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  • Would you get after your kids for making noise?

    I've heard of adults complaining about kids being noisy even if the kids weren't making that much noise. To be honest though I think this really depends on how much noise is being made. If they're making so much noise that you can here it throughout the rest of the house then yeah I agree with the complaints because you shouldn't have to deal with that. However expecting kids to be quite all the time seems kinda ridiculous because kids are going to make noise, even though sometimes you have to tell them to keep the noise down. So would you get after your kids for making noise even if they're not being that noisy or only when it gets out of hand?

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  • Would you force a child to take music lessons just because it looks good on their college application?

    I've heard of this being done before but honestly I don't really agree with it for many reasons. Yeah I get that kids need to have music in their lives and that sometimes you have to do things that you don't want to do. However forcing a child to play piano just because it looks good on their college application is going a little bit overboard. Besides that, there are plenty of other activities out there that they'll probably like better that would look good on their application too. So would you force a child to take music lessons just to get them into college? Also I'm not trying to judge anyone's parenting skills, I was just saying that I wouldn't do it.

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  • Do you think this woman was in the right or wrong for throwing a tantrum at McDonald's?

    I was watching a video on YouTube at one point of a woman at McDonald's throwing a temper tantrum like a two year old. Her reason for being upset was because she ordered a chocolate milkshake but apparently she couldn't get one because the milkshake machine was broken and she started yelling at the people who worked there. However I noticed that one of the commenters was justifying this woman's behavior saying that she should have been offered a free hamburger. To be honest though I thought that the woman was wrong because for one there wasn't anything that they could have done about the issue until the machine was fixed. Besides that I felt like she should have either gone to a different restaurant to get the milkshake or ordered a different icecream. So did you think that the behavior from this woman was justified or do you think she was wrong?

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  • Why do some adults think it's ok to disrespect kids yet get furious when the child disrespects them or other adults.?

    I've seen case where adults ( usually parents) would start being disrespectful to their kids. However when their children exhibit the same disrespectful behavior, they get furious at the child and wonder why they're so disrespectful. So how come some adults think It's acceptable for them to disrespect kids yet they get mad when the kids exhibit their disrespectful attitude?

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  • Would you use sayings like this with your children to prevent them from becoming terrible people?

    I remember at one point when I was in 5th grade, our teachers started using the sayings ' Treat others the way you want to be treated' and ' If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'. I'm considering using these exact same sayings with my own kids as well so that they don't become awful human beings in the future. So would you use these sayings with your children to prevent them from becoming terrible people? Also I'm not dwelling on the past or anything, I was just using my experience as an example.

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  • Is free range meat and animal products really that expensive?

    I'm planning on only buying free range meat and animal products once I have my own place. However the problem is that I've heard that these things are expensive. So is it really expensive to buy free range meat and animal products?

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  • How can I be outgoing without being that person who talks too much?

    I'm very introverted now but when I was younger I was a very bubbly, outgoing child who was very talkative. To be honest though the problem was that I was so talkative as a child that some of my friends thought that I talked too much and they'd often tell me to zip it and throw away the key. However ever since I started middle school, I've become a little bit more introverted. I was also a little bit of a loner in 6th grade too ( I was bullied bad in elementary school so that was why I became a loner but I'm not like that anymore) and I'm not as outgoing as I was when I was a child. I'd rather avoid annoying others with constant blabber but I also don't like being introverted either because it's really boring. So how can I become more outgoing again without being that same little girl who always talks too much? Also I'm not dwelling on the past or anything, I was using what I wrote as examples.

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  • Do carnivals, fairs, and festivals offer healthy snacks?

    I've heard that these places don't allow guests to bring outside food. However most of what they do have is heavily processed and I definitely don't want to have to rely on processed food everytime I visit a these places. I know that they probably have vanders that serve healthy options too. However I'm not sure if they have healthy snack options like nuts or sunflower seeds for the customers. So do these places offer healthy snack options?

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  • Do you agree with a father forcing his daughter to dress like a boy?

    I've heard of this being done before so that the dad doesn't have to worry about his daughter getting unwanted attention from boys which I can definitely understand. However I don't really agree with making her dress like a guy in order to avoid this kind of attention. For one she's probably going to get unwanted attention anyway and two girls often want to wear things that make them feel pretty. I know that It's not my kid but I still think this is going a little overboard and besides that if she's wearing a school uniform, she'll probably be required to wear a skirt anyway. I'm not saying that he should let his daughter dress like a slut but she should at least be allowed to wear things that make her feel pretty. So do you agree with a dad making his daughter dress like a boy to avoid unwanted attention?

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  • Does Kings Dominion offer healthy snacks?

    I've read yesterday that you can't bring outside food or drink ( well except for bottled water) to Kings Dominion. However I'm trying to stay healthy so I'm wondering if Kings Dominion sells healthier snacks such as nuts or things like sunflower seeds. So does Kings Dominion sell healthy snacks?

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  • Does this count as outside food?

    My dad told me that he's planning on taking me to Kings Dominion for my birthday this year. I really want to be healthy, so I'm thinking about bringing a lunch box with me with a packed lunch as well as bringing a healthy snack in my purse. I know that they have food there but It's mostly heavily processed foods and same with the snacks. So I've read on their website that they don't allow outside food but does this really count?

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  • Why do some women find it acceptable to destroy their boyfriend's/ husband's property just because she's angry at him.?

    I've seen a lot of these videos online where a woman often gets mad at her boyfriend or housband for some reason and starts destroying something of his. This would often be situations where the guy either cheated on his girlfriend or when he's spending too much time playing video games on the xbox or playstation. I'm not saying that all females think this is acceptable but I've noticed that some of them do and I don't get why because it wouldn't be seen as acceptable at all if it were the other way around. So why is it that some women find this behavior acceptable?

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  • How can I use hydrotherapy in cold weather and during my period without having to worry about repercussions?

    I honestly really love using hydrotherapy in the shower and I've heard that it's really good for your health. However I've had really bad experiences with it in cold weather and during my period when I switch from hot to cold water. For example there have been occasions where I'd get ear aches and during my period I'd often get cramps from this. I really want to continue doing this year round everyday ( even during my period and when it's cold outside?) But I don't want my ears or my lower belly to hurt. So is there any way that I can prevent these things when it's cold outside or when I'm on my period?

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  • What would you do in a situation where your child is spitting?

    I've seen occasions where kids would start spitting for whatever reason and I've even seen it on Supernanny before. As for the question, well this really depends on the situation and why it's being done in the first place. If they spit on another person because they're angry, that requires a timeout and they'd be cleaning the mess if there is one. If they're spitting to get attention, I simply wouldn't respond at all or tell them " I'm sorry but I don't play with people who spit" and walk away. So what would you do in that kind of situation?

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  • Would you discipline your child for dumping water on someone?

    I've heard of cases where kids would do these things to other kids while they're playing with each other. However even though water can't really harm them or their clothing, I still don't think this is very nice to dump water on someone even if you're just playing. As for the question, yes I would discipline my own kids if they did that. I would have made them apologize to the other child and taken away one of their favorite privileges such as dessert but I'd also talk to them about having respect for other people before disciplining them. So would you discipline your child for this behavior?

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  • How do I know which foods are on sale or in season during the months?

    I really want to change my diet and start eating better foods but some of the foods that I really want to try are expensive as hell. For example one time when I went to the store to buy almond butter, it costed me eight dollars. I've heard that foods that are on sale or in season are cheaper but how am I supposed to know what's on sale? Is there any way to find out?

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  • What would you do in cases where your child does something like knocking chairs over out of anger?

    I've seen this being done before by kids who are often disrespectful. However as for the question, well if my future kid ever did that I'd make them pick up the chair that they knocked over during their tantrum. So what would you do in a situation like this?

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  • Can real estate agents that work from home wear whatever they want?

    I really want to be a real estate agent because I think it looks fun. However I'm thinking about being one of those agents that works from home so that I can have more family time. I know that the ones that work in an office have to dress professionally but do I still have to dress up if I'm working from home?

    9 AnswersRenting & Real Estate5 months ago
  • Would you respond to a child who's doing things like fake sneezing?

    I've heard of kids doing these things before and the parents would often respond by saying " Stop doing that". To be honest though I think that the best option is to just ignore it because kids often do that to get attention. So would you respond to behavior like that or would you simply just ignore it?

    3 AnswersParenting5 months ago
  • Why is it important to apply lip balm after using a lip scrub?

    My dad seems to think the lip scrubs and lip balm are the exact same because they re used for the exact same thing but I ve heard that it s important to apply lip balm after using a lip scrub. So why is this step important if they re both the same thing?

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