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  • Using Excel's advanced filter?

    I'm trying to work on a project for class and we need to use advanced filter to show the stock with the highest return. I can't figure it out and I can't find how to do it on a website (and Microsoft's website keeps showing up with Office 2007 and 2003 results, nothing newer)

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  • What is the difference between a 120 watt stereo and a 470 watt one?

    I'm looking into a compact stereo system and was wondering what the difference was between the wattage.

    Both are Sony music systems, and the only difference I see besides the wattage listed is one has AM/FM tuning (the 470 watts) and one has only an FM tuner (120 watts). Is that all it boils down to, or what is the difference?

    Here's the Amazon page for them.

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  • What do I need to pack for a trip to Yellowstone?

    In about a month, I'll be going to Yellowstone & Grand Tetons National Parks for a week long trip. We will be staying in a few hotels during the trip and we're flying into Montana, renting a car, and driving down to the parks. Do you have any suggestions on what to pack, beyond the obvious?

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  • How do you fix settings for the DNS server? (Windows 7)?

    Within the last week or so, my computer is not working right. Whenever I try to log onto the internet at school, I get an error message involving the DNS server. The problem only presents itself once a day, then works fine and works just fine at home, but every morning I must go into my Network Connection Settings and change the TCP/IPv4 settings from "Use the following DNS server address" to "Obtain DNS server address automatically."

    Every single day, not every time I open my laptop, not whenever I switch buildings, but every day the first time I log in.

    Is there a way to set it always to "Obtain DNS server address automatically," the way it was last semester?

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS

    Intel Centrino Wireless N-2200

    2 AnswersComputer Networking8 years ago
  • How do you fix a toilet tank not staying full?

    Previously, the problem was that the fill valve wasn't working. I tried troubleshooting it and ended up replacing it. Now, my new fill valve has a water saving feature that essentially locks the valve in place when the tank fills, but the problem now is that the tank will fill, lock in place, but now slowly drains itself.

    There's nothing blocking the flapper from closing fully.

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  • How do you refill a Ronson Jet Lite butane lighter?

    I've had a butane lighter before that I was able to refill without much problem, but that one was actually pretty cheap and fell apart. Now I have a Ronson Jet Lite lighter that doesn't seem to want to refill. I'm using Ronson's own butane and the tips fit right together, but nothing happens other than a slight hiss of a tiny bit of gas escaping. Is there something I'm doing wrong or not doing that anyone has any helpful suggestions for?

    5 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)9 years ago
  • How do you obtain these Pokemon in the pokedex?

    I'm trying to work on filling my Pokedex in Pokemon Black via legitimate means (well, at least without using an AR or Game Shark) through the global link.

    Is there any way to obtain the pages for these Pokemon for the Pokedex so you are able to look up these Pokemon in the global link?






    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • Is there an audio splitter for a home/bookshelf stereo system?

    I've got a bookshelf stero system with only 1 audio input for the red & white connectors, one for my computer and I'd like to hook up my DVD's audio into it too. Are there any splitters available for allowing this?

    2 AnswersHome Theater1 decade ago
  • Should I get a Nintendo DSi or an iPod touch?

    I'm not sure which I want to get. I would like to get both, but I can only get one.

    I want the DSi for games, but I only know of 2 games at the moment that I want (Pokemon Platinum and, when it's released, SoulSilver)

    For the iPod touch, I want to use it for a media player. I already have an 80 GB iPod Classic, but the iPod touch has a larger screen for watching movies/TV shows/video podcasts.

    Both have wifi access, but the touch iPod touch has a larger screen. The DSi can't play videos (on the internet) from what my friend (who has one) says.

    Which would you recommend, based on my information, and why?

    If you are recommending the DSi, do you have any games to recommend as well?

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  • Are Ipod Classic games no longer available?

    Back not too long, after I got my Ipod classic, I bought Sonic the Hedgehog for it. Lately, though, I've wanted to get a new game but I can't find them in the Itunes store anywhere, just the Ipod touch/Iphone apps.

    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • Anyone know about the Nerf Raider?

    Ok, it's been a little less than a month since the Raider was released, and I still can't find any good mods online. It's supposed to get a range of about 25-30 feet, but I often get "misfires" where the dart just barely leaves the barrel and falls right to the ground (especially noticeable with slam fire).

    The main problem, I believe, is with the loading mechanism, when the rear section of the tube cocks forward, it doesn't completely rejoin the front part of the barrel and there's maybe a millimeter of open space and I can't think of a way to close it.

    Also, in the rear stationary handle, there's an opening that I don't see a use for in the small pamphlet included, and all I can possibly think of a use for is holding 1 dart, but even then, it can get lodged there requiring disassembly to get it out. Is that what it is for or is there another use?

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  • What/where should I buy for my bike's new inner tubes and should I Slime my bike tires?

    I just bought a set of new bike tires and I'm going to buy some new inner tubes for them this weekend and I was wondering, would it be best to find a new pair of inner tubes for my bike's tires online or should I look for them at Wal-mart or should I find a bike shop?

    Also, would it be a good idea or not to buy some Slime for them?

    4 AnswersCycling1 decade ago
  • What is the average life of a mountain bike tire?

    I've had my bike for about 10 & 1/2 years now, and I had gotten about 5 good years worth of use out of them, but it's been sitting in my family's garage for the last 5 & 1/2 years and I finally got it out of storage and brought it with me down here to college and (along with one other problem that I'll take to a friend who I know could fix it) the tires seem flat. I pumped them up to the recommended pressure displayed on the side of the tire, but when I am riding, my friends tell me the tires look flat.

    I cannot see any visible holes on the tire, nor do I hear any air hissing out, but I cannot get the tire itself out to inspect it more closely (I need a better wrench and some WD-40 in order to do that).

    If not for the tire itself, what is the average life span of the tube for the tire?

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  • How do you remove small screws that have been stripped?

    I'm trying to dismantle my phone (it's a spare, not the one I'm using right now) and two screws have been stripped. Is there any hope for it?

    (These screws are not at all essential to the phone, as they are holding two pieces of plastic together that actually snap in place, so these screws are just redundant.)

    4 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Why does it keep asking me to open Skype when I open ebay?

    I recently downloaded Skype and something weird has been happening. Whenever I open a product listing on eBay or refresh the page, it asks me to allow it to access Skype on my computer.

    Why does it ask me this?

    What would happen if I hit "allow"?

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Products1 decade ago
  • How do I get certain programs to work on my home network?

    For the last three months, I've been away at college, and every time I come home, there are a couple of programs (Limewire, Trillian, and a game called Combat Arms) that don't work on my home network.

    Both the home computer that the wireless router is hooked up to and my laptop have Norton Antivirus, but it doesn't seem to affect my connection while I'm away at school.

    On a similar note, my school network won't allow me (or anybody else I've talked to) to use AIM.

    Is there any way to remedy this? Would I have to work with it on my home computer or could I deal with the problem on my laptop?

    2 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • Which address does Paypal ship to?

    I just set up my Paypal account earlier today and I have 2 addresses listed, one for billing and one listed for my mailbox at college. My school mailbox is listed as the "home" address, so if I buy something on ebay, will it ship to what is listed as the "home"?

    My actual home (listed as the billing) address is "verified," yet my school mailbox does not have "verified" next to it.

    2 AnswersPersonal Finance1 decade ago
  • Samsung Instinct or LG Rumor?

    I'm looking into a new phone for Christmas to replace the RAZR V3m I originally got free with the contract. I'm looking for something better for texting and I'm wondering if I should go with the simpler Rumor, which just has the full QWERTY keyboard or if I want to go with the awesome touch screen phone with all the extra features.

    If I go with the Instinct, we currently have a family plan and I have 300 texts per month added on to that. What additions to the plan would I have to pay to use the Sprint TV or web browsing and all that?

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Should I get the instinct?

    I'm looking into getting an Instinct off of ebay for Christmas, but I'm on a family plan. I don't want to use all of the features you have to pay extra for, like navigation, web browsing, or TV.

    We currently have a plan for 550 Minutes and my sister gets unlimited texts per month and I get 300 per month, but if I get the Instinct, would we absolutely have to upgrade our plan for me to switch from my RAZR to the Instinct?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago