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  • What can I do about my boyfriend and gift giving?

    So my boyfriend never gives me presents. And when he does, theyre really lame. Like he went to Italy for 2 wks, came back, and gave me a keychain that looked like it was from the airport gift shop. It disheartens me because I always make a point to slip little things in his bag for him and cute gifts and stuff like that. And for his birthday, I got him a really expensive watch. He said thank you and all, but I haven't really seen him wear it. Another reason I give him all these little things is in hopes that he'll get the idea. But so far it hasn't happened yet. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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  • Question about wedding etiquette and inviting people?!?

    So my boyfriend's brother is getting married soon. They both sounded super excited and stuff and I was excited too. Except my boyfriend never mentioned anything about bringing me to accompany him. I feel pretty offended! I could understand if like he didn't know the couple well and didn't wanna intrude with an extra guest, BUT it's his own brother! And they haven't sent invitations yet. I'm scared that I won't get one and that he'll go without me without even giving it a second I being stupid?

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  • Can anyone help me make up a rhyme for a friend?

    So this may sound weird but my friend has a gf and he is planning on hooking up with her but he dusnt know how to unhook a bra. So i told him that id give him one of my old ones to practice on. I was planning on puttin it in a bag and giving it to him. The problem is that i wanted to put a little rhyme in the bag with it. Something along the lines of practice makes perfect and good luck but thought it would be funny if it rhymed. Catch my drift? Think you can do it answerers?? I do giv best asnwers.

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  • What is ur favorite way to turn yourself on?

    Just wondering!!! Pls b specific. For ex. Dont just say "masturbating". That is too vague of an answer. Also state if you are a male or female and your age or general age range. Thanks!

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  • Is it your birthday? Because you've got cake! Meaning?!?

    I was walking on campus today and a guy called out "Hey is it your birthday?" and I was like ummm no.... and then he said "Because you've got cake!" Its obviously a cheezy pickup line, but what does it mean, u've got cake? Like I have a nice @$$? or what? Im confused. lol

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  • What do you think about the name Piper for a female Pomeranian?

    It is a sweet little black female Pomeranian. I really like the name Piper, but what do you think? Tell me if you like it or don't, and give me some suggestions for names if you don't like it. (or even if you do like it)

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  • Does anyone know a good name for a (mainly) t-shirt design company?

    We are starting a clothing line, and don't know what to call it. Our names are Lauren and Charlie (try to incorporate that somehow) we will mostly be doing silk-screening, and I kind of want it to be a little play on words. Do the best you can, I don't know what else to give you for information. SRY.

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  • I tell the hairdressser exactly what I want. She cuts however she wants. How can I get my hair the way I like?

    Sometimes I even bring in pictures but she doesn't ever listen. She also cuts with thinning shears that just frizzes my hair and I look like a puff ball. I tried going to another hairstylist but she made it worse. Please Help Me!

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