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  • Can I use ASUS warranty in a different country?

    I travel a lot between Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. I want to buy an ASUS gaming laptop from Saudi and if something goes wrong then I want to be able to use the warranty in Bangladesh.

    I'm confused about these terms:

    1. Manufacturer's warranty

    2. International warranty.

    3. ASUS premium care.

    Is it possible in this case? Or is it possible in any other country?

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks7 months ago
  • How to find normalized device coordinates of a given point in view coordinate system?

    I've been given a homework in computer graphics. I'm given the a point in View Coordinate System, (i.e point is already transformed by viewing transformation). And I'm told to do the following:

    1. Perspective transformation with given parameters: left, right, top, bottom, near, far.

    2. Normalization transformation.

    Can you tell me the steps? Or is there any direct way from view coordinates to normalized coordinates?

    Homework Help8 months ago
  • How to use LinkedIn REST API without a company page?


    I want to make a simple web app that shows my own name and skills from my LinkedIn profile using the LinkedIn REST API. But apparently, getting an API access token is full of trouble.

    Looks like I have to make some kinf of 'app' in linkedin developers portal and then associate it with a company page.

    Now, I don't have a company page. I'm just a student.

    What should I do?


    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 months ago
  • Is Asus F571GT laptop a member of ROG series?

    Is it a ROG? If not, how does it compare to ROG in terms of display?

    I'm vision impaired and most of the time watch computer screens in invert mode - i.e white text on black display. So I need a display that shows black as purely black instead of a whitish glow that most low and mid range laptops shows.

    I'm not focusing on refresh rate or color space. I need high contrasting, better 'black' display.

    Will this laptop satisfy my needs?

  • Does laptop longevity depend on the place you buy it from?


    I m going to buy a laptop. I can buy it from two places, 1. Saudi Arabia, 2. My home country.

    Obviously price in SA is lot lower so I d prefer to buy from there.

    Now, people are saying that if I buy from there and use it here, it would not last long due to humidity. They say electronics are manufactured differently for different countries. And that products made for my country is specially designed to withstand high humidity.

    Is it true?

    Should I take advantage of the low price in SA or should I stay safe and buy it from here?

    PS: I m aware of the warranty situation. But it s not my concern right now.

    7 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 months ago
  • Which range of RF is available for public use?

    I know you can use any frequency as long as the power is sufficiently low and it doesn t interfere with others.

    But is there any range of frequency allocated for TOTALLY public use that even if you use a 5 kW transmitter, the law guys won t bother?

    8 AnswersEngineering2 years ago
  • Where can I find a large, labelled dataset of X-ray, MRI, CT scans for my Machine learning project?

    I'm planning to start a healthcare related project based on machine learning. The idea is to detect common diseases such as cancer from scans. I want a large dataset (or at least a small one to start with) to train a convolutional neural network. Where can I find free dataset?

    1 AnswerHomework Help2 years ago
  • How to start freelancing with no experience, portfolio and very few skills?


    I m a university student and I want to start earning money online. I have little bit of skill in web development such as php, mysql, html, etc, but I ve never worked on any freelancing website before and thus have no experience or certificate or portfolio.

    I believe experience (portfolio, certificates) and skills will come up as I work. But almost all the freelance websites (upwork, etc) I checekd, they want past experience.

    So how do I start? Which site should I start with?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Don t tell me I need to be patient, or this can ruin my studies, blah blah, I know what I m doing. Just tell me how to start and how ABSOLUTE NEWBIES start freelancing.

    3 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment2 years ago
  • What happens to 2 yr old kid when parents divorce?

    Lets say an arranged marriage couple had to divorce for some reason. What would happen to their 2 yr old kid? How about a 6 yr old kid?

    3 AnswersMarriage & Divorce2 years ago
  • Can I power a Raspberry Pi directly through a 5V pin on the 40 pin header instead of micro USB?

    I'm thinking of powering my Raspberry Pi 3 via any of the two 5V pins on the 40 pin header using a 9V battery and a 5V regulator IC.

    Is it possible? Are the 5V pins directly connected to the main power line? Are they capable of safely taking a current around 1 amps? Is it dangerous?

    Another question: If I supply 6V instead of 5V to the pins, will the board burn out?

    Sorry it's a lot of questions. But I'm clueless, and desperate to know the answers.


    6 AnswersEngineering2 years ago
  • What kind of thermal paste/gel/adhesive is on the back of a Raspberry Pi heatsink?

    I've recently bought a Raspberry Pi 3 with separate heat sinks which I need to install now. I've watched some videos where they show how to install heat sinks on pi. Those heat sinks already have some kind of adhesive or thermal gel/paste. You just peel of the sticker and place it on the chip.

    But I've found that my heat sinks have got no such thing at the bottom. It's just clear metal. I need to go buy that thing from the store.

    So can you tell me what exactly is on the back of those heat sinks in the videos? And what exactly I need to buy and apply in between the chip and heat sink?

    1 AnswerOther - Hardware2 years ago
  • Why does Windows magnifier NOT follow text insertion point in some code editors?


    My vision is impaired and I need the Windows on-screen magnifier to do anything that requires typing, drawing, reading, etc. I ve to code in some rogramming languages and I have came across some code editors (e.g Sublime Text, Atom, Android Studio) where the Windows magnifier doens t follow my typing.while it works fine on some other IDEs (e.g Codeblocks, Visual Studio, Eclipse).

    Why is this? Is there any wya to solve this? I really like the way Atom and Sublime Text looks but I can t really use them because my magnifier doens t follow!

    I don t like writing code in Visual Studio and eclipse. They have limited intellisense and too bulky for my purpose.

    Can you help me solve this problem? Will VIM have the same problem?

    Note: Please don t tell me to get a Mac, I can t afford it.

    1 AnswerSoftware3 years ago
  • How does torrent work for people who're not on public IP addresses?

    I heard that ther'es no way of direct connection between two PC's if none of them have public IP addresses. Then HOW does torrent work for them?

    Let's consider person A and B, both without a public IP address. Let's say A has completed his torrent download and is now seeding. THen can person B get any sinpart of that file from person A? If yes, HOW?

    3 AnswersComputer Networking3 years ago
  • Can I use torrenting to set up a p2p comm ilne with my friend on a different network?


    We both have ISPs that suck and won't provide a public IP unless you pay a good amount. So I can't simply put up a game server or FTP server where people around the world can join.

    So I was wondering if I can set up a peer to peer connection to my friend for playing a game or sharing a file. Yes, only one friend.

    Is that possible?

    5 AnswersComputer Networking3 years ago
  • Does Facebook provide info about who visited your profile most in any way?

    I ve watched some videos showing how to find out who visited our profile most using the page source by searching "InitialChatFriendsList". And I ve also heard that there s an app in Facebook like "Who visited your profile most" (though never found it). Now my question is:

    Does Facebook provide this kind of info to a user in any way (be it through page source or any kind of 3rd party app)?

    Can you point me to a privacy policy or terms of use page of Facebook that states that?

    2nd question:

    If Facebook DOES provide such info, then what is the way of grabbing that? Obviously I d like to know who s stalking me. Or at least if the person I m stalking eventually gonna know it or not.

    5 AnswersFacebook3 years ago
  • Should I keep GeForce GT 520 with core i7 770?

    Hi, I currently have a core 2 duo cpu with GeForce GT 520 (I know these are really old). Now I'm upgrading my whole system to Gigabyte B250M, intel core i7 7700. I heard that new generation CPU's have integrated GPU on chip. So should I throw away my GT 520? Or is it worth keeping?

    What I mean is that is the i7 integrated GPU better than GeForce GT 520? [Note: I don't use the 48 CUDA cores in my GPU]

    [Note: I'm not getting a new GPU]

    4 AnswersOther - Hardware3 years ago
  • What other softwares/packages to install before installing Android studio on Windows?

    I ve to use Android studio and java to create an app for android using java language.

    I heard that the installation process requires a lot of time and a continuous internet connection. I ve downloaded the 1.9 GB exe file from android studio =webpage. Now I d like to install as many prerequisite components/packages separately as I can before opening that 1.9 GB file, that would otherwise be downloaded and installed during that installation of that 1.9 GB file.

    This is because my internet sometimes disconnects and also sometimes power failure occurs.

    Please help me make a list of those software or packages that I can download separately and install.


    1 AnswerSoftware3 years ago
  • Infix to postfix algorithm that can ignore missing multiplication sign between tokens?

    Hi, I'm trying to make an 'expression evaluator' that can evaluate an expression involving variables, inputted as a string. For example: 3*x^2+4*x+5.

    My infix to postfix algorithm is as usual, i.e it appends any numeric or variable token whenever it finds. And in the postfix evaluation part, whenever it finds a variable token, it replaces with the corresponding value from user's input.

    Now, my algorithm works fine for 3*x^2+4*x+5. But not for 3x^2+4x+5. This looks more natural and the user probably gonna input this rather than the first one. So how do I do it?

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design3 years ago
  • Attachment image

    What is this fiber optic device called?

    See the photo.

    The thick black cable going into the device from left is the fiber optic cable that came from street.

    The thin yellow cable (had to see) goes from the right of the device to a D-Link FX-TX media convert. I'd assume that's also an optical cable. But it's pretty flexible though.

    The device itself does not requre any power. But the D-Link FX-TX (not shown in picture) does require power.

    There is one more hole on the left and one more at the right.

    Ignore the white Ethernet cables. They are not connected to anything.

    So is that a fiber splitter? Or just a box to secure the junction between the fiber of the black and yellow cables?

    Another ques: Is the yellow wire carrying optical (light) signals?

    2 AnswersComputer Networking3 years ago
  • Can I use two or more PPPoE connections simultaneously on one DSL cable?

    Hello, I'm using DSL internet. A fiber optical cable runs from a street pole straight to my desk where it passes through a FX-TX media converter. Then from that converter a LAN wire goes to my router. My router connects to the internet using PPPoE username and password.

    Now the problem is my neighbor wants internet connection but I won't provide my WIFI password because if they download, my ping goes high and I can't play online games.

    So can I connect a LAN switch in between the media converter and my router and connect my neighbors router to the LAN switch and ask the ISP to create a new username password for my neighbor's router? That is, is it possible to use 2 different PPPoE connections simultaneously in one fiber line? My planned final setup would be like this:

    Fiber line connects to media converter. LAN wire goes from media converter to LAN switch(5port). 2 separate LAN wire goes to each of my and neighbor's router. And each router uses 2 different set of username-pass.

    Now I also want to make sure that his usage doens't affect mine. i.e if he is downloading something, I dont want my game ping to rise.


    2 AnswersComputer Networking3 years ago