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I know almost everything about wrestling so i'm the guy to come to when you have a question. Also extremely great at math. And accounting. Anything numbers and wrestling.

  • How does breakneck speed in rock band 3 work?

    I play on expert, which is pretty fast. Then on breakneck speed it is faster, but how is that necessarily possible that i'm getting/hitting the notes faster but the song isn't playing faster? It's not adding more notes or anything either, or at least it doesnt seem like it... Explain?

  • Is at absolutely necessary to get your adult molars removed?

    I am 21 years old and starting to get my 2nd and 3rd molars growing in the far back right top and far back right bottom of my teeth. My first molar is already fully grown in (since I was about 17 years old) on bottom row middle-right side and it grew next to a tooth sort of like this ----=-- where each - is one of my teeth and the = represents how the molar grew in relative to the other teeth. It grew in completely pain free and I am used to the feeling of it in my mouth so I don't have any immediate desire to pay to have it removed but for the new molars growing in, I'm wondering if there will be complications with these and if I should get them removed or whatever needs to be done NOW while they're just barely emerging?

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  • Is there any 100% natural object or substance that is illegal to possess?

    Besides marijuana. I'm writing a policy speech about absolute and complete legalization of marijuana and gathering some info. Is there any other 100% natural (grows on its own or is naturally occurring) substance or object that is illegal to use, possess, sell, etc. in the United States? Weed is literally the ONLY thing I can think of that's completely natural but still illegal.

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  • What are some similar Cursive songs?

    Similar to "Sink to the Beat". That is the only song i have heard by them and liked it and wanna branch out into some of their actual albums but have no idea where to start. Can you give a couple of songs to listen to?? (similar to sink to the beat)

    1 AnswerRock and Pop9 years ago
  • What are the best Snow Patrol songs?

    I love broadening my musical horizons and i recently heard "Somewhere a clock is ticking" by snow patrol and really, REALLY liked it. beautiful song. So i want to explore more of snow patrol but not whole catalogue, so give me the best (up to five) Snow Patrol songs in your opinion so i can get interested in this band.

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  • Section of my new tattoo is healing really slow?

    On January 20 I got a basic cross tattoo pretty much a bigger + and all 3 are healing perfectly but one is still sorta weird. As soon as after getting the tattoo (professionally) that section of skin was a little more irritated looking then the rest of the skin was already and has looked like and now you can tell its different. its only a week and 2 days later so i know it's still a little healing but this whole section has like a layer of something that seems like it wants to peel off but its not coming up enough like regualr peeling does so idk what to do. Its a colored in section and they were all the same black.

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  • What exactly is that pose that Marilyn Manson does in concerts?

    that pose where he like arcs his back forward and sticks his arms out in front of him and turns his hands outwards. what exactly is the meaning or story or really any kind of info on the pose or why he does it.

    he does it some on the Guns, God, and Government tour DVD, i dont know specific songs though.

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  • Is there an acoustic version of "Vermillion" by Slipknot? NOT Pt. 2.?

    Is there an acoustic version of Vermillion by Slipknot or have you ever heard an acoustic version of the song.

    I am NOT talking about Vermillion Pt. 2.

    I'm looking for an acoustic version of Vermillion (pt. 1) with the same lyrics and styles and everything as the original version of vermillion only acoustic.

    Any answer that says Vermillion Pt. 2.... i swear to god....

    2 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • Who's best at submissions in UFC 2009 Undisputed?

    in each weight class in the game, who is the person with the best submission skills according to the game? so basically who has the highest stats for submissions in each weight class?

    if it is two different people because one has a higher defense and the other has a higher offense just let me know both and which one is which.

    1 AnswerMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • Is a 40 GB PS3 100% unable to play ps2 games?

    I have a 40 GB ps3, with the 2 usb ports and everything. My question, is it absolutely unable to play ANY PS2 game or can it play any specific games?

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  • How can I check what model my PS3 is?

    I bought a ps3 from a friend and he and i both have no clue how much GB it is or what model it is. I want to know what model it is that way i can know if i can play ps2 games on it. I dont have any ps2 games so i cant just try it out and see if it works and i dont wanna start buying a lot of old great ps2 games (like MGS3 and GoW 1 and 2) yet if theyre not gonna work. Is there any thing i can look at on the console to tell what model it is??

    btw if it effects it in anyway b/c i have heard it does, my ps3 DOES play DVDs without problems

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  • What is the thing from Saving Private Ryan called?

    the main point of the movie saving private ryan in which they have to save the last ryan boy since all his other brothers are dead because of the war, what is the actual name or what is it called when they do that in the military? do they still do that in the military today??

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  • Why does the dog walk backwards?

    Ok i'm asking this about my sister's dog. I'm visiting her and her and her boyfriend have this huge half pit bull half something else dog but it looks full pit bull. Again, this is a pretty large dog, like one that if he jumps on you he can easily take you down. Now the thing im confised about is that at some times in the house he will walk backwards and sometimes just regular. It's making me think this is one freaked out dog.

    If it helps, the entire house is hard floor with carpets around here and there and he only does it on the hard floor. He doesn't always walk backward on the hard floor but when he walks backward, its always on the hard floor. The reason i know he is ONLY doing this on the hard floor is because he'll sometimes walk backward and then right when he reaches the carpet, he'll turn around and walk right and for one example in specific that he ALWAYS does, whenever he will go out of the front door (which goes right into down like 2 steps) he has to go out the door backwards and then he'll walk regularly fine outside or anywhere carpeted.

    After continuing to watch him now, even as i type this, it seems like it is with specific situations that he does this..

    Why does he walk backwards???

    2 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • How can i prevent myself from getting too high?

    Me and two buddies are planning on smoking an entire 20 sack of weed tonight but i'm a little worried about getting WAY too high to the point that i would want to stop. is there any way to prevent yourself from getting too high (besides stopping smoking)?

    4 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • Name me all of your favorites.?

    from the wwe only unless specified, name me your favorite ever...

    also i want single answers, no this AND that.



    -Tag Team (had to actually compete together more than just once, being tag champs automatically qualifies them)


    -PPV (not just like "wrestlemania" but a specific ppv)

    -Match type

    -Finishing/signature manuever

    -Deceased/fired superstar (not gone to TNA) to come back to the wwe

    -Former or current TNA superstar to jump ship to WWE.

    -Your absolute dream match. (Rules: no more than six people, has to be an actual match type used before in the wwe)

    Just FYI, mine are

    -Shawn Michaels

    -Trish Stratus

    -Rated RKO - Edge and Randy Orton

    -HBK vs. Undertaker @ WM25

    -Wrestlemania 19

    -Ladder / Money in the Bank Ladder


    -Rob Van Dam

    -AJ Styles

    -Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. HHH vs. HBK vs. Undertaker - Wrestlemania 27

    15 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • To anybody who owns the WWE Wrestlemania Anthology... Chirs Benot edited out?

    this is for anybody who owns the wrestlemana anthology or just knows this specifc fact.

    Is chris benoit editted out of any of his matches n any of the shows? maybe like they just dont show the match at all or something?

    ONLY for the wrestlemana anthology. im thinking of buying it

    6 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • What does something being DRM free mean?

    like a song or videos or something... what does it mean?

    1 AnswerSoftware1 decade ago
  • What is the name of this old song and who by?

    Okay there is a sort of older song either by like Buddy Holly or The Beatles or someone around that music era.

    The song is about the main singer going out on a date with a girl to a drive in movie and they fell asleep and when they woke up, it was way past their curfew so they thought they would be in trouble.

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  • What are some "must-play" games for PS3?

    I already have an Xbox 360 so I have played a lot of the great multiplatform games but today I just bought a PS3 (With HDMI !!!) and I need to know some PS3 exclujsives that I need to play.

    I'm not into RPG's like Final Fantasy or MMOs so don't suggest them and only give me PS3 EXCLUSIVES... Anything thats not ps3 exclusive i've probably already played on 360.

    And b.t.w., i have Gamefly so suggest lots of games if you like. Already have both Resistance games planned, both Uncharted games, God of War 3 (i'm so happy! beat 1 and 2 back in the day but never thought i'd get to play 3), Infamous, Prototype, Heavenly Sword, already own Killzone 2, MGS4!!

    Any other games will greatly help

    10 AnswersPlayStation1 decade ago
  • PS3 and 5 games for $200 - $250 ?

    A guy that I know that i feel is somewhat trustworthy sells weed but because he used to be my older brother's best friend and is still somewhat a close friend is trying to sell his PS3 (i dont know how many GB) and 5 games which include an NCAA title, The Darkness, a Need For Speed title, and Killzone 2. I didn't get the name of the 5th game.

    He wants to sell it for 250 but i wanna try and get it for 200 or even 225 if possible. Do you think that this is a good deal?

    5 AnswersPlayStation1 decade ago