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  • Insurance claim, but I want to fix my own car?

    I had a small accident with a neighbor. We've both spoken to our insurance and as it wasn't really either of our faults its a likely 50/50 split liability case. My insurers have asked the neighbours' insurer to contact me to arrange a time to inspect the cars damage. They also want two quotes for the repairs.

    Here's the thing, I want to do the repairs myself using second hand parts and I don't anticipate it costing much, certainly less than £100 so its going to be less than any excess anyway. I just want to get on with it and get my car back - what will happen if I don't wait for the neighbour's insurer's inspection?

    5 AnswersInsurance & Registration8 years ago
  • Lying partner - what to do.?

    Yesterday I discovered that my girlfriend of 9 years was lying to me about the nature of relationship she has with another guy. Here's what happened:

    About a year ago she told me that three years earlier she had had feelings for him and one night after a row we'd had she'd gone to him, stayed at his house, no sex but clearly more than a friendly shoulder to cry on. I let it go because she fessed up, I assume she's being honest about the no sex part, I just have to trust her on that. I like the guy involved, I thought he was a good friend to her, and to me, so I never tried to stop her seeing him again, indeed I welcomed him into our home on several occasions.

    Last weekend they went together to visit another mutual friend of theirs, up north. I didn't suspect a thing until she got back and was cagey about some text messages he was sending her that were clearly upsetting her. We never really hide anything, so I thought, so this made me suspicious. So I checked her phone. The texts had been deleted. So I asked her again about it, asked her to tell me what happened. She told me there was an argument and that the guy has mental problems and had said some nasty things to her. Something wasn't sitting right so I hacked her phone and retrieved the deleted messages.

    She hadn't been telling me the truth at all. There were clearly feelings between the two of them, the early texts are flirtatious, the later ones accusing and nastily personal. I told her I'd read the texts and she told me 'all', is very sorry and promising never to see him again.

    She says she is happy in our relationship, but the impression I get is that she was the one pushing their relationship, and he was reluctant but obviously not reluctant enough. She swears they have never slept together. I'm not sure that's the point.

    So now I don't know what to do. Our relationship is long, deep and for the most part happy. She's not a ****, she's always been very outspoken against people who cheat. But there's been a big breach of trust here - I don't know what to believe. I'd just like a few considered opinions since I don't really have a lot of friends I can take this to.

    I just feel like an idiot for being so trusting.

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  • Is Prince William allowed to shave his head?

    He's clearly thinning in a most unbecoming way. He'd look a lot better if he shaved his head now, but would he be allowed to? Would the public accept a shaven headed king to be? Would the rest of the royal family allow it?

    4 AnswersRoyalty10 years ago
  • Are bats causing the smell in my house?

    I have a maternity roost of bats in my loft which I don't mind at all - but there is also a strong smell in the upstairs of my house. It gets worse in hot weather - I've taped up the loft hatch in a bid to seal it up but its not helping. It's not actually that unpleasant a smell, but it gets overpowering and I'd rather not have it there.

    I've not read much to suggest that bats would be responisble, most of their faeces seems to be dumped outside the house. I guess it could be a dead bat decomposing causing the smell, or even a dead mouse - there's definitely scratching in the roof and walls during the day when the bats ought to be snoozing.

    Any ideas? Could bats cause the smell? Or is it more likely a mouse?

    9 AnswersConservation1 decade ago
  • Help with 720p to Epson projector?

    If anyone can solve this problem for me I will buy them a small horse.

    I've had this Epson EMP-TW100 projector for years now and only ever used S-Video. Last month I built an HTPC with a DVI output because I was hoping to watch Blu-Ray and other HD content on my projector in its native resolution 1280x720 - nice hd widescreen.

    Except I can't. I have a 780g motherboard, on board Radeon 3200 graphics with DVI output. But if I switch to 720p (I have to force it because the graphics controller software says the best the projector can do is 1280x1024) the screen flashes and the projector claims the mode is "Not Supported".

    The projectors manual, btw, expressly says that this mode IS supported.

    Now I have no other DVI source to test with so I can't pin the problem on either component.

    I've tried altering the frequency of the video signal, no dice.

    I know the graphics card, projector and cable work because I can get 1280x1024. I can zoom this image to get a 1280x720 but I lose the top and bottom of my desktop.

    I have the latest Radeon drivers for the graphics card.

    Any ideas? Anyone?

    2 AnswersHome Theater1 decade ago
  • Noisy projector help?

    I have an Epson EMP-TW100 projector, it's getting a bit old now maybe 5 years. Lately I'm sure it's getting noisier and its obviously fan noise.

    Has anyone had any experience with this? Is it a replace the fan deal (is that possible?) or would oiling it help?

    What do you think?

    2 AnswersHome Theatre1 decade ago
  • Why would my broadband speed be slowly getting worse?

    I used to connect at 8.1mbps (I live next door to the exchange) without any trouble but over the last two weeks I've been losing speed on a daily basis, down to 7.7mbps, then 7.6, now its at 6.6mbps. Why would this be happening?

    3 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • I throw like a girl. Any tips for a more manly lob?

    I find myself, at the age of 27, incapable of enjoying simple ball games because of my inability to throw without appearing like a great big girl. People like to point this out to me but, when questioned, cannot seem to coach me in the ways of the masculine hurl, nor can they identify exactly what renders my attempts to chuck so downright ladylike.

    So I ask you, how can I toss like a man and strike fear in the hearts of my rounders opponents?

    14 AnswersOther - Sports1 decade ago
  • Why can't I afford my own house?

    I work hard, have what's considered a 'good' job with a reasonable salary - so why can't I afford a mortgage? Why are homes so expensive? Is this how it's going to be from now on or will things change?

    24 AnswersEconomics1 decade ago