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As a senior citizen I do enjoy the occasional blast I get from disgruntled political pundits that generally know next to nothing about the US Constitution and how our government works. However it's been YA and you guys that have moved me from a solid conservative view to a deep independent mind set, which I am sure I will die with. I have always enjoyed clicking around family issues trying to ferret out those truly troubled souls that really need a little kick of advice for their day, so if I'm not politicking you can generally find my answers there. Just so you all know I am as open as a book so feel free to send a message or blast me if think I'm wrong, but please think before you speak as it' seems to be a problem for many theses days I'm married a vet and died the wool desert dweller that works for a Native American Tribe. I love treasure hunting and reading about the old west.

  • 1993 6.2 turbo diesel Chevy Silverado check engine light?

    Check engine light comes on intermittently when I turn of the AC. Does the AC have a problem or is this just a coincidence? It's expensive to get this truck repaired, just wanted to know if there are any mechanics on Y/A that might have some ideas before I write a check...Thanks

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  • Anyone ever think about this?

    Since our elected representatives including the President campaign for days on end it's reasonable to believe they are being paid expenses (don't know that for sure) by respective candidate campaign funds but; how come we continue to pay them their regular salaries while they are working on behalf of someone who may or may not become the electorate. Why do they get this absurd privilege or are allowed to do this extra activity, while being paid to do something else, are they not supposed to be working for us?

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  • We The People, are we?

    I'm wondering if you believe both congressional houses and the President are insuring: Domestic Tranquility, and Promoting the General Welfare of the United States"?

    These statements are in the first paragraph of the Constitution of the United States and it seemed to me that our politicians should understand or maybe read them before creating or changing any part of our "way of life", and was just curious what your thoughts are.

    I am hoping to get logical (if it's possible) answers, not one party or the other rhetorical hype...Thanks:)

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  • Anyone know how to remove the door panel on 2002 Ford XLT SUV?

    My auto window went down this morning and never came back up. Usually warmer in Southern AZ this time of year but it was freezing this morning. Now I need to get the passenger door panel off in order to fix the window problem or at least rig it in the closed or up position.

    Just need to know the secret on how to remove the door panel??? Thanks

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  • For the over 50 Baby Boomer, would you invest in a retirement community?

    I've always had this idea that a collective group of baby-boomers could put their minds and cash together and create a rural or urban living center that would be maintained and purely for the benefit of the! Wondering if any seniors out there might have some input as how to start and what it would take for a private effort. Not looking for a Del Webb or Sun City type of situation, rather a community (not a hippie ranch, although hippies would be welcomed) with retired and working seniors who didn't plan for rich retirement but are real earners and workers that have a small amount of creativity. Or if this place already exists, where is it

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  • Will American Bull Fighting be the same?

    I think those that watch Bull fighting south of US borders, antisipate the Bull being dropped in the end. Of course that would not be the case if and when (soon) they move the sport into the states. So what's your opinion? To fight El Toro or let it be?

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  • My daughter, who I love very much, is a meth user. She is married to an exconvict, they have two children.?

    Her husband is truly a hard worker who is drug free and is a doting father. The problem and question is; my daughter steals and sells everything from the house that isn't nailed down. This past weekend while talking with her son (our eight year old Grandson) he complained that mom sold his Shrek video (and others) that we had given him for his birthday and christmas. My question is: Since my daughter has been to jail twice (30 days or longer) over the past two years, with her husband recently out of prison (over a year free), and they both live with my daughters Mother, what can I possibly say or do to help this situation? Before you ask, the Mother is an enabler (she will stand by her kids no matter what). I know my daughter blames her husband for going to jail the first time, but this situation is so bad that the last time I visited I didn't even go in the house, my interest is just providing some old fashion good guy for the kids. Any advice?

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  • Besides Hilary being a woman, can you give one good reason to vote for her?

    If you read any of the factual books about Hillary ("The Truth About Hillary"), are old enough to have been aware of her mis-steps in the White House, have heard some of the stories about her... Or, ever considered what would happen if Bill is caught doing what he has been doing for the past twenty five years, and Hillary has a world changing decision to make at the same time? Why does she even have the opportunity, or want to run?

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  • Computer security question.?

    How does my co-worker beat web sense and use his computer for his dating service? So far I've been bluffing him with expressions that make him think I know how he does it, but I don't.

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  • William Bonnie aka Billy the Kid more history?

    Being interested in history of the South West focusing on TX, NM, and AZ, I was mildley surprised when reading "Trail Drives of Texas" (an old book, copy write 1935), one of the guest writers told a story of himself, Pat Garret and others, having Billy the Kid surrounded and, were forced to let him go!

    The incident happened sometime before his final meeting with Sheriff/Marshal Garret.

    Does anyone know of a reference to this?

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  • What do you think about the flying Muslim Clerics?

    Although I believe it was a "better safe than sorry" situation and, understand why flyers would be nervous, I don't think throwing the Muslim Clerics off the flight was in the spirit of life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.

    Should the ACLU go full throttle on this?

    Should the cleric's show a little understanding?

    Does apprehension about Imams praying before or during a flight really warrant suspision from the passengers and crew?

    Certainly is an interesting scenario, makes me wonder what I would have done! Would I have acted or become a statistic like the victims that were seated in the 9/11 missiles? Just make me wonder, how about you?

    Conspiracy theorist, this would be a good time to jump on " help wanted dot com". Thanks

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  • Do you really think Bush wanted a war?

    With all the political garbage associated with being a war time president why would anyone from any party want to be in the political hot seat when a war starts? If you are a conspiracy junkie I'll read your answer just to be fair.

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  • What about prisoners vs illegals?

    If war combatants incarcerated at Gitmo are granted rights based on the U.S. constitution, should illegal immigrants also have rights under the constitution?

    I'm hearing some (usually liberals) saying they want it both ways. I believe that both should be given human rights but have no U.S. consititutional rights. What are your thoughts?

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  • Are radical believers the same as terrorist?

    Terrorists seem to be people that refuse to believe in any other culture or way of life based on information provided by one book and a mentor. Isn't that the similar to our own home grown conspiracy therorists (ct's) who claim the government sponsored the 911 events? Isn't a CT's evidence based on kooks and limited or fabricated information?

    Of the information I've read or heard about regarding conspiracy, those hundreds of professors have to be the worse. They all say the same lame thing they same way. I wouldn't let them carry my groceries out!

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  • 9/11 I know what I would do but how about you big mouth?

    I don't know if I should have asked the question ("Why do so many people think our government attacked us?" ) but I got so many nasty notes for answers that I have to move to the next level. It seems to me, if I thought the government that I rely on were directly responsible for killiing thousands of Americans I would no longer call them my government and would want to join and be a part of a revolution to overthrow the bums. However, when I hear someone groan over the fact that they beleive in the conspiracy theory and our government are murderers, it's usually on our way to the corner market to pick up some goodies for the beerfest we are at or we are on our way to enjoy something very American. Get it? You hate here but you love it here. I cannot understand why anyone would live here and believe there government would kill on such a mass scale and then believe that the secret is out but no one is printing it! To the idiots who think I'm a jackass or dumb. Go to work or go away!

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