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  • What are the requirements for getting an ARCOM?

    Somebody is telling me, I cannot write an ARCOM because the soldier has not been stationed with us long enough. (He got accepted into a program) and will be leaving within a year but has done some good things while with us. I feel he deserves it. Where is the regulation on ARCOMs? I can't seem to find it. Is there a minimum time requirement on ARCOMs?

    3 AnswersMilitary5 years ago
  • Is Fiesta in San Antonio safe to go to after the Boston bombings?

    My husbands job in the army is forcing all the soldiers to attend some event for the Fiesta in San Antonio and I don't want him to go. I am scared he is going to be in the middle of a bomb. Do you think its safe. Who can I call to make sure there will be a bomb sweep?

    6 AnswersSan Antonio8 years ago
  • Today is Kim Sung's Birthday. Is it a coincidence that Boston got attacked today?

    The north Korean leader was threatening attacks all last week and today! At the same time he was inviting people to his birthday marathon to honor Kim Sung. He was inviting Americans too!!! This was on the news and the news people were calling him borderline crazy! Does this have attack at the Boston marathon have anything to do with this? Is he mad that people are running at other marathons and not his? I heard he is spoiled.

    7 AnswersOther - Politics & Government8 years ago
  • If i cancel my netflix account early, can i still use it the remaining days left for the month?

    I am canceling Netflix today (because I will forget if I don't do it). My month ends on the 19th. Will I still be able to use it until the 19th if I cancel it today so that I don't get charged for another month?

    1 AnswerMovies8 years ago
  • Prepaid cell phones that can be used as modem?

    I am at the last month of using At&t and I am getting ready to cancel contract. They are too expensive. I want to switch to a PREPAID phone company (USA) that has phones that can be used as a modem. I don't mind paying an extra fee for this as I am only going to need the modem service for a month (going to a place with absolutely no internet). Please let me know of any cell phone companies that have phones that can do this. Thanks in advance!

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • How much do baby shoes weigh size 4C with the box (baby Jordans)?

    I need to ship these shoes and I need to know how much they weight but I don't have a scale.

    3 AnswersOther - Business & Finance8 years ago
  • Can I send a box (baby shoes) inside a USPS mailing envelope?

    I sold some baby Jordan shoes with the box and I don't have anything to ship it in besides this priority mail envelope. Will this be accepted at the post office? How else can I send this for under $6.00?

    2 AnswersSmall Business8 years ago
  • Ive been plucking my eyebrows since middle an adult now. Will they grow back normal?

    Im trying to grow my eyebrows back and one eyebrow seems to be growing faster than the other one and it makes me wanna repluck them. Did I damage my eyebrows? (Ive been plucking them for over 10 years now).

    2 AnswersHair8 years ago
  • Can I use paypal shipping on flat rate envelopes?

    I want to use pay pal shipping since it seems cheaper than regular shipping for the things I sell on ebay. I use flat rate boxes and envelopes. Can tape the paypal shipping label on flat rate envelopes?

    And if I do this will pay pal still charge me 2.9% of my total sale (plus the .30) cents?

    2 AnswersSmall Business8 years ago
  • How do PayPal shipping labels work?

    I have been using flat rate envelopes that cost $5.90 with a tracking number. Today I clicked on "print shipping label" on pay pal and it was $4.90? Is this a scam? Im so used to paypal charging me crazy fees that it seems too good to be true.

    2 AnswersSmall Business8 years ago
  • Why do my car rims have little holes in them?

    I took my 2003 crown victoria to the mechanic and they put the tire and rim in water and the rims (not the tire) was letting water get in the tire. They said both of the back tires are having this problem but the front ones are fine. Why is this happening to the metal? They are steel rims.

  • What is the deadline for military tuition assistance?

    My husband wants to apply for TA but our compute keeps shutting down goarmy.ed when I try clicking on "new user."

    Is there another way to apply?

    1 AnswerMilitary8 years ago
  • extreme calf pain during light jogging?

    I took a break from exercise for a few months and I always take breaks and get soreness and then I get over it. This time my calfs hurt soooo bad when I try to run to the point that I have to stop.

    I ran a mile the first time and ever since then Ive experienced extreme pain when I try to run. How can get back into running without all the pain? I tried to walk today but it was so boring and I didnt feel any workout.

    1 AnswerRunning8 years ago
  • Extreme calf pain during jogging?

    I am a seasonal runner. I run just to keep myself in shape. The most I have ever run is about 2 miles which is not that much. During winter, or college, I usually dont run that much.

    I moved to Texas so now I dont run during the 112 degree weather which is most of the year down here. The temperature is getting better now so I am starting to run again. The problem is that the first time I ran, I tried to do what I run on average (1 mile). I know I should have paced myself after months of sitting at home on the couch.

    Now if I try to run a little bit, the moment, I start jogging, it hurts so bad. I used to get calf pain when I was younger but it wasnt as bad as its been now. Usually, I try to run through the pain. But now I have to stop running because it hurts so bad. What can I do to get better so I can keep running long distances. I want to run at least 4 or 5 miles, but my calves hurt so bad.

    What should I eat? How long should I take a break? I tried walking today after running one time around the track and now my calves hurt. Walking is too slow for me. Any advice? Should I use a bike to get back into shape?

    1 AnswerRunning8 years ago
  • What Asian ebay stores do you recommend for fashions that smell good or normal?

    Many years ago I ordered the cutest pea coat from Hong Kong. When it arrived it had a horrid smell. I washed it (with the rest of my laundry) and it made all my clothes smell just as horrible. I dont know what the smell was but it was strong and smelled really bad. I love the coat and I want to buy another one but theres no point of buying one if its gonna stink again. I still keep my coat inside a bag till this day so the smell wont consume my house.

    My question is, anybody that has ordered clothes from Asia and gotten stuff that doesnt stink...can you recommend the seller and give me a link. I always see such cute stuff that you cant find here in USA

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • ¿Como es vivir y crecer en Latino America?

    Yo naci en El Salvador y mi familia se mudo a los Estados Unidos y creci aqui y casi no puedo escribir o hablar Espanol y la computadora ni tiene el botton para la ñ jaja.

    Mi pregunta es como es crecer en un pais de Latino America. De que me perdi? Por veces pienso que la vida en El Salvador is mas contento y simple. Aqui en los estados uniodos todo es de trabajar y hacer dinero. Perdon si escribo mal el espanol...

    4 AnswersOtros - Sociedad y Cultura8 years ago
  • ¿por qué parece que la telenovela Soñadoras tiene un final alternativo?

    Hace diez años, recuerdo que termino con Don Eugenio en la cárcel y hoy escapo de la cárcel y nunca fue encontrado. Y yo no recuerdo que Beto y Julieata se isieran novios! Puede ser que enseñaron un final alternativo?

    5 AnswersSoap Operas8 years ago
  • Do kids age you faster?

    My husband says having kids makes women look better and makes people live longer when they have kids. When I see kids, I think they are stressful and specially when they become teenagers. And whenever I see moms that just gave birth, they look tired and drained and fat from the pregnancy with strecth marks and saggy breast. What do you think? Or know about this subject?

    5 AnswersParenting8 years ago
  • How do I know how many GBs my iphone has and which one it is?

    Under settings my iphone says it has 13.7. Do they even make then like that and how do I find out what version it is? Its the A 1337

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • What is the link to the most current i90 form (green card)?

    I need to replace my green card and the website is giving me a version that expired 5 days ago. I dont want to apply online because I have to mail in supporting documents and I want everything to be mailed together. Can someone find me the link please.

    2 AnswersImmigration8 years ago