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Max Marie, OFS

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I'm a Catholic, third order Franciscan and Veggie. I'm a health food nut who solves a lot of other people's health issues by telling them about food as medicine. I can be both serious and silly at the same time. So don't mind my goofy answers.

  • Breach among Bay Area Dianic Wiccans?

    I was very sad to learn about a breach among covens in the Bay Area. I've known Z. Budapest for years. She's a little bit of a nutter. And totally hard core. So I can see how the issue of transgender within a strictly female coven may be problematic.

    How do you folks, my Yahoo Pagan Friends, feel about it? I am posting a well thought out and often heart wrenching blog here, incase you didn't know.

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  • Catholics - would you...?

    be United in the Year of Faith?

    The Year of Faith begins today and ends November 2013. I changed my image to St. Elizabeth of Hungary, patron saint of third order Franciscans. Then I saw "United in the Year of Faith" on another user. I love that! Having contacted him, he doesn't mind if we borrow his idea.

    Wouldn't it be great to be united?

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  • Christians: Should we consider...?

    ...that Martin Luther is directly responsible for deaths like these?

    He was the first to remove the Book of Sirach from the bible. Book of Sirach says not to fear the physician because God gave him his wisdom, also that God put all the medicine we will ever need in the earth. Chapter 38

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  • For Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Is it ok to say "Bless you" to a JW when they sneeze? I ask because my mail carrier is the nicest guy. Few months back a new hire here wished him Merry Christmas, not knowing he was JW. She was really taken aback when he said he didn't celebrate Christmas. He's a nice fellow so I have no wish to insult him. Is it ok?

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  • Chapel Veil? Head Covering?

    Dear Ladies:

    I have been inspired by Kallan and Titus. Inspired to ask a more rounded question that might appeal to many denominations. This is for any and all. Be it a chapel veil, a hijab or a tischel.

    How many of you cover your heads?

    What inspired you to do so?

    How do you feel about it?

    I began about 2 years ago. First just a chapel veil. I'm a Catholic. I bought an almost invisible black veil which I began wearing during mass. With all the hair I have it's impossible to see unless you're close up.

    I was very self conscious. I didn't want people to think I was falsely pious. It has evolved to a much more comfortable place. I wear a lot of scarves which I have learned to tie in many ways. I even wear snoods to work now.

    I cover for my Lord. I feel he called me to it. I responded gladly. I see them more and more in church now. And more ladies covering all the time. I find them to be an excellent reminder to pray without ceasing. (1 Thess.)

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  • Fish in your Ice Cream?

    I just got the new Veg News magazine. I was SHOCKED by the tiny snippet that Unilever is adding or attempting to add genetically engineered fish to it's frozen dessert products.

    Just another reason to go Non Dairy!

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  • What are you looking for spiritually?

    With the exception of atheists, most people are on a spiritual journey. They are searching for something. What are you searching for? Peace? Enlightenment? The meaning of life? The perfect pair of shoes? Tell me.

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