a bone spur on the bottom of my left foot and I've had it for a while now its getting to the point where I can't even walk without curling my foot up bc of the pain I want to get it checked out but at the same time I feel like I should wait on account of the virus numbers sky rocketing.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management2 months ago
  • Would you?

    Would you purposely let a insect that has a really painful sting sting you the reason I ask is bc I've always been fascinated by insects and animals and have watched videos of people testing the stings of certain insects and wondered if some really hurt that bad and have considered learning about the ones that do and maybe even attempting to test some of them myself of course only in the right conditions.

    4 AnswersZoology2 months ago
  • How many miles is to far on a moped?

    As far as how many miles should I trust a moped to go with out breaking down n also how many miles could I go running a max of 40mph and still make it back in one day.

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  • Agree or disagree?

    I wanna start off by saying I believe all lives matter regardless of race and that I'm not racist but I believe its senseless that the protestors for the black lives matter actually believe by changing all these things like a name of the color of a crayon or the label on a syrup bottle n so on is gonna do anything for their cause it's not gonna stop racism.

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  • What do I say to people when they keep bringing up my past?

    Its been years ago since I was headed down a real bad path long story short I changed and now things are better but people won't let me forget it and that's all I want to do but they won't stop bringing it up

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  • What's your opinion to far or justified?

    I drive a moped around and obviously no one likes moped drivers and I try to stay out of other drivers way n show respect to people but this one car made me angry he was tailgating me n trying to cut me off while I was turning now I wanna just throw this out there bf I continue with the rest of what happened the road I was on was a low speed limit road and my moped can run that speed with no problem plus it was a no passing zone but the guy was just being a idiot so I got angry opened the throttle all the way and continued to turn while he was getting ready to go around n made him slam on his brakes I know I could have been killed and it was beyond stupid but I felt satisfied for not letting some dumb a** push me around.

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  • How to get freinds and family to not care?

    Ikn dumb question but I'm giving up on everything in life and I dont want people close to me to try to get me to change my mind or even care that I'm giving up bc the world as far as I'm concerned is screwed up I'm tired of people my life and every day bs I turned my life around a while back got sober and now that I can clearly see everything for what it is I realize how useless it is to put anymore effort into anything. 

    2 AnswersMental Health3 months ago
  • How do I get past this?

    I've alot of old self harm scars which keep me from going swimming n doing alot of other things bc I'm  afraid of what people might say if they see them I'm terrified to even think about the possible comments people might make about me.

    1 AnswerMental Health3 months ago
  • How do I go about fasting?

    I wanna loose weight and have heard about fasting for a long time figured I try it I do have a few questions about it though like should I split up the 2 days without food or is it safe to do it back to back and is it safe to do heavy exercise while fasting.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness3 months ago
  • Does any one with bpd have some advice?

    I was diagnosed with it a while back and honestly I dont know how I'm alive to talk about it I hit rock bottom and took alot  of life or death risks hoping for the worse outcome so I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore  long story short I got involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital and ever since then I can't stop thinking about how horrible it all was I think about it  every day n how bad of shape I was in at the time  and it gets me down I constantly worry that some day I'll slip backwards into a downward spiral again n not be able to recover next time around.

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  • Ways to control social anxiety with out alcohol ?

    I give up drinking bc I made a promise to some close freinds n family that I would I used to drink to take the edge of my anxiety and now I've been sober for 2 months which has caused my anxiety to come back even worse than it was before.

    5 AnswersMental Health4 months ago
  • Would it be dangerous for me to start running for exercise?

    I noticed that lately my heart rate when resting is a little high usually low to mid 90's and since I've never been really that active I wondered if I started running to get it into shape could it harm me.

    2 AnswersRunning4 months ago
  • What does this dream mean?

    Last night I dreamed that I got trapped in a room by an evil spirit which looked like it was pissed about something and attempted to attack me but another one appeared in front of me this time a good one and it killed off the evil spirit.

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation4 months ago
  • Why do the good people in the world struggle more?

    Some one that's close to me is in the hospital with heart problems I get that any one obviously can have various health issues but I can't help but think about one thing which is  people that I've known that are kind n caring people and who have always done everything right either end up dying or become sick while others kinda like me who can never get things right or have done alot of things that they're not proud of never have problems I wish I could trade places  with my freind I'd prefer it be me who suffers n not her.

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  • How can I let the past go?

    My past keeps haunting me no matter how hard I try to put it behind  me things keep replaying in my head especially the part where I had a break down n was hospitalized 2 years back it's so vivid that it feels like I'm reliving it all over and no matter how hard I fight it or  tell myself it was a long time ago and I need to move forward  it still persists 

    4 AnswersInjuries5 months ago
  • How do I talk about self harm urges to a freind and should I even talk about it?

    Tonight stress n depression is getting to me n I feel like self harming the thought of it keeps replaying in my head like a movie stuck on rewind I want to talk about it but I'm afraid of being judged.

    4 AnswersMental Health6 months ago
  • How do I not show fear?

    I've been hunting cyote for a while now n have had some really close calls one stalked me when I got out of my stand to see if i got it or not after firing a shot at it n i ran into one before that while I was walking back to my stand ikn they can sense fear n I'm wondering if that's why they're messing with me so badly.

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