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24.Married.2 sons.Hardcore Rock Fan.I Heart Yahoo! Answers. We found out Nov. 10 that we are pregnant with baby #2!!! Finally beginning to feel movement and it's such an exceptional feeling (Feb. 9). Cameron Josiah has arrived!! Birth story in short, he was born July 30th (1 hour, 8 mins short of my b-day), 10:52 p.m. 8lb. 13oz., 14.5 in. head and shoulders, 22 inches long! He is SO amazingly adorable, just like his big brother! NO PAIN MEDS, 3 hours of active labor, 5 pushes! I at least hope that I can help people with what questions they have. If I see a question I know an answer to, I'm definately giving my opinion. People who thumb's down me for MY opinion, whatever MAN!

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