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  • Rectangle area equals parimeter?

    Ok I am now officially embarrassed (a 43 year old man choking on a fourth grade math problem). helping my daughter with a math problem, I got the right answer ( 16 inch parimeter/ 16 inch area is a 4x4 square) but I cant remember the rule to explain how I did it. here is the question.

    Write to explain: the parimeter of rectangle Y is equal to its area. Rectangle Z has the same parimeter as rectangle Y.

    The length of rectangle Z is 5 inches and the width is 3 inches.

    Explain how you can find the length and with of rectangle Y.

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  • Bought a second hand laptop, Hard disk encrypted. :(?

    I got a laptop from a guy who said it was a local gov surplus from an upgrade. Got it home powered it up and there is Encryption Plus on the hard drive and I don't have a password and no way of tracking down the guy (flea market situation). Aren't they supposed to wipe the drives and yank the security when they get rid of them? anyway, I don't want any personal or professional info on there. Just want to set it up for my kids for their homework (thats why I got it). How can I hack into my own laptop? It's a thinkpad T61 if that helps.

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