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dodge man

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i work a lot of hours and im damned good at what i do,and this is very time consuming so think about the people who are on here all the time answering questions,are they real mechanics? not likely and unlike most answers on here i actaully know what im doing,(duh) and you won't see me on here 18 hours a day answering questions,i can only spend an hour or two a night,so because many people asked me to come back on i will,i will add more later if needed,im enjoying the fishing season this year also got my challenger back on the road today with a fresh newly built 340,and yes im enjoying it,good luck to all who TRY and answer on here.LATEST NEWS,put the challenger on a dyno today and found out im pushing around 465 horse power out the rear wheels,so yes,im pleased with it,not bad for a 1200 dollar build,lol and a lot of old school knowledge.

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