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  • Punched older brother. Should he have a discussion with me/give me a consequence?

    My brother who is 15 years older than me was in charge for the weekend. In his eyes I was misbehaving so he asked me for my phone. I didn't want to give it to him at first but eventually did. He told me he'd give it back to me after 24 hours of being respectful. A few hours later I kept bugging him to give me my phone back and drove him crazy. He told me "no" so then I just got so angry I didn't even think and just punched him. He said "this is not acceptable go to your room" but I did not and then he picked me up and carried to my room and shut the door. I started started screaming and left my room then he saw me and told me to go back to my room until we've both calmed down and then he will come to talk to me about what happened. What should I do now?

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  • Sending teen to room as consequence?

    Tried sending teen to her room as a consequence. However, she just stood there and stared at me. I told her again to go to her room and she wouldn't go. I tried walking her into her room but she busted walked back out. What should I do?

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  • Got in trouble... Is my brother being harsh?

    My little sister who is 14 and I were rough playing and tackling each other in the living room. We accidentally knocked over a lamp. Well it was kind of on accident. Our older brother had told us to stop but we didn't. Then we both yelled the f word loudly. He send us to our rooms for the rest of the day until it's time for dinner. (Our parents are not home and left him in charge even though my sister and I can take care of ourselves.) Is he being extreme? What would you have done?

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  • When should I notify job that I just accepted that I will not be going?

    I just accepted a job but after thinking it through, it doesn't seem to work out with my school schedule. How do I tell them I am thankful for them considering me but I cannot do the job. I went through the trainings and they just asked me when I can start my first day. Should I respond to them by email or on the phone? What should I tell them.

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  • What to respectfully say in letter of resignation. (Leaving work to focus on school)?

    What can I say in a letter of resignation to my job. I am very passionate and love my job but I want to focus on school because I am overwhelmed doing both work and school. I like the company and wouldn't mind coming back when I'm done with school. I am thankful for the opportunity but its just too much for me to handle. What can I say to my boss in person or in a letter of resignation?

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  • Has anyone adopted a child close in age to them? What has been your experience adopting from foster care?

    What would it be like adopting a child close in age to yourself? Would you be able to be seen as a parent to them if you were within 10 years apart? What has adopting from foster care been like for you? What income do you need to be considered financially stable to adopt?

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  • Boss wants me to switch to full time but I want to stay part time.?

    When I got hired at my job they wanted me as full-time but I was still in school so asked for part time. I told them when I was done with school I could switch to full time. Now I finished school and they are asking me to switch to full time now. However, I want to continue my education yet still continue to work part time. How can I tell them that I want to work part time and cannot work full time even though we had agreed to a set up like this a few months ago? Any opinions?

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  • Can someone become numb to depression or can preoccupying your mind get rid of it? ?

    Whenever I'm with a bunch of people I don't really think about being depressed but if I'm just home with my family chilling I'll feel it more. 

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  • Is it normal for an only child to be scared to be alone in life? ?

    My best friend was telling me she's scared of her parents getting older because she's the only child and is afraid of being alone in this world. She said she won't have no family to turn to because she doesn't have any close cousins. Is it normal for an only child to fear being alone in the world with no immediate family left? 

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  • Have you ever used a seat belt buckle lock? ?

    My little cousin who is 10 is coming on a long drive with us. She always has a tendency to unbuckle her seatbelt when we're driving. My brother is going to be driving and got a seat belt buckle lock to use in order to prevent her from unbuckling. It is like a cover that can only be undone with a key. Has anyone ever used one of these? Does it work? Will my cousin hate it because she can't unbuckle it herself? Will she feel trapped in the seatbelt? 

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  • Why can't I look into my dads eyes? ?

    I don't understand why I can't look my dad in the eyes when we talk and even if I do it isn't no more than a few seconds. My dad loves me so I know that's not the problem however, I don't like the way he treats my family so I don't know if this could be the root of the problem. Any ideas on why I can't look my dad in the eyes? Has anyone else experienced this? 

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  • What do you feel like when you have a child or teen who is experiencing depression? ?

    Do you wish you could help? Does their emotions make you feel strong or weak? Do you feel sad or do you not care? 

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  • Someone who used to be known for being depressed and is now know for laughing is considered what type of person? ?

    Someone who was always depressed and is now always laughing I think is strong. What's your opinions? 

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  • Why do people trash talk so much? Is it normal? ?

    Whenever I'm with my parents my dad always trash talks my moms family about inheritances and money and stuff. Is this normal? Is it okay? When people trash talk does that mean they don't love each other? 

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  • Can a 21 year old be sent to their room? Read for details. ?

    I live with my older brother who is in his 30s & younger sisters. We all live at my brothers house & he is their guardian cause theyre under 18. He says one of his rules is no swearing under his roof. My older brother came over to me & asked me if I did my homework yet. I said f*** the homework I have too much of it. He said watch it no swearing. When he started to walk away I started saying f*** f*** f*** under my breath, I was whispering & didnt think he could hear me but he did. He walked over to me & said what did we just talk about? I told him to shut up. Then I said I'm sorry. He grabbed my arm and dragged me to my room & told me to stay in there until I decided I dont want to swear anymore & to come join them again whenever I'm ready. So like 30 seconds after he walked away I walked out of my room & I said I'm not gonna swear anymore but I said it with an attitude I guess. He was like cut the attitude too. So I got frustrated and angry and screamed in f***ing hate you! He calmly walked in the kitchen so I thought he was leaving the room so I could cool off but instead he got hot sauce and told me to go to my room or I'm getting hot sauce in my mouth. My sister was in the room and started laughing so then I looked at her and said f*** you too. My brother then grabbed my arm again and dragged me into the kitchen and put hot sauce in my mouth but let me spit it out and sent me to my room. Looking back I was immature. Can he do that seeing I'm 21? Was he being extreme? 

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  • Is your relationship with your adopted/biological/step siblings the same or different? In what way? Who do you feel closer to? ?

    Do you feel a difference in genuineness or closeness to your siblings depending on if you sibling is adopted, biological, or a step sibling? 

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  • How far would you let your little sister leave the neighborhood? Should we be punished? ?

    So my older brother who is in his 30's is the guardian to my little sisters who are in their younger teens. I was supposed to stay home with them and supervise while he went to the market. My sister who is 15 decided she wanted to go down the street to get Chinese food but before our brother left he told us not to leave the house. Anyways I told her no but she took her bike and left anyway. On my brothers way home from the market he saw my sister riding her bike a couple of streets over from his house. They both came back home together. My sister said he stopped when he saw her and started yelling and made her turn around and come back home. When they got home my brother asked my why I let her leave and I told him that I told her no but she went anyway. Then he started yelling at me saying I should've called him to let him know what was going on. Then he started lecturing my sister telling her how what she did was not safe. So now both of us are in trouble. He said he'll let us know what our punishment is after dinner but before dinner we can't leave the house.

    Do you think this is a cause for punishment? If so how extreme do you think the situation is. My sister and I both apologized to him but he keeps sticking to his word and says we're both in trouble and need to make smarter choices. Just waiting for him to say what the punishment is... 

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  • How many kids and age gap is the best combination? ?

    What's your opinion on age gap between sibling and how many kids in a family? With 3 kids will one always be left out? Is four year too much of an age gap or will siblings still play well together? I'd like to hear all your ideas. 

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  • Should I get a teaching degree without being licensed?

    I'm majoring in education but in order to work in a public school I'd need to be licensed. I'm having a hard time passing the licensure tests. Should I get this degree anyway or would it be a waster of a degree if I don't pass the state teaching licensure tests. 

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