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Jesus is Lord My Life Changed Dramatically After I Called Out on GOD for Salvation. I was all by myself too, when I called out on GOD. GOD Almighty Answered (Jesus Christ, Risen from the Dead) and HE is The Only Reason I AM Still Here on the Earth, Today. This is my "Faith" Statement: 1. GOD Almighty became a Man by being Born of a Woman on the Earth. (Mary) 2. GOD Almighty Died on the Cross to ReDeem EveryThing that can be ReDeemed. (Human Beings, The Universe so on) 3. Jesus of Nazareth IS GOD Almighty who Became that "Man" WHO Died on The Cross. 4.The Father (GOD Almighty too!) Raised Jesus from the Dead 5. JESUS IS LORD, (and you'd Better Believe It Buddy! :) So There! Dit----to! ;)