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  • How much internet speed do I need?

    I live in a small-ish apartment. I have a 4K smart tv. I stream YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Vudu and hbo. I have my laptop and my phone. Echo dot. iPad. And smart lamp. I also have a PS4 and Xbox. These are the devices I own that would at one point or another be used on an internet connection. I won’t be using them all at the same time. But I’m sure they will still be connected and will be pulling from that connection. I got a letter in the mail for a deal saying 400 mbps for $45/month. I’ve been told in my living situation, that would be good. But I’ve also heard that it’s not super good. I want to be sure, I am able to stream in 4K with no problem. So, is 400 mbps enough or should it be more or less?

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  • What’s the next step in Disney+?

    I pre-ordered Disney+ awhile ago. I haven’t heard much from them since then. I don’t have any login info or anything. Do we get that when it launches? Is there an app that we can download? I’ve checked and there isn’t. Not yet, at least. I google these questions but all I can ever get are trailers or what we can watch. Am I the only one wondering this?

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  • Puff, puff, passed?

    I m currently talking to a girl and so far it s going pretty good. She just admitted to me that she smokes pot. I ve never smoked pot nor do I have any interest in doing so. I dated a girl for 2 1/2 years. Early in that relationship she told me that she smoked pot once. Back then smoking pot was a deal breaker with me. When I told her that she cried and I told myself that she obviously cares about me and she only smoked pot once so I got over it. We dated for over 2 years after that. The girl I m currently talking to smokes half a joint a few times a week. I d like to see where this can go. But is it wrong to date someone who does something I almost broke up with someone else over? I m not sure if I should end it or not. Please help. Thank you.

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  • Where should I go on Friday night?

    I've been dating this girl for over 2 months now and things are going great. Tomorrow is her friends birthday and I was invited. The party won't be til 7 so I have time to get myself together after work.

    I've been working at my job for going on 3 years. I have a lot of people (work friends) that I talk to when I'm at work. One of them is leaving and some of my other co-workers decided to throw her a going away party. The party is also at 7 on the same day.

    I figure I'd go to both: go to my coworkers party, then go to my gfs thing. But 1) I don't wanna be late and have my gf's friends thing poorly of me and 2) I'm sure when my coworkers say 7, they mean 8.

    It's not like I'll never see my coworker again. She's changing stores and I shop at that store more often anyway. But my gf's thing is at a club and I'm not much of a clubber. Not to mention, I'd be leaving early cause I work early the next morning.

    Any info on what I should do?

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  • Should I text her or wait?

    I met this girl online. We've talked a lot and she's even confessed to starting to like me before we even met. We had our first date on Tuesday. It was fun. We both had a good time. So we still text and she still calls me. A little less then before we met but still pretty often. I was texting her last night and she just stopped out of nowhere. I texted her a couple times to try and get a response and she hasn't texted back. Our conversation was going good. No bad vibes at all. So should I text her first today? Or should I wait for her to text me?

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  • My gf is mad at me. Should I text her or wait?

    My gf is kind of mad at me because I'm treating her as if she was my past relationships: I tell her if she wants me to go somewhere ill go. Even though she invited me. I'm not doing it cause I don't want to go, I'm doing it cause I don't want her to feel like she HAS to invite me. I know now that when she says she wants me to go, she wants me to go. I'm trying to change that habit. It's hard but I am trying. This happened last week and she's been off and on upset with me. I asked her if there was anything I could do and she said to just stop doing that. So I told her I was trying and she said it doesn't feel like I am. So I'm wondering should I text her or wait for her to text me? I feel like each time I text her it's a step back for me. Please help!!

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  • Should I text her or wait for her to text me?

    I posted a question last night. Here's the link:;_ylt=Agpgc...

    (Hopefully the link works) If you were able to read the question from last night then youll understand it a bit more. Anyway, my girlfriend got mad at me last night. We were going to dinner with her friends. We had a little fight and she sent me this "Then I just don't know. Just don't come tonight then. I don't think I can see you tonight. I'll ttyl."

    I talked to one of my friends and she told me to text my gf. Tell her I hope she's having a good morning. But idk. Should I wait for her (my gf) to text me? Should I text her? And if so, what do I say? I just want things to be ok.

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  • What to do about girlfriend problems? Kind of long?

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 months now. I had this habit of telling her she didn't have to do things if she didn't want to. Ex: we were at the beach with her friends. She went swimming and all that with her friends while I stayed on the shore (not much of a beach goer) she came in after a little bit and sat down with me. I told her she could go with her friends in the sand with her friends if she wanted.

    She eventually told me that when I say that it makes her feel like I don't want her to be around me. NOT true. She assured me that she's the type of person who, if something or someone was bothering her, she'd let it be known.

    Today was her friends birthday dinner. Boyfriends were invited ie I was invited. My gf has been going through some stuff the past few days. She said its nothing bad just brooding. So we didn't have a lot of time to talk about the dinner. So I asked her if she wanted me to go. I told I wanted to go when she first told me about the dinner. But since we weren't talking that much I just wanted to be sure she still wanted me to go. She said if I wanted to go then ok but if I didn't that would be ok too. Basically the same thing I told her about her friends and the beach.

    I told her about that and i told her that i understood how she felt but i understood that she wasn't trying to get me not to go. I told her that i felt like she didnt want me to go and it went back to the talk we had about me trusting her to know that she knows what she wants and wouldn't invite me anywhere if she didn't want me there. She was really mad. I'm a little worried. She's already uneasy because of whatever she's going through. Add my mess up to that, we've got a problem.

    What should I do? Should I give her space and just wait for her to text me? What do I say to her? Please help!

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  • What to get for my gf's friends b-day?

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 months now. Her friends seem to like me so far but I am still trying to impress them (just to secure a positive opinion). Yesterday was one of her friends birthday. We are having a group get together on Sunday. Since she is my girlfriends friend, I'm not forced to get her anything. But I'd feel weird just showing up. So, I figured a card would be nice. Does that sound like a good idea? Also, with cards you'd have to put money in them. How much would be a good amount? I haven't told my gf of this plan. I feel like it'll be a "wow, my bf got my friend something for her birthday" and I feel like her friends (especially the b-day girl) be impressed. It's a small gift, I know but I'm hoping the thought will be seen. Btw, when we're all together, the girlfriends just talk and talk. So it's a bit hard for me to impress. Thanks for reading. Any helpful answers would be great.

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  • Do I have erectile distinction?

    I've noticed that when I'm fooling around with my girlfriend, she can get me hard pretty easily. But when it's time to have sex I tend to get in between hard and soft. Usually by the time I get the condom on it'll start getting soft. I'll eventually get hard and we'll have sex. Is that erectile distinction?

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  • Am I in an Interracial couple?

    I was talking to my co-worker and we saw an interracial couple pass by (girl was black, guy was white). My co-worker (assuring me he wasn't a racist) said that he didn't care for interracial couples. I told him my girlfriend and I are an interracial couple (I'm white, she's Korean/white mix) he said it didn't count. I think he's wrong but he says he knows he's right. So am I in an interracial relationship or not?

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  • What to expect when having sex with a virgin?

    My girlfriend is a virgin, I am not. We've tried having sex and so far I can't stay stiff long enough to get inside her. I have no problem getting hard for her when we were just messing around. I'd even get hard for her over the phone. I really like her but I feel like a loser. What should/ could I do?

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  • A question about condoms?

    I bought a set of condoms about a year and a half ago. Of that set, I have 3 more left. The expiration date is 08/2013. So I have some time until then. But I feel that since I bought them awhile ago, perhaps I should buy a new set. Any thoughts? Or should I just wait to run out?

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  • Should I wait for her to text me or just text her?

    I've been dating this girl for 2 weeks. We're really into each other. We text everyday and talk on the phone and hang out whenever we can. I've had a rough few days (work, family troubles, etc.). As a result, I have been somewhat unhappy not sad or depressed just not as happy as I could be. Its not with my relationship, im happy with my girlfriend, but in general. This mood makes me question myself in my relationship. I feel that I text her too much (I usually text her first) and that's making me feel needy. Something that has made my past relationships end. So I'm trying not to seem needy by waiting for her to text me first. But of course I want to text her. But she's at work and won't be able to text me back for another hour or 2. Should I wait for her to text me or just text her and wait for a reply?

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  • Asking for the next step?

    I've been seeing this girl for about a month now. We've been on 3 dates and we are expecting the 4th on Thursday. She invited me into her house on our 3ed date and we had a small make out session before I left. I know she's into me: she texts me everyday, we talk almost all day, stuff like that.

    I'd like to take things to the next level. I am trying to take things slow. And so far it seems to be pretty good. She's also very shy. So I'm not sure how to bring up a relationship into conversation. Please help!

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  • Being human: why doesn't Aidan choose to die?

    I love the show being human. It's an awesome show. I'm re watching season 1 and I'm wondering why doesn't Aidan choose to die? He seems like someone who is happy but when he's on his own during his "left to his thoughts" time, why doesn't he just let himself die? I can understand fighting the higher ups but bishop is dead and it doesnt seem like be can actually take on mother. And if he does I don't think he'd be able to take care for as much vampires as mother does.

    The thing is, they make it as though he cannot escape his life, that he cannot die. But he can. So why doesn't he?

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  • Closure with an ex gf?

    I dated this girl back in 2010 we broke up in 2011. It was hard for me because she was my first love. I was mad at her for so long. I can honestly say I don't carry that HATE for her anymore.

    Anyway, before we broke up she lent me about 2 boxes of art supplies. I was making her a photo album for her birthday. We broke up about a month before her birthday. Me being mad at her I basically hid her stuff so i never had to look at it and never gave it back. Like I said it was very hard for me. A part of me wanted her to come and get it. I have since then dated quiet a few different people and am no longer hung up on her.

    Either way, 2012 is almost over. After doing some cleaning, I found her boxes of art supplies. I feel like I should return them. Perhaps it would be a form of closure. Maybe even put in a note saying sorry for taking so damn long (haha). But here's the thing: I don't talk to her, we're not phone buddies, not Facebook friends, nothing. We've basically cut each other out of our lives. I'm wondering since I've forgiven her is that my closure? Should I even give her the boxes back? She had more I only took 2 fair sized boxes. Nothing shed miss...or at least enough for her to ask for them once and never ask again. Either way, would me giving back be a waste of time? By now I'm sure she's forgotten about them. Just need to know what to do in this situation.

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  • How to last longer (during sex)? Adults only?

    I dated a girl not too long ago. When we would have sex, I'd last long enough to make her *** and basically be done right before that point. She didn't say anything but it was a bit obvious that she was ok with cumming but not ok with how long the session lasted. We are no longer together (not for that reason lol). I've been with this other girl for a little while now. We're starting to talk about sex. And she talks about if I'm able to satisfy her. Im not worried about making her ***. even if i finish before she does, ill still have a way to make ber ***. I'm just worried about not lasting very long. Any advice? Hopefully this isn't explicit for you guys.

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  • Taking slow as possible. (Sorry, kinda long)?

    I met this girl online. We've talked online for a little bit then we switched to texting. We text everyday. We've talked on the phone. We've been talking for a bit more than a week. All together, we've talked on the phone for around 15 hours. We've been on 1 date and have our second coming up on Tuesday (10/23/2012). My family is going on a trip so SHE suggested we just get some food and hang out at my place. She says she wants to take things slow. She doesn't like to "jump the gun" even though she has a couple of times already. She said we can hang out at my place, she was excited that she gets to see my room. She even asked me what I'd do if the possibility of sex were to come up. Now, if that happens or not I don't really care. I'm just glad to be hanging out with her.

    She lives 30 mins away from me (all freeway). She's also one of those people who can stay out for awhile. I'm taking my folks to the airport at 7 and she wants me to get her around 8. By the time we get to my place it'll be around 9-9:30. I'd like to move slowly but I also don't want to drive for about an hour on a road where cops will be on. I'd like to invite her to spend the night. I just feel that it's a bit soon and we'll have an awkward bump. So how can I tell her this without that awkwardness? Or should I not ask?

    If you're still readin this, god bless you lol.

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  • Talking to my girlfriend?

    My girlfriend (to put it frankly) sucks at texting. I guess communicating in general. I mean when we talk she talks about everything. We just don't talk too often. The relationship is still new so I don't expect to be talking all day long. My issue is that when I text her she takes a long time to get back to me. And when she does its like SHEs starting the conversation. Like my text didn't go through or something. My friends and other people have said to just wait for her to text me. I don't care for that because its like playing games and that's just a huge waste of time for both of us. But I do it.

    Here's my problem: I want to ask her to hang out. We've been going out for 2 weeks and I haven't seen her in over a week. But I feel that if I text her ill get no response. So should I wait for her to text me or text her?

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