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  • How can I ask my supermarket not to send "special needs" delivery guy?

    I do my grocery shopping on line and get about 15-20 bags of groceries every 2 weeks. Also 2 cases of water and a 20 lb bag of kitty litter. Today they sent a guy, who I think was a little slow and something was wrong with his arms and legs (maybe CP). I live on the 4th floor of a walk up. Today, to make two trips, he took 45 mins to get up. I then asked my boyfriend to get dressed and help him. On his 3rd trip I had to give him a bottle of water. How can I "nicely" tell my market that I think the job was too much for him without sounding mean?

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  • Why is my computer so slow after upgrading to Windows 10?

    A few weeks ago I updated my desktop from Windows 7 to 10. Since then my computer is very slow. I don't use Explorer and it's there. I use either Firefox or Google. Are there any programs associated with Windows 10 that I can safely delete to make it run faster?

    26 AnswersSoftware10 months ago
  • How can I upgrade my desktop from Windows 7 to 10.?

    Our computer tech at work told me how to upgrade my home desktop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It was going through the change fine and then suddenly it said that it cannot upgrade to Windows 10 because my Windows 7 is not genuine. I bought this CPU refurbished on ebay about 3 years ago. Now when I turn it on it keeps saying it's not genuine and needs a product key. I do not have one. What can I do?

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  • Will taking out annuity $ hurt me with IRS and/or City & State?

    Hi. I make almost $38K I have no dependents and claim single 0 and have an extra $8 taken out for city/state bi-weekly. This year I made 2 withdrawals on my annuity. One was for $6,657.80 and paid $1,331.50 tax on that. The other was a $3,000 withdrawal and paid $600. tax on that. Will I get money back when I file in January?

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  • Unable to play Mindjolt games on Facebook?

    It's been about a month and I have not been able to play any Mindjolt games on Facebook. Others are having the same problem and there is no answer within the forum. I am trying on Firefox and Chrome. Help!

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  • How do I cook a half shank ham?

    I have never made a ham in my life and got one free from the market for spending a certain amount. It's raw and weighs almost 12 lbs. I will cook it Monday. How long do I cook it, do I wash before cooking? Do I add water to the pan? I am going to use chives, pineapples and cherries.

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  • How to get my ex hubby's pension?

    My ex hubby is retiring at age 62 this coming April, 2019. We live in New York. We were married for 16 years and got divorced in 1997. He remarried for about 3 years but he got divorced from the second marriage. I never remarried. I still work and will not retire until my full retirement age which is 66 and 8 months. I do know which union he is in and do remember his SS#. How do I go about getting part of his pension?

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  • My boyfriends daughter hoards food in front of my guests.?

    My boyfriend's 28 year old daughter who suffers from depression and doesn't work or do anything (he pays the bills in his 2 daughter's household), comes to my house all the time looking for food. Her sister says she starves herself and when she sees food she goes crazy. Yesterday I had my annual family dinner. I was up since 6 am cooking. She ate 2 big plates of food here and afterwards I found out she took 3 more plates of food and went home and left it there and came back. My guests told me that after my boyfriend (who lives with me) helped her home later on. I packed up other leftovers for my guests in one container each. I hardly had any stuffed shells left for my own leftovers. My sister, niece and daughter in law made dishes and brought them too. When my boyfriend came back I told him that was very embarrassing what his daughter did. He got mad at me and stayed up all night drinking. He pities her cause she tried to kill herself last New Years eve. I hate greedy people and am going to say something to her when I see her. I know it may cause conflict between me and my boyfriend. What are your thoughts?

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  • I have a hard time determining if it was reality or a dream?

    I am a 60 year old female withe a few medical problems. I work full time as an Admin. Assistant. There have been a few times when I dream something and swear it was real. But yesterday I swore my boss emailed me the night before saying she will be out of the office. There was no email and she was in the office. It is really scary. What should I do about this?

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation3 years ago
  • My grandaughter's step mom won't let me give her a birthday gift.?

    My granddaughter's 15th birthday is next week. I bought her 4 things. All of which she wanted. Today I saw her step mom (She lives with my son and his wife). Since she failed some classes in her first semester of High School, they are not letting her get birthday gifts. I want to give her the gifts though cause it's for her birthday. One gift is a back pack she wanted for school. On the other hand I would like to respect my daughter-in-law's rules. What would you do?

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  • Redness and itching two days after Zostavax shot.?

    I had the shingles vaccine, Zostavax two days ago given to me by the Pharmacist. I was fine and my arm wasn't even sore until today. I have redness and itching around the shot area and my arm is sore. Should I be worried?

    2 AnswersOther - Diseases3 years ago
  • Should I re-tip the grocery delivery guy for stuff they forgot to send me yesterday?

    I usually order my groceries on line and have them delivery every 2 weeks. Yesteday for the first time, they forgot 5 items. It totals over $25. So I called them and they are going to re-deliver the missing items today. I usually tip well since I am on a 4th floor walk up. Should I tip the guy again today for the 1 or 2 bags of my missing stuff?

    7 AnswersEtiquette3 years ago
  • How much should I give the bride and groom if I am not attending the wedding?

    I cannot go to my nephew's wedding. It's 300 miles away and I would have to get a ride or take a train and stay overnight in a hotel. They booked a bunch of rooms that go for about $150 per night. Not to mention something to wear and a gift. I am going to RSVP No and send a check. How much should I give them?

    27 AnswersWeddings4 years ago
  • My granddaughter only had her period for one month.?

    My granddaughter is 13 and a half. She finally got her first period at the end of May this year. It's already mid July and she has not had another one yet. Should we be worried?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health4 years ago
  • What is my old Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Masterpiece Collection VHS worth?

    I have a sealed in plastic brand new VHS of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Masterpiece Collection. I see someone selling them on eBay for thousands of dollars. Does anyone know how can I find out how much mine is worth?

    2 AnswersToys4 years ago
  • My apartment drinking water was tested positive for hardness at 120.?

    I filed a complaint with the EPA here in New York City. I had to call Sears 3 times in 8 months because my washer fill hose kept getting clogged with dirt. The tech suggested I have my water tested. EPA is still checking but I bought a home water test kit. One test I am still waiting on (have to leave it for 48 hours). But the water hardness test part came back as 120. How dangerous is this? I don't even give faucet water to my cats anymore because they were throwing up. We are drinking bottled water, but still bathing, etc with regular water.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • How long does brown rice take to cook in the crock pot?

    I put in 4 cups of raw brown rice and double the water. It's been cooking two hours so far. I don't know if it's done or not or should I turn it or not???? Help!!!!

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes5 years ago
  • Is there a freeze on rent stabilized apartments in New York City?

    I read a few months ago that the NYC Rent Guideline Board is freezing the rent on rent stabilized units in New York City. M neighbor and I both live in a rent stabilized apartment. Both our leases were up on September 1st and so far we have not heard anything about signing a new lease. Usually our new leases come a month ahead of time and we sign for another 2 years and send the lease back with the extra security deposit. I tried finding this on line but it's too confusing. Does anyone know if I will get an increase this year?

    1 AnswerRenting & Real Estate5 years ago
  • My Facebook games will not load.?

    There are 3 different games I am trying to play and they are not loading and keeps saying to download latest adobe flash which I did. I have the problem in both IE and Firefox. I am using my desktop and have windows 7.... Please help!

    1 AnswerFacebook5 years ago
  • Can someone give me a good meatloaf recipe?

    Hi. I usually use the recipe for meatloaf with the Lipton Onion Soup Mix, but am tired of it. I need a new recipe for a 2 lb meatloaf I want to make this weekend. I only eat ground beef (not turkey).


    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes5 years ago