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  • Empirical formula help!?

    Menthol is a flavouring agent extracted from peppermint oil. It contains C, H, and O. In one combustion analysis, 10.00 mg of the substance yields 11.53 mg H2O and 28.16 mg CO2. What is the empirical formula of menthol?

    1 AnswerChemistry6 years ago
  • Best april fools pranks?!? I WANNA HEAR THEM!?

    Its the time of year again to prank each other, and this year i want to go all out. So here's the scenario:

    Me and three other friends are going over to a friend to play video games n stuff, maybe if theres nice weather we'll play soccer or something. But the three of us want to prank our friend and we need ideas. It can be anything complicated or even something as simple as THROWING A BUCKET OF COLD WATER. Oh, and we will record the entire event!

    The more ideas the better!

    Thanks! :)

    2 AnswersJokes & Riddles8 years ago
  • Getting a job at Target HELP!!!!!!!?

    So there are new Target stores opening in Canada and ive applied to 6 positions. And im super worried because id dont know if they'll contact me. They haven't even announced opening dates. How can I make sure i get at least one.

    NOTE: I am in grade 12 and i want to start saving for university.


    2 AnswersMarketing & Sales8 years ago

    So I need my bike for a really important race in a few days but the tube underneath the actual tire has a tiny hole. Any suggestions?

    Btw, NO STUPID ANSWERS like use tape (unless if theirs a special kind), or hot glue! Thanks! :)

    5 AnswersCycling8 years ago
  • Does MARIJUANA\CANNABIS have negative influences on the human brain in comparaison to ALCOHOL?

    My 15 year old arrogant little brother insists that the smokes kill brain cells and affects short and long term memory. But because he DOSENT have facebook, he never sees the endless pics comparing weed to alcohol. Can someone send me a link or prove (5-10 reasons) why weed doesent fataly affect the brain.


    2 AnswersOther - Health8 years ago
  • Co-op at a Pharmacy?!?

    Being a graduate i've decided not to apply for university, so that I could come back and do a co-op at a pharmacy to gain experience. Being a pharmacist is my dream job, but now that i think about it, you need to go to at least college to fill the prescribed medication. Is the rest just a load of paperwork? Have I made a terrible mistake?

    1 AnswerMedicine8 years ago

    If a company made a cylindrical sauce can that contains 284mL (1mL=1cm^3), and the bottom of the can and the top are two times thicker than the outline. What measurements would minimize the material used to make the can?

    2 AnswersMathematics8 years ago

    Is the derivative of y= 3^cosx

    = 3^cosx*-sinx*ln3

    If not, please correct me.

    Also, what is the derivative of y= log(small) 5 ((x-2)/(x+3))???

    2 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • Derive using Archimedes principle?!?! x^3-x^2+x-1?

    Please show all steps thoroughly. Thanks in advance :)

    3 AnswersMathematics8 years ago

    Soooooo......... i really want to become a pharmacist but i've noticed that i'm slowing down with my homework. When i do chores, i tell myself that i have to do them eventually, so i might as well do it then and get it over with. I don't want to regret my lack of efforts in the future. Are there any motivational sentences that might help me with doing homework or planning ahead to study for a test etc etc.

    Thanks :)

    2 AnswersTeaching8 years ago

    Based on two charts, one tells me that at an initial temperature of 24celcius, if you mix pieces of MgO with an HCl (at 1 mol/L) solution in a calorimeter NOT containing polystyrene or styrofoam, that the temperature will rise to 30celcius after 30 seconds, 35celcius after 1 minute and 39celcius after 1min30, WHEREAS the calorimeter WITHOUT the styrofoam and the same initial temperature shows temperatures going from 30celcius after 30 seconds, 32celcius after 1 minute and 35celcius after 1min30. MY QUESTION IS THE FOLLOWING: DO YOU THINK THAT THE STYROFOAM IN THE CALORIMETER INFLUENCED THE SLIGHTER DECREASE OF TEMPERATURE? Do you think that the temp. in the other one increased because of the metal inside?

    2 AnswersChemistry8 years ago

    I'll make this explanation as short as possible. On tuesday im having a debate with 3 others (2 for and 2 against) on whether it is fair to be teaching religion in schools in general. I'm also supposed to incarnate a particular job where religion is involved. I'm supposed to be a priest (talking about the values in the bible and how they should be a part of a student's life), or a simple news reporter giving my opinions. I am FOR but I need some information..web site links, OR ANYTHING YOU GUYS CAN THINK OF, i'd really like to read what you guys have to say... THANKS :DDD

    2 AnswersTeaching8 years ago

    If f(x)=e^2x, what is f^(6)(0)?

    4 AnswersMathematics8 years ago