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  • Muslims, will you miss the holy month of Ramadan?

    I know I will! The last day is always the saddest days... :(

    I always cry the last day and last minutes of Ramadan, as I leaving my dearest one, and recite the following dua ( in Arabic ), so enlightening. Here is some part of it, I just want to share :

    Peace be upon thee,

    O greatest month of God!

    O festival of His friends!

    Peace be upon thee,

    month in which

    expectations come near

    and good works are scattered about!

    Peace be upon thee,


    who is great in worth when found

    and who torments through absence when lost,

    anticipated friend

    whose parting gives pain!

    Peace be upon thee,


    who brought comfort in coming,

    thus making happy,

    who left loneliness in going,

    thus giving anguish!

    Peace be upon thee,

    neighbour in whom

    hearts became tender

    and sins became few!

    Peace be upon thee,


    who aided against Satan,


    who made easy the paths of good-doing!

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  • Do you know why Hezbollah kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers?

    Do you know there are about 10,000 Arabs ( Palestinians and Lebanese ) in Israel jails, including 1000 kids and women? How should they free their imprisoned people?

    Everyone knows that Israel is the only country which doesnt respect the UN resolutions, They don't free the prisoners in no way. So the only way left for them is to kidnap soldiers and exchange them with Israeli army. It had happened before as the only way for releasing their people from Israel's jail.

    Why was it THIS TIME that these two soldiers equal destroying Lebanon as a country with everything in it! Killing its people, social life, and economy? What should they do to release their prisoners?

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  • What is the best savory pie recipe?

    pereferably vegetarian

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  • Is there a any relief or remedy for Neuropathy?

    Is Omega 3 good for Neuropathy? How about Vitaimine B6? MY husband suffers from neuropathy for about 6 months and now no gavapen relief his pain. Even he cannot work somedays. Is there any hope?

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