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  • A guy behaving strangely . . .?

    Okay, so I got out of a long-term relationship and really wasn't looking for anyone for a while, but in my class (college) I met a very physically attractive guy (to my eyes.). Slightly overweight, nerdy, quiet, intelligent guy.

    At any rate, he was always hanging out with a girl who was very negative, always badmouthing about everyone, you know the type. Things were getting very ugly between us and it looked very much like there was going to be some trouble but she finally dropped out.

    Now, he is lab partners with my very good friend so we do talk, but he is quiet and rarely volunteers anything. He doesn't seem to be so reticent wround the other girls, and often talks freely with them. However, whenever he thinks I am not looking, I catch him watching me. When I look at him he quickly looks away.

    Okay, I am certainly not a novice when it comes to the romance game, but I have to ask--should I just let this one go; perhaps his friend said things about me (which I am certain she did)--or should I still subtly try and let him know that I am interested in him without pushing things? I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable at all.

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  • As an aethiest/agnostic . . .?

    I like Christians. I may not agree with them, but I believe that for the most part, they are good people. Why can't Aethiests and the religious folk agree to disagree and work together on the important things, like feeding the hungry and improving education for kids?

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  • I am looking for a song by a german band, perhaps with the word "frog" in it.?

    Andthe first line of the song is something like "ich bin der ficken mid me." A friend a long time ago made me a CD with this songand I have no idea where to find it. Help!

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  • Birth certificate question?

    I tried to get a copy of my great-grandfather'sbirth certificate from Pinellas County, Missouri, and they stated only immediate family could access those records. My great-grandfather did pass away bout 10 years ago, and his wife a few years later.

    How can I get ahold of these records if I am not next of kin?

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  • If the Christian God is against Abortion . . .?

    Why does it state in Leviticus that a woman who comitted adultery should be stoned, even if she is with child? Why did God kill the firstborn sons of Egypt? Why did God kill the baby born of a (formerly) married woman whose husband was sent to battle (by the king) to die? Or the pregnant women and babies of Sodom and Gomorah--a city wouldn't have only adults. What's the REAL story here?

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  • Anyone find this odd?

    So Jesse Jackson demanded that Imus be fired ebcause he was politically incorrect and hateful. Now as I recall, no one demanded that the REVEREND Jesse Jackson step down for "un-Reverend-like" behavior after admitting he fathered a child in an affair.

    Does this guy have room to talk??

    I think the Reverend should be defrocked.

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  • A question about vaginal discharge?

    I am 27 years old, never pregnant, on birth control. Monogamous relationship for the past 4 years. About three times in the past 6 months I've had discharge that is very white and the consistency of a moist flour paste. It is NOT cottage-cheese-like, and I've had yeast infections before (so I know). The consistency is much more uniform and whiter. To be safe, I have tried yeast infection medication and it has only provided temporary relief, if any relief at all. Can someone help?

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  • My sister said she won't do my homework anymore?

    I mean, come on, she already too chemistry so it should be easy! But nooooooooo. Is this, like, fair? I even beat her up but now she's in the hospital and I just got out of jail and my homework STILL isn't done!

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  • Ok, God came to me in a dream several weeks ago?

    and told me that He as giving me the True Word, and to spread it as much as possible to save the souls of all those who follow false prophets. I do this but Christians sit there and say they'll pray for ME! FOR ME! I'm trying to save their souls from eternal damnation here and they just quote the Bible! How can I convince them that they are following the path that leads straight to Hell?

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  • For Christians: Some "myths?" PLEASE dispute with FACTS (no Bible citations)?

    You say:

    1.ALL societies are and governments are against gay marriage

    FALSE: As a matter of fact, almost 2/3s of cultures BEFORE the Judeo peoples violently (yes, read your history: VOILENTLY) took over had some form of OFFICIAL gay marriage. In today's time several peoples still have it or have reinstated it, INCLUDING the Cherokee of the US.

    2. If we allow homosexuals to marry, then what will stop us from marrying our dogs, cats, cars etc?

    Wow. You guys who think of this are rather mentally ill. Who said, "If we allow Blacks the right to vote, what wil stop us from allowing our dogs, cats, cars to vote?" I'm not talking about inter-special relations here; I'm talking about two people who are just as human as anyone else.

    3. It's unnatural and aberrational.

    Check out the NY zoo. Two male penguins are successfully raising a baby when they had several females to choose from. Or the griffin vultures in the israeli zoo. If you want cited proof see Biological Exuberance--a book

  • Educated part 2?

    Ok. A PhD or GED doesn't make one educated. DOesn't anyone think about an issue before they formulate an opinion?

    Example: Someone you love tells you that Black people have inferior intelligence to Whites, but are better at physical labor (which was believed to be true for a very long time). You're from a small town and don't have exposure to many Black people.

    Why don't you hop on the Internet and see for yourself that Black people, are, in fact, as intelligent as anyone else?

    The list goes on and on:

    Gay people shouldn't be parents because they'll spread their deviance to their children. Asians are smarter that everyone else. If you touch a baby bird, the parents will abandon it because they'll smell humans (BIRDS CAN'T SMELL). Goldfish have a memory of only 7 seconds.

    Why would poeple rather be hateful because of their beliefs than educate themselves and admit that, mnaybe, they're wrong?

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  • Isn't anyone EDUCATED on here?

    People stating that there are no gay animals. That Satanists hate God. That Aethiests are breaking down the moral fabric of society. Don't people know the facts? 2/3rds of societies had some form of Gay marriage! Well, before the Judeo-Christians wiped them out. And Satanics DON'T HATE GOD. If you relaly have looked at Satanism (like I did for sociology). And with Right-Wing Christians wiping out cultures, adulterating, judging, and in general making life miserable fo their fellow humans, how is it that Aethiests are damaging society?

    I don't want facts from some ancient text written by some human 1,000 years ago.

    If you're Fundimentalist Christian and you're going to state that you feel sorry for me and will pray for me, PLEASE do me a favor and go preach to someone else. in other words, don't answer this question.

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  • My version of Hell??

    My version of Hell is going to Heaven with all the fundimentalist Christians. Anything else conceivable would be better--fire and brimstone, eternal lonliness and separation from God, etc. Does that mean (God forbid) that I am damned to an eternity in Heaven?

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  • Don't you love black people?

    As a matter of fact, don't you love ALL people, regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, gender orientation, sexual orientation, hobbies, lifestyles, whatever?