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If I see your post and I've let you stay in my Contacts list, I'll probably give you a star. This is now my 4th primary account. My secondary account (which will inevitably become my 5th primary) is already defined, and active. Have you people figured out how this works, yet? Reporting me will NOT shut me up. Presently blocked by: Pip Pip ye emperor Obnoxious Cole Fan GENERAL CATTON (loser who whined about how someone blocked him.) Anna There's No one left U deny Jesus then u die forever David I Frank Jamil Brooklynn Science Black With A White Mama Eddie Has-Skull Guy imdebrathegreat SilverSky Femme1919 newk59 Newell MrzBoopie Tommy 1 *Newell* Kosher Ninja Twit JPA Aonghas Shrugged ======== NOR*CAL Y!A R&S DRINKING CLUB ======== I've come to realize that the MOST thin-skinned group on this site are the Vegetarians, who are completely devoid of any sense of humor. Y!M: androidsdungeon_owner