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  • Dear Yahoo Answers, ( Margo / Abigial/ Anyone)?

    I should proabably be writing margo or abigail but whatever i jus need a few differences of opinions so here goes...... my bf n i have been together for about 7 months now n we have a great relationship we both love n trust each other completely, the thing is my bf b4 he met me was sort of a "bad boy" n has been with alot of girls , i have no problem with this n he has been very open about ti from the begin n i know he is not proud of some of the things he has done but i dont judge him for it n like i said b4 we have a greta relationship, now i am a virgin n besides my bf i have only done n e thing sexual with one other guuy my previous bf n my current bf knows this... we have lots of oral sex n am comfortable with this n so is he, no he has not pressured me about sex at n e time n i know he will wait until i am ready to have actual intercourse. the problem is my bf has had so much sex with so many girls that as he puts it is just a physical thing n he doesnt see it as n e thing more n this makes me uneasy n a bit afraid that when we do decide tohave intercourse thats all it might b for him physical n i cant say it will be the same for me being the whole first time n stuff n i dont know how to deal with my 'situation' ..sigh... my bf is 20 n am 19

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  • If you knew the exact date time and moment you were going to die....?

    would it make a diffrenece the way u treated the persons you loved / cared about? how & why ?

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  • Obama has been identified as a ' black man' what if he now deicides to be a 'white man'?

    America and the world has labelled Obama a black man and hes hasnt tried to disgree with dem what if he decides to be a 'white man' towards the end of the election and since we cant really deny that he is part white would that move change the way u vote or view him ?

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  • Am i still a virgin?

    usually i would find it stupid for someone to ask such a question but now im the one asking anyway a long story short my bf and i were recently fooling around as usually but he would normally only finger me but this time i sat on him and he placed just the head of his penis in me so im just curious he says im no longer a virgin but im not too sure wat do u think all answers will be appreciated

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  • i promised id never leave him :(?

    well my bf and i have been seing each other for one year now i we love each other very much and id always say that if we ever broke up it'll be becasue he broke up wit me and hed always say the same about me it was always teasing but we both meant it now i think its time for me to leave him and i cant bring myself to breaking up wit him i love him so much so y do i want to leave him theres so much going on around us wit my family and and his and theres even obstacles in front of us if we get married and i dont want him to go against his family hes really close ot theem and im to mine and i feel it that its time that we faced the fact and broke up but i cant bring myself to doing it and i've even thought of doing something so that he'll be the one to leave me but i dont want to hurt him hlep me plzz

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  • i love him DONTwant to get married or have kids?

    now here my problem i love my bf so much but he wants this whole white picket fence life he wants to get married and have kids and the whole works the thing is i neva did and hes made it qutie clear to me that thers no point in us being together and then not get married so i pretend to be excited when he talks abouut 'our' wedding and 'our' kids and tells everybody im his wife and his family all expect of to get married the thing is i feel that maybe i'll getg use to de idea of marrriage and kids the more we talk about it but it not working wat should i do i love him

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  • how do i get raid of this guy who likes me and follows mw around ?

    he is in my class and just bugs me all the time i mean we r really good friends but that is all i want help

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