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  • Is Jessica A Golddigger?

    She deleted the question, but I still have it, so discuss:

    If I divorce my husband do I get to keep the house?

    I have been married to my husband for 6 months and I want to get divorced.

    Before I was married to him he already had the house that we are currently living in. It was passed down to him from his parents and he owns the house. If I am married to him does that mean I also own the house? Or is it 50/50? If it is 50/50, does that mean I could choose to sell the house if we divorce, and would I get half of what it’s worth? I would prefer it if he moved out and keep the house, so will I be able to do that even if he owns the house or do I also own the house since we are married?

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    13 minutes ago

    Okay, some people are telling me I won't get it and others are telling me I will get half of what it's worth. But what if he says he doesn't want to sell? What happens then?

    Basically, I don't want to keep him, but want to keep the house. I know it sounds selfish, but I

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  • If the church is against gay marriage, why do they do so little to help marriages in crisis?

    When my wife had her affair almost 4 years ago now, I went to our church, where we were both members for help. I really didn't get any effective help.

    What astonished me was that there were efforts to lobby regarding same sex marriage, but little if anything being done to help marriages in crisis.

    I'm a conservative Christian, believe in the virgin born Christ as the son of God, sacrificed to atone for the sins of mankind, so I'm no fan of same sex marriage.

    However, I am more concerned with the divorce rate in the church and the lack of effective help in the church.

    When I asked the church for help, for mentors to work on my faults, no help was provided. When I asked for members to approach my now ex-wife, to see what it would take to encourage her to end the affair and to provide a safe environment for both of us to work on the very real issues of our marriage, they declined to get involved.

    Shouldn't the church be focusing on the crisis in the church, regarding divorce first?

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  • Lisa Marie Nowak, how did such an obvious flight risk get bail?

    I mean she is an astronaut after all. She not only could leave the country, but leave the planet.

    What's up with that?

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  • If men are always wrong, does that mean their wives or girlfriends are mistakes?

    Ok, it's humor, have fun with it.

    Or, examine this irony that many women believe their husbands are wrong about everything, and what that implies about them.

    Please enjoy.

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  • Do you consider marital infidelity abuse and why?

    Do you consider marital infidelity spousal abuse and why?

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  • What do you consider abuse?

    Someone asked a good question. It seems on every question where a woman has left a man, someone will ask or mention that she should not return to an abusive situation.

    I agree with that.

    What I'm curious about is twofold:

    1. Why do people assume there is abuse, and I guess why do they assume the man was/is abusive.

    2. What exactly constituted abuse?

    I have another question I'll ask.

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  • If men are scared of marriage, why are most divorces filed by women?

    Most stats I've seen indicate that 70-75% of divorces are filed by women.

    I've also seen stats that put infidelity by men at about 60% and infidelity by women at about 40%, with women catching up to the infidelity rate of men.

    So why do you think women, who typically complain than men are afraid of comittment, seem to want divorce two to three times more than do men?

    It seems to me that men are more comitted to marriage than women. Comments?

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  • How do you convince ex-wife to end affair and work on a better marriage?

    She left over two years ago for a married man 20 years her senior, took our child and has never looked back.

    Divorce is now final, yet I believe divorce is against the will of God.

    I don't know how to proceed.


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