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I love art. Painting, theater, literature, and especially music are things that fascinate me and help ecnourage my own creativity. "Classic" movies, history (American and World History, particularly in regard to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Hellenes), sports, music, and video games are all areas of knowlege that I have a decent amount of proficiency and competency in which to answer questions. I also know a fair amount about religions and mythology from all over the world but rarely answer Y!A questions regarding this, as they're too often very close-minded and offensive. Generally speaking, there is very little that does not interest me and I consciously make an attempt to always answer a question to the best of my knowledge. Every know and then I gan respond snippily but if I think someone is really trying to learn something (instead of just joking) then I will give them as much useful information as I can. I love to share knowledge and Y!A helps me do so

  • Playstation 3 Service Request Question?

    The graphics on my PS3 are starting to falter and after changing HDMI cables, televisions, and swithcing to component cables, I've figured the problem is with the PS3 itself. As such, I am sending it in to be serviced. My question concerns whether or not I need to include the orignal (80 GB) hard drive that came with the machine or am I okay to leave my upgraded (320 GB) HDD in, so long as I wipe it's contents (per Sony's request)? They did not specify this anywhere that I looked so I was wondering if I am okay to send it in with my current hard drive.

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  • What is the longest song in the Rock Band series (DLC included)?

    I've been playing Rock Band 2 for a year and a half and have quite a bit of DLC.

    I started playing through some of my unplayed stuff last night and realized that Metallica's "...And Justice for All" is about as long as "Green Grass and High Tides" by the Outlaws, both being just under 10 minutes long.

    My question (just for curiosity's sake) is are there any longer songs in the series? I'm sure that Green Grass and High Tides is the longest song from a disc game (it's from RB1) but is there any DLC that actually goes over the 10-minute mark?

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  • What was Joan of Burgundy's (aka Joan the Lame) infirmity?

    I was browsing through some info about the 'Hundred Years War' between England and France during the 14th-15th centuries when I came across the name "Joan the Lame." After some light research (ok I googgled it) I was only able to determine that she was the Queen Regent of Phillip IV of France and she died of the Plague towards the beginning of the war. Apparently she was quite intelligent and was the one who ran the affairs of state while her husband was campaigning. In fact, it was her effectiveness/ruthlessness that earned her the derisive nickname "Joan the Lame" which (from what I understand) referenced an actual physical deformity.

    Has anybody heard of this historical figure before?

    Does anybody have any clue about what infirmity she may have had that would earn her the nickname "the lame" (or le Boiteuse, in French)?

    Regal nicknames are something of a passing interest of mine, so I would really like to know the basis for this one. Hope you can help.


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  • What all is backed up when you run the PS3 Backup Utility?

    I've seen several posts on here and around the web that say that "everything" is backed up, but what does everything mean?

    In particular, I want to know if both the Game Data and the Game Save Data are covered by the backup utility. I am confused about this because maby people have had questions about backing up the GameSave data by itself.

    Also, will this backup my music and photos that I have on there, or will I need to do that myself?

    Lastly, in regard to protected files, will the backup utility still make a copy to my storage device (an FAT32 encrypted external Hard drive)?

    I believe that the Rock Band files are copy protected and I do not wish to lose those (I've literally spent days' worth of time playing that game).

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  • When reading a story, what are the things that really pull you in and fascinate you as you read?

    The reason that I am asking this is that I am curious about what kinds of things people find interest in as they read or re-read a story. While I have a fairly good understanding of my literary tastes and interests as a reader are, I truly do not know what's out there as far as opinions on story elements are. As an aspiring writer, this is not an easy admission to make. It is the quest for greater literary insight that has brought me to ask this question.

    So here it is! Do you like bold heroes or timid sidekicks? Do you like dark settings or worlds full of light and color? Is an average plot something that you can overlook if you have great characters? Do you enjoy wordplay and wit or good ol' straight talking?


    What is it that you like in your stories?

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  • What are your thoughts on Sarah Palin as John McCain's VP running mate?

    How will this help McCain's cause? Is she a good choice as a running mate? How will this effect Obama's campaign? Will her nomination serve to shift voters to one side or the other?

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  • Is there a way to add the same number (9) to every cell in a column that already has numbers in each cell?

    I am tallying the results of some evaluations and am counting how many people responded to each question. Rather than tediously typing in and updating the individual numbers as I tally, I have decided to organize the evaluations by response (i.e. I have piles for people who chose all 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and combinations).

    The complication is that I have already entered numbers into these columns and these pre-existing numbers are not necessarily the same for each cell.

    Is there a way to add the same number to all cells within a column that will still recognize the pre-existing numbers within those cells?

    For example, if my 5s (K) column has a 10 in cell K7, a 20 in cell K8, and a 30 in cell K9, is there away to add the number 9 to each of these cells at the same time, so that the result will be 19 in K7, 29 in K8, and 39 in K9?

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