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  • Is it easier to get a new GF, or let go of your dreams?

    We have a problem, minor to her major to me. I love to travel, she doesn't really care for it. Trip to Europe, I say when can we leave, she says do we really have to go. Going to Europe is like pulling teeth, who the heck doesn't want to spend two weeks traveling England, Italy, Spain or Germany? Asia forget it, Canada never going to happen, South America, maybe a few years down the line. That is the real rub, there are places I want to see that she won't visit. I want to see the Great Wall and Terracotta Army, she says she will never visit China, no way no how. Same with other places like Peru, safari in Africa, Normandy and India. What do I do? Those and several other places are bucket list items, places she will not visit. She has already hinted at the fact that me traveling alone isn't going to fly with her. She feels that as a couple we need to travel together, and that I need to give up the idea of visiting these places alone (since she isn't going period). So do I plan the trip anyway and let the chips fall where they may, or look for someone new? It's either that or give up the idea of visiting these places all together.

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