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JUST DONT TELL ME MY ENGLISH SUCKS!. I am not even American Ok!. AnywaysGodBless

  • I really need help?,what could this be?.?

    Am I losing My mind here?.

    I can't handle going in public places,I feel like everyone is looking at me and I suddenly have a hard time catching my breathe.

    I get easily over whelmed, I get nervous talking to anyone now lately. I feel like everyone is judging me.

    I have terrible body aches,I can't sleep or I always feel tired no matter What.

    I Am distressed,over whelmed always feeling just awful about my self and my life.

    I feel anxious,like I'm always caring this burden on my back.

    I tried talking to my parents and they say I'm to emotional.

    I don't know what to do?. Is this even a real issue or is it in my mind?.

    6 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • Need help really bad!. Been catfished?

    Ohkay I know I sound stupid and I'm never trusting anyone again.. So I met this guy online through a friend and he turned out to be some else!. I gave him my IG account but I quickly deleted it so I'm hoping that he didn't take any of my photos but now HE HAS MY NUMBER.. And his Gf is calling not threatens but still I wanna block this number how do I?. I have a iPhone 5. And I seriously feel stupid :/

    1 AnswerFriends7 years ago
  • Is it bad to get your period twice in one month?.?

    This is embarrassing to ask but I'm kinda worried.

    I just finished my period around the 26 of last month(it came a week late) and all day I was emotional and was bloated!. I got my period again tonight and I'm kinda worried?. I'm 18 btw. Is this normal?. Or should I go to the doctor?.

    1 AnswerWomen's Health7 years ago
  • Going to warped tour anything I should know?.?

    Anything I should be prepared for?. It's my first time going. I've been to a Paramore show but I hear warped tour can get wild?. I'm 18 and taking my younger causin she's 14.. Any tips or anything I should know?.

    5 AnswersRock and Pop7 years ago
  • Who is Dan Howell danisnotonfire dating?.?

    Is he dating anyone?. Sorry if I spelled his name wrong;).


    6 AnswersCelebrities7 years ago
  • Why do people always get mad when I say this?

    Some people asked Me who's figure I liked better Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato.

    I said ' Selena,She's so slim and fit!' then they got so Mad!. They went off about how women don't have to be slim and how Selen is too thin!. I got mad and said something mean( I shouldn't have said it). They was like ' She had a eating disorder!'

    now before you bash Me or call Me anything mean. So did I!.

    I am a normal weight now 112(I was 115 when I got better) So I get really confushed when People tell Me she's a healthy for some is 5'4 or 5'3 (don't really know her height) when she's 140 something pounds. When i'm like 5'5. My doctor and plenty of others all say I'm a normal/Healthy weight.

    I don't know if I'm wrong here. Can someone tell Me?,Cause my friends are always talking about celebritys and coverstastions likes this happen alot.

    I'm sorry if I offened anybody;(.

    And sorry my English is Bad.

    Anyways Godbless

    4 AnswersCelebrities7 years ago
  • I want to Read the pretty little liars book?

    I wanna read it but I don't know what books comes first in the series can anyone tell me it's called?

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • Does Sephora's sale the Vice Palette?

    The one buy urban decay?. Someone told they don't.


    2 AnswersMakeup7 years ago
  • What did you think of ' Evil Dead'?

    Me and my brothers went to see it yesterday but ended up walking out!. Now I am a huge Fan of horror flicks but Me and brother just thought the movie was really stupid and ugly?.

    So if you seen the whole movie was it really scary and can I have spoilers?.

    4 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • Did Kelly Clarkson have a eating disorder?

    I just read she did in a mag and I didn't know that and i've been fan.


    Celebrities7 years ago
  • Pluto's gate,What Is it?.?

    So they found it but .. Really what Is it?. I know there calling it a gate to hell or hades but I don't believe that. Sorry if this a dumb qeustion.


    1 AnswerMythology & Folklore7 years ago
  • My stepmom's intergramn use Is getting Me mad!?

    I know I spelled intergramn wrong!. I'm sorry;(.

    Now I know this met sound shallow(or make me sound like a loser)

    but i'm getting really fed up with my stepmom and dads addiction to intergramn!.

    They check It all the time!, and never stop posting pictures!.

    At first I told them it was stupid and kidish(Sorry if that offended you) but they got mad so I stopped now it's even worse!. And my stepmom lies everyone that she barely uses it!. And Today she blocked my first causin(Who I love like a sister) all cause she never likes any of her photos!. HOW STUPID!?,And my first causin just been busy lately!. And to top of my parents keep posting pics of me that I look ugly in!.

    And I don't have a intergramn so it's even more of a reason for me to think it's stupid for them to have one!.

    So should I just tell them it's making Me mad or do I sound stupid?.

    Sorry for my bad English;(

    and Godbless. I want real honest answers Plus Do your parents have one?.

    1 AnswerFamily7 years ago
  • Who seen spring breakers?.?

    Did Ya like it?.

    How was it?.

    What do you rate it?.

    Worth seeing?.


    3 AnswersCelebrities7 years ago
  • What's with the scene girls?.?

    I was looking at picture of them(There beatiful btw) but why do some of them of numbers on them?. Like all there's numbers written on them.


    5 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style8 years ago
  • Really bad cavity,but I have braces?

    I know this all my fault..

    But I have a bad cavity on a tooth,but there's no brace on it. It's the one in the back.. What could I do?. But i'm freaking out cause I have a unheathly fear of the dentist!. It's stressing me and i'm crying(No lie..)

    Srry for my bad english.

    1 AnswerDental8 years ago
  • Fifty shades of Grey?. Your thoughts.?

    I hate it.. It's gross and porn just written!,I only read a few chapters of the first book and I couldn't finish it!. I am being stupid?. Is the series good or is it really trash and why are people freaking out about it!?. I feel like only the depressed lonely house wifes would read it?.

    Being to Mean?.

    Anyways tell Me your Thoughts.(Srry about my bad English)

    and DONT TELL ME IM BEING CHILDISH OR ITS FOR ADULTS!. cause I met a lot of teens(Younger then Me reading it)

    5 AnswersMagazines8 years ago
  • Slender Man?. Where did this come from?.?

    Ok so my brothers who's 13 has been obbessed with Slender Man for months Now and I just keep hearing it pop up everywhere!. Like on Wattpad there's tons of stories about him and on the web!. I tried watching some videos about him and reading about him but all the stories don't even add up!.

    Anyways what do you think about slender man?. And yes I know he's not real and what can you tell about this story!?. When did it start,where did it come from?. And srry I know my English isn't so good.

    God bless;).

    7 AnswersMythology & Folklore8 years ago
  • Is Fuchsia more pink or purple to you?.?

    I am trying to get a dress that's Fuchsia and just wanted to know what color is more to you?. More pink or purple.

    Srry.. I know my English sucks.


    4 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style8 years ago
  • Do You think it's weird?.?

    For People who play bother&Sister on a TV show to date in real life?.

    I know it's a odd thing to ask..

    And sorry for my bad English.


    3 AnswersCelebrities8 years ago