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  • I accidently bought two video cards on Ebay?

    I put low bids on several video cards and accidentally bought two video cards on Ebay. I put very low bids on three video cards and I should not have won either auction but I did win two. I now need to know which one to keep and which one to sell on Ebay. The two video cards are:

    1) EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Signature 2 02G-P4-2661-KR Video Card - 2GB GDDR5

    2) Sapphire 11197-03 Radeon HD 7970 3GB 384-Bit GDDR5 PCI-E 3.0 Video

    The Geforce is brand new in the sealed box and the Sapphire is four months old. I bought both of them very cheap. So my question is which one should I keep and which one should I sell?

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  • Where can I find plastic prescription glasses?

    My daughter is allergenic to any type of metal. If the glasses have metal screws that touch her face she will break out. Her current glasses are plastic and the brand is Juicy Couture and style (not sure if that's the correct word here) Drama Queen 2. They are starting to fall apart and the broken pieces of plastic scratch her all day. Doe's anybody know where she can get some new plastic prescription glasses? I would appreciate your help.

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  • Electric converters for India & France?

    I am going to Paris and then all around India for three weeks. I have all my shots and passport. I thought I was ready to go until a friend asked me how I would plug in my computer and charge my phone. It seems like France is easy to find converters but India is harder. Does anyone know what I need to buy to use the electricity in France and India? Is it possible to find just one converter for both country's?

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  • My Motorola modem's ethernet doesn't work?

    I have been using my Motorola modem SBG6580 or SURFboard eXtreme wireless Cable Modem Gateway for three years now and I have always used the wireless part. I few days ago the cable company man told me that if I hooked it up through the Ethernet I would get almost double the speed I am getting now. I have tried using different Ethernet cables and I have turned off the modem and computer for 30 minutes. I have reset the modem and it still will not work through the Ethernet connection. It gives me an error 651. Can anybody help me?

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  • Can I exchange an AMD A4 cpu with a A10 cpu?

    I have been trying to buy a laptop but they just don't have any like I want. I have found one that is close but they stuck a A4 cpu in it and I want power so can I put a A10 cpu. I know the motherboard has the right socket since the A4 is in it. Is there anything else I should look for?

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  • Has anyone tried to give a negative review about an Amazon product?

    I buy a lot through Amazon because they have saved me from some small companies who never sent me the product and one that sent a set of dishes that still had food crusted on some plates. But when I try to give the company a bad review they turn it down. So I calm down and just state that the company must have been busy and they still turned it down. And as soon as I said the company was great they accepted it. And the same thing happened to the second item. Has this been happening to anyone else and Lowe's also turns down negative reviews. I don't call anyone any names I don't use bad words I just say the product took four weeks to get to me and I was promised 2day delivery and they turned it down. Is this happening to anyone else?

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  • I am building a very fast gaming computer?

    It will have the fx 8350, gigabyte 990 FXA-UD7 mobo, Kingston Hyperx 2133 mhz 16GB of RAM, Corsair tx 750 power unit, Samsung 840 Evo 500 GB SSD. Windows 7. If I have made a mistake please tell me how I can do better. My main questions are 1) is it better to use the crossfire technology for graphic cards the motherboard can handle 4 graphics cards? Or should I buy one such as the Sapphire HD 5970 with 3 GB of DDR5 or buy buy two HD 5870's with 1 GB of DDR5 each? Question number 2) Is my 750 watt power unit large enough. I believe I am going to buy a piece of 1/4 plastic and put the computer together on the plastic and hang it on the wall in which case I should only need a liquid cpu cooler. Please no intel people, I am a diehard AMD man but anyother suggestions are welcome. I have checked my computers harddrive and I only use around 175 GB's. Should i hook up my old hard drive from the system I am replacing it is 1 TB @ 7500 RPM'S;

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  • I want to upgrade from AMD Phenom II X6 to AMD FX-8350?

    I have a HP hpe 570f that is two years old and I am a die hard AMD man so all of you intel lovers please don't tell me to buy a intel. My computer is fast and can handle any game on max settings. I just want a faster computer so I want to install the FX-8350 and a 500 GB SSD. My main question is can I just swap out the two cpu's and swap the info from the old hard drive to the new SSD. I do have enough connections to hook up both hard drives.

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  • Can I take a 5 year old HP tablet laptop TX2000 and install Windows 7 64 Bit?

    And after I have the 64 bit windows 7 installed can I upgrade my 4 GB of RAM to 8 GB of RAM?

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  • A college turned down my app, can I find out why?

    I have a 3.70 un-weighted or 3.82 weighted GPA, I play sports, I am a member of many clubs that help out the community. I have 6 best friends that have the same stats as I do and they all got in. Is there any way to tell why I was declined? All my friends checked the box that states that they declined to give their ethic race, and I did check the box next to Hispanic like a dummy. The University of Georgia was the University that turned me down.

  • No one can claim my son as a dependent on their taxes?

    My son graduated in May 2011 from Kennesaw State University and has been trying in get into a doctorial program at a gradate school and now we have found out he will be attending grad school August 2013. However, since he made over $3,900, he made $7,800 and did not attend college in 2012 I can't claim him. And since he made less than $9,700 he doesn't have to file taxes which is good for him because he would owe $800. So how is it that his lives at my house and eats my food and drives my car , I support over 90% of his care and I can not claim him.

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  • I found out I can deduct lawyer's fee's on my 2010 taxes.?

    I just found out that I can deduct lawyers fee's that were paid for getting taxable social security income. I paid $6,000 in December 2010. Can I file for that deduction this year? Or how do I amend my 2010 taxes to show the lawyers fee's?

    3 AnswersUnited States8 years ago
  • if my federal deductions are more than my total income why do I need to pay taxes?

    I work as a 1099 employee of my employer. My total income was on my 1099 which was $8,265. My summary states that my federal deductions are ($11,615 ), My total income is ($6,578), and my total balance due is $808. IF my Federal deductions are more than my total income why do I need to pay $808 in taxes? This is my first year as a contractor and this is the first time I ever needed to do my taxes. I am using Turbo Tax.

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  • A truck hit my new car while parked, can I get a new car instead of a repair job?

    My 2013 VW Passat is 3 months old. It was parked at my wife's work and a man in a truck backed out of the stall and tore the front end off the Passat off. Its maybe $4000 in damage. It looks as if someone took a saw and cut a foot off the front of the car. I now have lots of parts that connect to the bumper, grill and other parts in the front just blowing in the wind. I live in Georgia can I get his insurance company to replace my car instead of repairing it. Georgia has a law that the insurance company must pay diminished value but I what a replacement not a new car with a different colored bumper and car fax telling everyone it has front in damage. Can I get a new car?

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  • Is 1g ddr5 better than 3g ddr3 on a video card?

    I am purchacing a new computer and i would like to know the better choice of graphics card. assume all other specs of the card are the same. I also have a slow dsl internet.

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