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  • Jason Steele?

    What do you guys think of Jason Steele. Does this guy look like a good guy to support for a state rep race?

    1 AnswerElections1 decade ago
  • 3 Hour Lunch in Paris?

    My lady friend and I have a 3 hour and 5 minute layover in Paris and would like to grab some lunch. Neither of us has ever been to Paris before. We will be at Charles De Gaulle and don't mind getting a taxi. Suggestions?

    4 AnswersParis1 decade ago
  • Hire a Little Person - Central Florida?

    Does anyone know where I might hire a little person for a private party this Friday night in Central Florida to dress up as a leprechaun, serve drinks, and do shenanigans?


    2 AnswersOther - Entertainment1 decade ago
  • WW III Teams?

    Ok, Newt and others are saying we are entering WW III. Let’s say we are in WW III. Now thinking worst case scenario, what do you think about the teams I have laid out? As it is here, who would win and why?


    • USA

    • UK

    • EU

    • Japan

    • Australia

    • Israel

    • Canada

    • Mexico

    • Caribbean Countries

    • African Union less Morocco and Egypt

    • Taiwan

    • Brazil

    • Iraq

    • Turkey

    • Jordon

    • Omen/Yemen/UAE

    • Saudi Arabia

    • Kuwait

    • Former Soviet Union less Russia

    • South America less Colombia and Venezuela

    • Central America less Panama

    • India

    • S. Korea


    • North Korea

    • Iran

    • China

    • Russia

    • Venezuela

    • Cuba

    • Syria

    • Lebanon

    • Morocco

    • Colombia

    • Pakistan

    • Al Qaeda/Hamas/Hezbollah/etc.

    Neutral Team:

    • Switzerland

    • Panama


    • Egypt

    • SE Asia

    • Hong Kong

    14 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago