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  • Pre-sale concert tickets?!?

    Ok, so I am able to buy some concert tickets during the pre-sale, which has been going on all day. the ten public sales start tomorrow...i just found my access code otherwise i would have been buying them tomorrow. so my question now it worth buying them now ( cause there are limited amt of seats left in random spots for presale) or should i wait and do you think that I would have better luck tomorrow finding better seats?

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  • Husband that goes out in the night?!?

    Ok. So here's my dillemma...My husband has changed shifts at work, now works nights, getting out at 3am. He has found a new hobby, going to the casino with his friend. Or to breakfast, but at least twice a week, sometimes more, he goes out after work, without emailing, texting, calling to tell me. So I wake up and he's gone or still not home, and I worry. Then he don't answer his phone, so then I get upset. Some nights, like when he is not working, he leaves after I'm sleeping. Now, every night, I go to bed alone, because of his schedule, and I hate it. He knows how I feel, about that and about his new habit...yet does it anyway. Even if he is home, we go out or watch a movie, I sometimes stay up really Late with him, with the hopes that he will come to bed with me....I have even asked him a week ago, he did. While we are laying there, he gets a text from his buddy, he pretends to ignore it, and waits til I fall asleep and then goes. I woke up like 10 min later and he was gone! I was so upset. He told me he wasn't going to go anymore, which lasted about a week. He went again last night ;( I don't agree with his new lifestyle and he knows exactly how I feel, and I don't know what to do! Please offer some help! He says he isn't losing money, and he isn't addicted. I tell him he is losing his wife, and he doesn't even seem affected by it. We have 3 kids and I basically am a single mother, with him as his work schedule, and when he goes out all night, he sleeps all day, and is just completely selfish about it. I don't know what to do. And his buddy that goes with him is single and I don't trust him. My hubby knows how I feel and how much it bothers me, yet doesn't care. He actually told me last night I was jealous. What should I do? Sorry this is so long, had to vent!

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  • Favorite Pearl Jam Show?

    who out there has seen Pearl Jam in concert? how many times? best show?

    i'm in the double best pj show was probably bonnaroo 08'. Eddie Vedder in St. Louis 7-1-11 was a pretty friggen awesome show as well.

    can't wait to see em' at PJ20!!!

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  • Pearl Jam at Alpine Valley!?

    Pearl Jam at Alpine Valley! PJ20

    So who's going to the show? sat? sun? both days?

    I'm going and I can't wait!

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  • restoring an iphone...?

    ok, so my iphone is frozen..all i get is the apple sign. i know that this means its in restore mode and that i need to restore my phone..but...i don't want to lose the photos/videos that i have on my phone. and i haven't updated my iphone to my itunes for a while...i saw a youtube video on how to do this but it says to do it to your jailbroken phone, but all i see about jailbreaking is people doing it straight from their phones, which mine is froze! i'm conufsed!

    so is it true that if i jailbreak i won't lose all my data? and do i need to jailbreak ? how exactly do i do i do this, since i can't do it from my phone as its frozen? can someone walk me through what i can do to unfreeze my phone and save my pictures?

    please and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anyone else get tickets to the Pearl Jam 20th aniversary weekend at Alpine Valley?

    if you're going...where you traveling from? what number pj concert will this be...or will it be your 1st?

    1 AnswerRock and Pop9 years ago
  • Basketball drills for 5th grade girls?

    Ok, so I used to play b-ball, but it's been quite a few years. I am now coaching a 5th grade girls team and trying to remember some drills and plays to practice with my girls. if anyone has any ideas for some easy plays or dribbling/passing drills or anything else that would be helpful for me to know, please let me know! and please feel free to use details as it's been awhile for me and I may have forgot some ofthe lingo:) Thanks in advance for any help!!!!! I really appreciate the advice!

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  • Are we legally bound, or is there a loophole?

    Ok, so heres the scoop. My husband and I decided to sell our house. We are having a baby and we need more parents gave us the option of staying with them while we were in between homes and therefore wouldn't get stuck with 2 mortgages.

    Anyways, we had this plan and amazingly our house had alot of bites right away and we signed an offer. THEN, the whole plan falls through at my parents. So, we basically have no place to go and we have changed our minds on moving. We want to stay in our house now. Especially seeing as I am due in only 4 weeks.

    So the question, Are we able as the homeowners to back out??? The realitor is ok with the situation, no hard feelings, but he says it is essentially up to the buyers for them to willingly back out. No money has been out of pocket in anyway shape or form, no closing dates or anything set, just the paper signed that basically if we sold our house we would accept that price.

    Are we legally bound to give it to them??? Just as buyers can walk away, cannot the sellers do the same? I mean we still own the house. Is there a loophole, or is our fate in their hands???

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  • Did anyone see Eddie Vedder on the 2nd leg of the solo tour???

    Did anyone else go to see Eddie in Chicago on 8-21-08? What'd ya think? I thought it was quite possibly the best show i've been to.

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  • Quick Camera Question...?

    Ok so I am going to a outdoor concert..bonnaroo..and i want a good camera to bring. Everytime i'm at shows people are always taking videos and close ups and my cameras never can capture anything..its always too dark or the zoom sucks. So what should I look for when buying my camera??

    The one I am thinking about is a 10.1 mega pixel and its 7 x optical zoom and either 4 or 5 x digital zoom...will this be a good concert camera???


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  • Tom Petty...5-30-08..?

    Did anyone go to the show???

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  • Interpret this...(calculus)?

    Let W (t,x) = t - (x/5) where W is the perceived temp outside where t is the temp in F and x is the velocity of the wind outside.

    **find and interpret W (10,20)

    **find Wx(t,x) and interpret the results.

    Show any work....


    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • critical points??

    Find the critical points of the function:

    f(x,y) = x^2 + y^2 -6x +8y +25

    and determine whether its a local maxima or minima.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated....if you can please show work...I don't just want to do it, I want to know how to do it. Thanks in advance!!!

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • Fundamental theorem of calculus to find and average value???

    Use the Fund. theorem to find the average value of :

    y= x^2 (6-x) on the interval 0 < x < 6.

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  • Proving solutions to differential equations???

    Show that y= x - (x^-1) ( x is to the -1 power) is a solution of the differential eqn : x (dy/dx) + y = 2x

    Please could you show me work so that I can understand how to do this....Thank You!!!!!

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  • Anyone else score tickets to Tom Petty this summer?

    I cannot wait...I got floor tickets!

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  • girls.....period cycle shift?

    i know different things can affect when you get your period, like excercise and stress. but is it normal to get it a couple of days late every time...eventually completely pushing your period back. like i used to get it at the end of the month, now its closer to mid-month. does this happen to anyone?

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  • losing 10 lbs...?

    ok heres the deal...I have been running and trying to lose weight over the last 2 months. so far so good, but i had a weight loss goal for the end of august. well...this whole last week I havent had time to run, so now I'm behind. my question: is it safe to try and lose 10-15 lbs in about 2 weeks? or I guess, is it even possible???any suggestions on the best way? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  • running and losing weight.....?

    So I have been running on and off for the last few months, but during the last few weeks have been very motivated. i have now been running 3 to 4 times a week, about 1.5- 2.5 miles each run. i am trying to get in better shape, so.....what should i be eating? i dont want to cancel out the good of running by eating the wrong foods...any ideas?

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  • ok just curious on your opinion....about concerts.?

    i enjoy concerts and am a huge pj fan and want to go this summer. i have been to tons of concerts and love going, and theres nothing more i love than a pearl jam show. my husband on the other hand hates concerts, he thinks they are stupid, and has his way of making me feel stupid for getting so excited. me, i think everyone has their thing, for me this is what i love. so heres the scoop, he's telling me basically that i cant go, that concerts are for single people who like to party. i totally disagree with him. so is he jealous or insecure, doesnt trust me, what. he know what it means to me, he could go with me if hes worried, i would love him to go with me, but he wont. so whos being stubborn here. should i give up what i love cause im married, i think its ridiculous.

    sorry so long, i had to vent. i feel better now :)

    7 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago