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I am french canadian but living in Norway. I'm married to a norwegian and our daughter was born in Norway. I'm 23 years old.

  • Do you agree with this?

    UN says once again that Norway is the best country to live in. Do you agree with them and why?

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  • How do you feel after this awesome game?

    I am GLAD this is over! This was great! Team USA made me nervous until the last second! I thought my mom would get an heart attack before the end of the game as much as she was screaming and cursing!

    Americans, be PROUD of your men! They did great and deserved this as much as we did. This was an hell of a game! The most exciting game I have seen in a long time!

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  • Since everybody is too busy arguing about the apolo dq...?

    What about the relay? Seems like nobody wants to talk about that. Some people say that we (canada) cheated in the 500m. But what about the relay? Are those people thinking that we cheated too?

    For other people who actually know about the sport, are you happy with the results? I sure am. Didn't think we would get a medal as we weren't very successful medal wise since the beginning of the olympics in short track speed skating. I am very proud of our men for winning gold. :)

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  • What an intense game that was!?

    What a game!

    Miller and the penalties in the 3rd period cost Canada the game. Could have gone both ways but USA got the best of us.

    Does this change your predictions about who will win the gold?

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  • Anyone excited yet about tonight?

    Anyone excited yet about the Canada vs USA game tonight?

    I sure am! I'm rooting for Canada as I am canadian but I fear it will be a tough game. Even though most of us do not want to admit it, we always fear the americans just like we do with the russians. It will be like a rematch of Salt Lake city when we faced each other for the finals. Canadians do not want to lose but americans will come back with a vengeance.

    Any predictions for tonight?

    In my opinion, Canada 3 USA 2. Good luck!

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  • Congratulations to Apolo Anton Ohno!?

    What a race. Sad for Canada that the brothers were totally shut down at the end. The race was awesome from start to finish.

    Question is...

    Is this an olympic medal record? Ohno is now at 7 medals in his career. Ain't this a record??

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  • Gold for Canada! How do you feel?

    Finally!!! The curse is over! Canada just got it's first gold medal while hosting olympic games! It was amazing! Well done!

    What do you think about Bilodeau's performance?????

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  • Deaths in Sweden right after taking the H1N1 vaccine...?

    I live in Norway and Sweden is our closest neighbour so here we can get news from Sweden quite easily. Today I found out this quite scary news. At least 4 people are dead a few hours after taking the vaccine and the authorities are saying that it was directly related to the shot. One alarming detail - they were all in one of the at risk groups. They had heart problems. A few more cases are being investigated as well.

    Here's my question. Both my parents have huge heart problems. My mom had 2 heart attacks last year and my father had a few more and he just received a kidney transplant. Of course, they both are in one of the at risk groups. What would you do if both your parents were affected by those problems and were considering taking the shot when you just heard that some deaths are being reported as being related directly to the H1N1 shot? Would you recommend them taking the shot or not? I'm scared for my parents.

    Here's a link to one of the articles in the biggest swedish newspaper. It is in swedish but it is impossible to get it in english.

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  • What freedom and liberty do americans have that we in western europe do not have?

    I saw that so many times being told by americans. What do you think?

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  • what freedom and liberty does americans have that europeans do not have?

    I'm curious. I saw so many americans say that and I really can't see. I wonder what you guys think.

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  • 10 pts for the first one to answer correctly...?

    The song "You raise me up" is mostly known due to Josh Groban. The composer of the original version is from which country??

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  • 50 cent's house on fire while his ex and their son were inside?

    They been fighting in court for a while now about child support and the house. The judge ordered the ex to get out of the house 31st may. That is tomorrow.

    Who do you all think put the house on fire? 50 cent or his ex?

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  • Is it normal for a one and a half year old to have nightmares?

    My daughter doesn't get them every night but she gets them quite often. She gets hysterical for maybe 10 minutes after I wake her up and then cannot sleep for a little while. Is it normal? What is causing this? What can I do to stop those nightmares?

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  • What do you think about the republicans voting in the democrat primaries?

    Is it fair? Should it be allowed? To republicans, would you like it if democrats voted in your primaries to disrupt the vote?

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