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  • Anyone else find this to be a disturbing trend?

    Since when do cross breeds command such high prices? $900 seems to be the going rate for small cross breeds. I smell undeclared income.

    Anyone else horrified? Would you pay that for a multiple mixed breed?

    I'm not against mixed breeds, and charging enough to cover the vet checks and vaccinations of puppies, but this seems excessive to me.

    Here are a few examples I found today on a 'for sale' site:

    Maltese/bichon mother and Maltese/Pomeranian sire. $950

    Sidney silkey/ Maltese and Silky/Maltese and Shih tzu/Bishon $750

    Shih Tzu/Bichon $950

    Mini 'Schnoodles' $1,2000

    There are lots of mixes of Maltese, which happen to be Australia's most dumped breed. that is a link that someone else has already posted, I like the quote at the end from a lady who works in one of the shelters over run by expensive dumped designer dogs:

    "It's just that they weren't designed by a dog breeder. They were designed by a dog breeding."

    Anyone here pay that much?

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