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  • any book suggestions?

    I am looking for some books to put onmy xmas list. some books i've enjoyed have been the hunger games, percy jackson series (including the lost hero ect.), the sisters grimm, the unwanteds, the shadow thief, harry potter and the lord of the rings. i don't like anything too mature or scary, but nothing too boring either. i like pretty much any genre, and the length of the book dosent bother me.

    also, if you know of any good christmas books, i always love seasonal reads! :)

    please and thankyou! i typically like books intended for ages 12- 15.

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  • What parts of canada are going to be snowy this winter? (2012-13)?

    I tried looking it up, but all the sights are very complicated and i just want it straight up. What parts of canada are going to have snow and cold weather this year? It would also be helpful if you could include approximately how much snow there's supposed to be and average temperatures? I know that nothing will be for certain, but just a prediction would be nice. i love skiing and i just hope it will be a nicer winter with more snow then last year in my area. please and thank you!!! :)

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  • how can i become more social?

    i have friends and all. it would just be nice to have more.

    i have my main friend from school, my childhood friend, a sort of friend from dance class, and a cousin. i have acquaintances in my class but no body i really Connect with, and i feel like if i do get another good friend in my class my other best friend from school, would find somebody else.

    i only have one class due to my school, and all the other girls in other grades im not to fond of.....

    i go to a new school next year, but i don't want to wait till then.

    also whenever i talk to others that i don't know, i find it awkward and i become really boring or annoying. My other friend is GREAT socially and everybody loves her, and it sometimes makes me feel worse.

    also, i feel like im really mean, annoying, and have a hard time with will power.

    what can i do?

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  • are there any good halloween, or fall books?

    i LOVE any holidays or parties and stuff so i wondering if there were any good halloween books to read? anything that's like in the fall or around october or thanksgiving would work too. but nothing too scary please. any good book, that's takes place in Autumn, (sept-oct, preferably oct.)

    THANK YOU! :)

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  • are there any good halloween movies that aren't horrors?

    I'm having a halloween party and i know it's early, but i can't find any movies that are appropriate for the smaller kids (ages 10). so all i need are a couple of good halloween movies that aren't too scary.

    doesn't matter how long they are or anything. just good movies.please and thank you! :)

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  • what are some good songs about best friends etc.?

    my friend and i were looking at songs that could represent our selfs. but we never found one that went along with our, i just want to find some good songs about best friends. my friend and i have been friends for about 3 years now. we used to hate each other because we were both friends with another girl and didn't want anybody else in the group. (i know it was selfish, but we weren't really thinking). anyways, the next year we actually started to talk and found we had a lot in commen. now we are practically like sisters. so, the song doesn't necessarily have to go with that story but just any songs about somebody who is always there or something like that. i just put the story up there to maybe help, but i'd imagine it would be hard to find something to go along with that so just anything for a pair of friends.

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  • why isn't sonny (demi lavato) in the new so random show?

    i was watching the new so random show on family channel and sonny isn't in it, but chad (sterling night) is. does anybody know why this is? because in the show "sonny with a chance"( which is where they got the idea for "so random") chad is in mackenzie falls and sonny is in so random. so i was wondering if anybody could explain to me why this is? anything is appreciated. please and thank you! :)

    1 AnswerComedy9 years ago
  • i need good books for summer break?

    i have read so many good books and would like some more (please books appropriate for a 10-15 year old). for summer i usually like fun kiddish books but also enjoy things like percy jackson. some books i have read in the past summers are.....

    the hunger games

    dear dumb diary

    percy jackson

    sisters grimm


    the lost hero

    the red pyramid

    the shadow thief

    and things like that. sometimes i just like things like dear dumb diary. it's short and very young for me but it's just fun for a quick fun read. any ideas? :)

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  • how old are the girls in the band done with dolls?

    i would like to know how old the girls in done with dolls are because most of them look about 13-16 but the one guitar player looks like shes about 10-11. so im just wondering. please help! please and thank you! :)

    1 AnswerRock and Pop9 years ago
  • Any good, nut-free, recipes for a school potluck?

    I'm having a school potluck and i need a good recipe for something to bring. i do have something in mind but i don't have a good recipe. i was thinking some sort of brownie. i'd like to make it myself so please don't suggest anything that involves store bot mixes. they have to be nut-free since its a potluck at school. also, it would be nice if it was something a little unique like raspberry or something like that. you know with a tasty flavour? nothing too complicated though. but it doesn't need to have one. just a nice old fashioned brownie is fine too. i really need help! anything is appreciated! please and thank you! :)

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  • what are some good books like percy jackson or the hunger games?

    i Absolutely LOVED the hunger games, percy jackson, the sisters grimm, the golden compass and the lost hero. i want to read some more good books. preferably something like those books. ive also enjoyed the shadow thief series. i cant seem to find anything else like those. pleas nobody suggest twilight cause i cant stand those books. so any good book suggestion? preferably something appropriate?

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors9 years ago
  • Is getting a book published hard?

    I am writing a book and i want to get it published but im not so sure its a good idea. if its a long chapter book do they make changes and then you would have to go back and fix it all??? also is there an age limit for it? and my third question is how do i get it published? how would you find a publisher? so is it a good idea if you don't want any changes made, is there an age limit for getting a book published and how do you find a publisher( how do you get the story to them to). anything helps! :)

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  • Why dose the flickr page pop up so many times when i try to log in?

    i really want flickr but whenever i try to log in, the page for it pops up about 200 times and i'm forced to shut down my computer. so why dose this happen to my computer and how can i fix it? anything helps! please and thank you. :)


    1 AnswerFlickr9 years ago
  • Do you like Justin Bieber?

    I want to see how many people like Justin Bieber. I want to see if he has more haters or fans. I will Talley them up and see. You can also see if you want too. just look at other peoples answers and you can see for yourself if more people like or don't like him. so please just write if you like him. thanks! :)

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  • where can i read the book "the lorax" online?

    i would like to read the lorax online for free. if anybody could just give me a link or something to read it? please and thank you. i can't find a site to read this book online without paying or ordering it. please help me. :)

    Books & Authors10 years ago
  • does anybody have ideas for decorating a hawaiian themed cake?

    I am having a hawaiian themed birthday party and I need ideas (like a description) of a good idea to decorate a hawaiian themed cake. just decorating, and please try to keep it simple. i need to be able to make it. anything helps! please and thank you! :D

    p.s. if you don't know how to describe it just try your best! i'm usually pretty good at getting pictures in my head. :)

    4 AnswersOther - Food & Drink10 years ago
  • does anybody have any good ideas for a hawaiian themed birthday party?

    I am having a birthday party soon and need some good ideas for games and decorations. I want it to have some prizes if possible and my price limit is $100. I need some good ideas because i can't think of anything. so I just need ideas decorations, for games and maybe good ideas for decorating a cake? anything helps, please and thank you! :)

    3 AnswersOther - Games & Recreation10 years ago
  • any hawaiian themed games for a birthday party?

    my 11th birthday is coming up and i need ideas for games. it's hawaiian themed and i want it to be fun. it would also help if you had any ideas on cakes or decorations too. I want it to be tropical and exotic. i already have a movie picked out. my price can be up to $100 and not much more. i would like to have some prizes involved too. please help me. :)

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  • max on wizards of waverly place?

    on the show wizards of waverly place does maxine ever turn back into max? i really want to know cause its weird when he is a little girl.:D

    4 AnswersComedy10 years ago
  • what is the most epic emoticon you can make?

    what is the best emoticon you can think of? i'm trying to find the coolest bunch of emoticons on the computer either then just the normal happy and sad faces.

    5 AnswersLanguages10 years ago