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  • When I am forwarding an e.mail to others.....?

    if I put the addresses in the cc box rather than the 'to' box - will the addresses be hidden from the recipient?


    4 AnswersOther - Yahoo Mail1 decade ago
  • The £15 Victims Fund Levy?

    Is this legal? Can you really be forced to pay this on top of fines?

    Can you refuse?

    Why should we all be made to pay into a Victims Fund when if policing was carried out properly there would be no need for one!

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Tax rate? Usual labour ruddy humbug?

    Why do labour have to punish enterprise and people who wish to fund themselves rather than rely on state handouts? Surely they arent still stuck in the doggerel that its alright for them to live very well thank you very much but not the man out there working all the hours god gives?

    Why not a flat 25p rate for everyone and attract money INTO the country from businesses and investors abroad?

    We're an island - why not make us a tax haven?

    And we voted them in.

    Who else thinks the budget was not good for UK as a whole?

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • Where can I buy some Russian Poppy seeds?

    I can find every other variety but not the Russian.

    Theyre white with a yellow centre.

    Anyone know?


    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Ashes to Ashes - missed the new start?

    Anyone know when it might be repeated this week and on what channel?

    2 AnswersDrama1 decade ago
  • Rock Star by Nickelback?

    Anyone know who the talking voice is in the background?

    Is it Willie Nelson? Trying to settle a light hearted dispute here.

    4 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • Twitter help needed please!?

    Any Twitterers on here? I joined yesterday to see what it was like but cant post anything because the 'update' blue box wont light or accept what I have written.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong please?

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • Geoff Hoon - fraudulent rental claims?

    Forgive me if I am wrong but isnt benefit fraud when a claimant claims for benefit but then continues working so that he has both the incomes?

    Isnt there a law against this? Arent these people prosecuted? Are we not encouraged by advertising to turn these people in?

    So what is the difference between Geoof Hoon claiming second home allowance - whilst staying in a grace and favour (free) apartment, AND renting his supposedly main home out?

    Isnt that fraud? Or is it me? How long are we, as a country going to put up with this double standard?

    6 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Does anyone have an interesting recipe for minced meat?

    Would like something a little different from spaghetti Bolognese or cottage pie! Any ideas?

    7 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Madonna adopting again?

    Why on earth cant this woman who has millions at her disposal help a whole orphanage of children rather than just cherry pick one, to bring out of its culture and in to her wholly out of touch with reality life?

    Why cant she build schools and clinics that help whole communities?

    Am I the only one in thinking this is a wholly selfish act on her part? A case of what madonna wants madonna gets?

    I hope they say no, I really do.

    10 AnswersAdoption1 decade ago
  • Computer question - help needed please?

    Can anyone please give this technophobe some step by step instructions for moving photographs from the Picasa fotosuite to a file that can be burned on to a CD. CD sent to someone with fotos will only play slideshow not individual photos. Anyone out there who can help please?

    2 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Best Misheard Lyric from any decade?

    Ten points for reminding us all of the best misheard lyrics from a song.

    9 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • Stuck on an art project!?

    Some ideas please on a painting depicting 'DISCORD'

    All ideas welcome and ten points for best answer.

    Thank you from a very tired brain!

    5 AnswersPainting1 decade ago
  • Who sang the song with.....?

    Helena Christiansen in the video - think the song is called 'I dont want to fall in love' - its a slow song. Is it someone called John Miles?

    Cant remember and need it for something. Think it came out some time in the early nineties? Video is of Helena in a bikini on a beach with palm trees - looking very sultry indeed.

    All help please!

    2 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know of any good software for making greetings cards?

    Thought I might make my own as I can never find what I like in the shops - I am sick and tired of cute little bears all over the place!

    4 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • As many answers as possible please. Christmas Cards?

    What did you look for this year when buying your cards? And your wrapping paper?

    Cute? Glittery? Minimalist? Modern? Traditional?

    What attracts you most on a card?

    Thank you.

    16 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • As a matter of urgency - how do?

    digital photo frames work please?

    Do they need a memory stick or what?

    3 AnswersOther - Electronics1 decade ago
  • What is a suggested alternative to christmas pudding this year?

    None of us are too keen, some of us have digestive problems where the amount of fruit is concerned. So is there anyone out there with an inventive, not too difficult pud that we can have on christmas day - other than trifle that is. Something chocolatey perhaps? 10 points for best suggestion!

    6 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • I'm bored - so a little poll...?

    If you were an animal what you be and why?

    If you were a colour what would you be and why?

    If you were a song what would you be and why?

    Would you be a real or artificial christmas tree?

    If you were a sea - which one would you be and why?

    Piste or Beach - which one are you and why?

    Give me your worst excuse for getting out of a date.

    Give me the worst chat up line you have ever had.

    Give me the best chat up line you have ever had.

    Angel or devil and why?

    And feel free to star - I've just realised that I only have 2 - its christmas! Good will to all men and all that!

    12 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago