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  • How many Batteries do I need for my Solar system to run my Pond Pump?

    My Pond waterfall, the pump failed and I decided to get a DC Pump to save electricity on the longrun.

    I got a 1000Watt Power Inverter.

    I got the nessecary Cables, and 8 of 100 Watt Solar Panels, Polycrystalline.

    I have 3 of 100 Ah Deep Cycle Acid Sealed Batteries.

    I have 100A MPPT Charge Controller.

    The Pump uses 115 Watt

    How many Batteries do I need to keep this pump running 10 Hours without daylight charging the system?

    We have 14 Hours of Daylight at the solar point.

    I'll be adding an extra battery incase, too.

    3 AnswersEngineering5 months ago
  • Which is Cheaper on my Electric Bill. AC or DC Power?

    I need to replace my Pond Pump. 

    But I have a question before deciding. 

    A pump at the store is an AC unit. It consume 150 Watt, 110V. 

    It's small, but pumps a lot of water. 

    A pump On Amazon is a DC unit. It comsume 150 Watt, 24V. 

    It can pump as much water as the AC pump in the store. 

    Which unit, will save me more money on my Electric bill? 

    Or are they Just Equal because they consume equal Wattage. 

    Just carious because seems like DC power isn't as strong as AC power. 

    I am in California. Rates are as high as $0.27/ kwh. 

    This is important. So I thank you very much in advance. 

    10 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs5 months ago
  • how do business people ship so cheaply with Fedex and UPS?

    I'm mainly focused on the OVERNIGHT charges. For instance, a Fish cost me $10 and I pay $29.00 FLAT for UPS overnight.

    How do they get the rate so cheap?

    When the package was delivered, I tried to calculate the rate. and guess how much it cost If I was them to ship to me. It costs $90.36 for the same service. Priority Overnight!!!!!

    Someone Explain please.......

    5 AnswersOther - Business & Finance1 year ago
  • Is it possible to upgrade Honda Pilot 2005 Radio & Navigation system?

    I love that car. But it s coming to the time where We don t use cassette and CD anymore. All those annoying buttons are there for no reason. There s many space for Aux and Blutooth now.

    Just wondering if it is possible to upgrade the entire system to a more modern gadgets. I want to pull out the navigation screen, radio, Cassette and DVD player out and just simply replace it with a more modern system.

    Is this possible? I think you understand what I mean... If it is possible, Please help me find some parts online and share links.

    My car is a 2005 Honda Pilot EX

    Currently have a backup cam that is so outdated, it s blurry. I d like to upgrade that camera too if possible.

    3 AnswersHonda1 year ago
  • Is it illegal to pay pickers by the bucket and not by hour?

    Just carious. A farm is hiring pickers to pick and harvest produce. But they are paying by the 5 Gallon Bucket for $4 a full bucket. They have employee health care benefits and etc. The only difference is, They arent paying by the hour. Is this illegal or is it something Legal that us City Hourly workers just never heard of? If it s LEGAL, what s it called?

    9 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 year ago