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  • What is the word for someone who is susceptibility to flattery?

    I can't think of it. Not naive, or placable, or gullible.... Do you know the word I might be thinking of?

    7 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 year ago
  • New CAPTCHA (not complaining), why chimneys?

    I get why an algorithm would be created to identify crosswalks, storefronts, streetlights, cars, and bikes, but why chimneys? Clearly they are trying to map roads (and bike lanes), but what is up with wanting to know who has fireplaces?

    8 AnswersGoogle1 year ago
  • Do you think less of someone who uses txt emojis when graphic ones are available? :)?

    If I use text (ascii) emoticons rather than picture emoji, does that make the receiver think a bit less of me; like I am out of touch? Or is there no difference.

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 year ago
  • Is a used 2018 car a problem car?

    I was looking to buy a 2018 Mazda CX5, and I see a handful out there that are used with between 10k and 20k miles. I am worried why someone would sell a car that new, though. Are these cars all lemons, or is there a common reason people would do this that I shouldn t worry?

    10 AnswersBuying & Selling2 years ago
  • Why do intelligent rational people feel the need to respond to or correct the things Trump says?

    It's pretty clear that he will say or do anything as a ploy to distract or manipulate people to act in a way that ultimately benefits him. Why do world leaders try and defend themselves against his crazy statements rather than saying they won't dignify with a response or just not engage? Every news hour starts with something Trump, even if it's not actually important, just because it is sensational. I just don't get why people who are mature and rational feel they must acknowledge his behavior.

    12 AnswersPolitics2 years ago
  • What movie is this?

    A guy is trying to win over a troubled girl and she decides to let him kiss her and she says it s bad and backs away, he gets frustrated and asks for a second try. She lets him, but says No, it s bad and walks away. He is upset because he feels she is using it as an excuse to just push him away. Do you know what movie I am trying to remember?

    2 AnswersMovies4 years ago
  • Buying used car, how to arrange inspection w/mechanic?

    How do I set it up with a private seller? Do I say "please take it to xyz shop?" and arrange payment to the shop?

    I imagine this is annoying to the seller to take time out of their day, is there anything I should factor into such a request? Like if it is only a $2k car, would this be ridiculous to ask them to do?


    2 AnswersBuying & Selling4 years ago
  • Ambient noise albums?

    Looking for albums that have ambient noise. Not static or nature sounds, but sort of background conversations or workplace noises. I got a few tracks from a sound fx cd, and find it very relaxing. Conversations are indistinct, and nothing is repetitive. Anything like that that you've come across?

    1 AnswerOther - Music5 years ago
  • Answer autobot?

    Trying to figure out what is going on. I had a question and some of the answers seemed like they really didn t read the question. Ok, that happens, but it started happening so much, I looked at one of the answerers (Kasie) and they seem to just be giving short pat answers that don t seem to be engaging the question directly. Are there bots that would take a list of subject relevant remarks, and parse them out at random to every question in a category? If so, why? One of the other ones they answered was: "Im 26 years old women and im 270 pound how many calories should I eat to lose weight?" Response: wear comfortable clothes during exercise so you can feel good also you can do more."

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers5 years ago
  • What is the variable throttle throw switch called?

    Turning a drill into a lathe, and want to replace the trigger witch with a throttle like switch like they have on boats or planes. Not sure what it is called, so having trouble finding a 110v ac option.

    3 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)5 years ago
  • Cast salt into a mold to make stone?

    I want to make a custom Himalayan salt lamp, and was wondering if I can heat salt water, let the water evaporate, and it will be as hard as those out there or not. Reason I don t just want to buy is because I want to gradient the color from red, to pink to white salt in layers. Can it be done?

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes5 years ago
  • Where did all the dia de las muerte in pop culture come from all the sudden?

    It doesn't bother me, but I used to just see painted skull motifs on one or two days of the year if that, now it seems like it's everywhere all the time. T-Shirts, mugs, internet, etc. Just curious what kicked it into pop culture high gear.

    2 AnswersDrawing & Illustration5 years ago
  • Anyone know the meaning of the song "The String And The Wire" by Ryan Adams?

    Oh sweet Tennessee rose all split up into parts

    Go fetch the string and the wire

    Go fetch the string and the wire from the kitchen drawer

    And I'll try to mend you up some more

    Warm, warm wind blow on these here two hands

    How they froze up fright

    They got too numb to knot the ends

    Go fetch the string and the wire

    Go fetch the string and the wire from the kitchen drawer

    And I'll try to mend you up some more

    They put poison in the well

    Made your sister cry and run

    So I'm sewing up a blanket spread

    To keep the jailhouse warm

    So go fetch the string and the wire

    Go fetch the string and the wire

    And a couple empty cans of tin

    So we can hear her cry again

    They put powder in the shells of your brother's lonely gun

    I'm afraid they don't make string and wire I know that's strong enough

    So go fetch my spinning spool

    Go fetch my spinning spool underneath the bed

    And I'll sew you up a handkerchief instead

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)5 years ago
  • Options for glasses for runners?

    The glasses I've tried slide down or fog up. I don't want to get a strap, or use contacts. Are there any glasses or attributes I can look for in order to get a pair of glasses that will be comfortable to run in?

    1 AnswerOptical5 years ago
  • Way to reveal end grain on wood?

    I want to create the effect that wood that's been in the ocean for a long time looks. Where the trough of the grain is recessed, and the ridges become more pronounced. Any way to do this artificially?

    1 AnswerDecorating & Remodeling5 years ago
  • How long before it's acceptable for women to walk around in public in underwear?

    Started with uggs (essentially slippers), then girls started wearing pj bottoms in public, now yoga pants and active wear is worn everywhere, and I just started noticing shorts with lace fringed bottoms, which is essentially bloomers or sleepwear shorts. Seems inevitable at some point that we'll see a total de-evolution of women's wear. Just curious how long you think it will take.

    4 AnswersFashion & Accessories5 years ago
  • Women tug on shirt back?

    Frequently when I am walking down a hall or similar, if I happen to be walking behind a woman, when she first becomes aware of it, often she will tug on the back of her shirt as if to ensure her lower back or butt is covered. It seems like an unconscious gesture, but I was wondering if you girls do that consciously, or unconsciously?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • Is the movie Babel racist?

    I know, I just saw a movie that has been around a while, but what struck me is that all the white characters were morally blameless. Crap happened to them, but mostly they were righteous. They hit that Brad cheated, but very distantly so as if not at all. Meanwhile, the other characters screw up bad, or make bad moral choices. Just confused, because I don't see this stated on the net, and wouldn't expect it given who the writer and director are.

    1 AnswerMovies5 years ago
  • Why are we so obsessed with being normal?

    Most people seem to realize that 'normal' is a relative term, but we tend to want to feel like we are anyway.

    1 AnswerPsychology5 years ago