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  • my bearded dragons just had ~TWENTY~ babies!!!..?

    So im curious what should i know and watch for? i already separated the parents and shes already buried her eggs in the sand and shes relaxing oh and another thing is it normal for the male to get all depressed after we take him out the tank?

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  • What should you make sure to have before you have a baby?

    Im just curious at this point im looking to have my first baby soon. Im 21 years old and im in college at the moment.I also have an amazing bf that i have a promise ring and engagement ring from so i know he isnt going anywhere (not because of the rings just because i know him <3 lol) I feel im ready and im ready to share my love with a wonderful little baby i can call my own and something me and him can share our love with also. he feels hes ready too a little he says but he says hes not %100 sure just yet ...Im just wondering what should I make sure I have before i decide this is the right time to have a baby. =) And no i dont have a job just yet im looking for one right now. =)

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  • Umm..why do my bearded dragons keep burying their dishes?

    Our bearded dragons keep digging in their calcium sand. they dig in it so much that the sand ends up in their dishes, in their lettuce, fruit/meal worms/crickets/grasshopper, and water dish. they fill up their dishes so much with the sand they dont have enough to drink cause they fill up their water dish and they usually end up burying their food too. oh and they keep trying to climb the side of the tank. this is our first time owning bearded dragons, so im just curious if theres something wrong here? and if theres a way to break them of this habit.

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  • OK, so if I signed a lease I'm obligated to move in there?

    OK I am kinda scared about a phone call I just got. But, I will start from the beginning..

    I decided to move out so I started looking for an apartment (my first time moving from home) and I found this amazing apartment. Well here we have this thing called social services it helps people who dont have a job yet. and my worker (i had him through my moms ODSP) said i would be able to apply for social services and they would help me get the apartment. but i called and they said they cant help me and they have never done that before. they said id have to pay my own first and last months rent before they can help me, now if i could pay my own first and last months rent all at once ($1000) then i really wouldnt need social services would I? now i been calling my worker for the last week (which has also failed to send me my bus pass to get to school im in college) but he has also failed to return all my calls or even emails. so now i have no way to get this apartment and no ones answering my calls so im unable to get any of this delt with. then just today I got a call from the apartment owner and she said im obligated to move in there because i signed a lease. please tell me what i can or should do about this =(

    i really am kinda scared (oh and im 21 so im old enough to live on my own)

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  • What are the prices of puppies/dogs in the humane society?

    I have decided to adopt a dog or puppy (most likely a puppy though) from the humane society. But. I was just curious if anyone could tell me roughly how much they would charge me to get a puppy or dog at the humane society. I live in Windsor, ON. I tried going to the site, but they don't have prices or anything on there. So can someone please help? Thank you~

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  • I just wrote this little rhyme/poem, what do you think of it.?

    So I can't get him off of my mind, but I still got to stay on my grind. I got to stick to this thing called life even though he's no longer around to hold me tight. Even though, all that keeps playing in my head is that weekend, it ended with so many memories, and so I wish he was still right here beside me. I really want him to hold me tight again, safety and comfort is what his hold contains. I just miss his smiling face, and wish hed once again bless me with that grace. I just hate waiting at this pace for I love him as far as interplanetary space. He said im his frost in the winter and his bling in the summer, but Im his Diamond, forever. But, as the story goes time is the only thing that tell, will our love excel OR will it expel?

    ^^its there =)

    So what did you think of it?

    and no its not FOR anyone =)

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  • How much would a vet cost for my almost two year old cat?

    Shes never been to the vet so basically shes never had her shots and she has fleas like bad fleas so i was basically wondering how much getting her first shots and getting deflead would cost at the vet

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  • BIG flea problem...Help me please?

    Now im moving out of my house (my first apartment) and i have a cat that has a lot of fleas cause of my moms dog and my new apartment has brand new carpet and everything brand new in it. so that being said i really need a lot of information on helping to get rid of fleas.

    im planning on getting Frontline PLUS* but does anyone know the chances of after effects?

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  • So my bearded dragons just had a fight..?

    Heres the little mom realized that the boy was holding onto the girls tail shaking its body as if trying to bite the tail off (her tail is ok not bleeding or anything) but we broke up the fight and he started going crazy digging at the bottom of the tank in an angry motion and he turnt all yellowish and light greenish but he calmed down and hes still huffing and puffing a little but they are both doing ok now they are litterly sitting in the tank with their backs to each other and on top of that we think the girl is could someone please help me out on what went on please? thanks =)

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  • What is more important: Mental love OR Physical love(who do i pick).?

    My meaning to my question is: There is this guy that lives in L.A. while i live here in Windsor, ON and me and him have known each other for like 3 years and have dated for 1yr and 3months (he sent me this pink sapphire ring for our one year anniversary) but we ended up breaking up because of the distance and became close friends we still talk everyday and say "i love mwah bye" before we hang up the phone, and if i were to not be with anyone else he is willing to come all the way over from LA to come and see me to see if we get along as well as we do not in person...BUT heres the thing i could accept that but i met this guy that lives here he treats me well and everything but ive only known him for a month and a few days and hes an ok guy and all but its like no matter how hard i try im still sort of thinking about the guy from LA but i know if i give this new guy some more time other then just a month and a few days it could be better. So basically: Who do I pick.? =/

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  • How do you tell a guy, that you know wont care, that you are having his baby?

    Well we all know how getting pregnant happens so i dont think i need to tell you how it hes an ex that came to visit one night and some feelings came back and we ended up having sex.. Well he was all sweet to me and everything before he left for home but now hes right back to being a stupid arrogant steriotypical guy :/ ...well anyways to my question..ive been feeling sick for the past two weeks like feeling sick and everything and i feel like i may be pregnant but not 100% sure yet...well i know the whole i should go see a doctor...but im waiting to see if i have my period first...but i was would i be able to tell this guy im pregnant if i find out that i am?.. please help me...oh and im asking this question now cause i want to prepare myself for telling him if i am....thanks for reading :)

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  • Can you please tell me other words that could mean 'Love' or 'Depressed'?

    im just trying to pick out a good but pretty name for a neopet...think you can help? :)

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  • Why do cats land on their feet?

    my boyfriend just asked me this question and now i wanna

    my theory is cause of some sort of good balance that they have, but is it actully something else? i dont know what you think?? :)

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  • would it be possible to be pregnant?

    hey i asked this question yesterday but only one answerd it and that was b4 i put extra details on ... i was wondering can u please answer it and help me out?..

    is it possible to be pregnant if you've been having your period while still have symptoms of pregnancy...

    and if i was pregnant id be almost 6mths....and i havent gained any weight maybe a lil ...BUT i still have symptoms

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  • is it possible to be pregnant?

    is it possible to be pregnant if you've been having your period while still have symptoms of pregnancy...

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  • what do you think about interracial dating?

    myself being an italian/white woman i like black men...i get frowned upon a lot from some family members and other people too..but i don't care....

    but the real point im here is because i was searching for new books to get and i came across this book called "Why black men love white women" so i read the description on the book and it raised some questions and different feelings bout was just talking about how some people think that the reason the interracial relationships involving black men and white women and black women and white men is that back in the slave days the white women wasn't happy with theyre husbands so went to the slaves<the black man> and same with the white man he wasn't happy with his wife so he went to black women ........... i was just wondering what you thought about that theoryy and what is your own personal opinion about the whole interracial black man-white women dating thing....

    **and PLEASE no mean stuff**

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  • What's your favorite Thanksgiving moment?

    my favorrites are wen i went to my friends house for thanksgiving and we had different types of food cus her nationality is differnt is was awsome but weired .. lol ... loved it...

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  • what is you favorite thanksgiving pie?

    my favorite is pumpkin with whip cream on it :)

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  • what is your favourite childhood memory?

    everyone has a favorite even if they didn't have favorable favorites i think were watching cartoons while on my lil rocking horse bugging my mom for snacks :) lol

    <theres lots more but not enough room or time to write them ll lol>

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  • what do you think about long distance relationships?

    i have been in a long distance relationship for about 9months now...he lives in LA and i live in ive known him for 5 yrs previoulsy b4 we started dating but weve never seen eachother face to face...but we write letters ive seen him on cam on messenger...we love eachother with all heart and can trust eachother too....hes also saving money to come see me in meaning for this question is basically what do YOU think about long distance relationships?

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