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  • Gleeson Homes?

    Hi there,

    I am currently considering purchasing a home through Gleeson s, However, I have seen a number of complaints on MSE and other sites regarding experiences with staff and the homes themselves.

    Has anyone on YA purchased through Gleeson and, if so, how did you find the whole experience? Moreover, have anyone used the Save and Build Scheme they have which seems to be a great way to save a deposit (I am already well on the way), and also when purchasing your home did you have the option to add extras like carpets, lights, furniture etc and how much extra did this add on to total price?

    Any insight would be appreciated!

    Thank you,


    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 years ago
  • Epson cancelling print jobs?

    Hi there,

    I have had an Epson workforce 3250 for over a year now and I am now having a major issue with it. When printing, the printer manages about a page of double sided paper and then cancels the job without being prompted to. The printer then comes up with a an error message in device and printers saying that a previous print job is holding up the queue, despite no print job actually been queued up.

    I have tried troubleshooting, which fixes it until I print another page and then it does it again, I have downloaded a software update, which hasn't fixed the issue, I have turned it on and off, which hasn't fixed the issue.

    What else could I do, apart from frustratingly throw it out the window?

    1 AnswerPrinters7 years ago
  • Recording on a Samsung Smart TV (UE32F5300)?


    I have recently purchased a Samsung UE32F5300 SMART TV and have found that when I attempt to record a programme it asks me to connect a USB device. I have tried a USB that I use for university but I am then promoted to format it. Despite selecting 'format device' it doesn't seem to want to work.

    Is there a special type of device that I need to record on this particular TV?

    2 AnswersTVs7 years ago
  • Multi-city holidays to Italy?

    Hi, I am currently planning a multi-city trip to Italy. I plan to visit Rome, Pisa, Milan and Venice for 2 days each as I'm to understand these are the 'touristy' cities. I plan to fly from the UK to Rome, then catch the train from Rome-Pisa-Milan-Venice then catch a flight back to the UK on the last day.

    Are these the cities that I should be visiting, or do you recommend any others in place of them? Also, how efficient are the trains in Italy? Finally, for an 8 day trip how much cash do you recommend taking?

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  • How to change ITunes iPad store from US to UK?


    Does anyone know how to change ITunes iPad store from US to UK via the iPad itself?


    5 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • Epson Workforce 3250 connectivity issue?


    I am having an issue with my Epson WF-3250. When I switch the printer on AFTER turning the laptop on, or having worked on the laptop, it registers the printer as offline. However, if I switch the printer on BEFORE the laptop, or restart the laptop, it registers as online.

    How can I get it to register as ONLINE whenever I switch it on?

    3 AnswersPrinters8 years ago
  • Syria: Do you believe the Chemical Weapons claims made by the 'West'?

    Earlier this week an unnamed US official raised the global alarm that President (and I use that term loosely) Assad's army is beginning to move and prepare its Chemical Weapons for possible use, the most notable of which is Sarin Gas. Now it has been reported that these weapons are ready to be loaded onto planes, missiles, etc.

    Now, Syria has in the past threatened to use WMD's IF attacked by outside forces but has vehemently denied plans to use them on their own people. However, the West does not believe such claims and are becoming 'increasingly concerned' that Assad's order to launch a WMD attack on major population centres will come imminently.

    We have seen such claims before, but this time do you believe that Assad will dare exterminate hundreds of thousands of people in an attempt to cling to power, which will no doubt spark global intervention, and do you think we, as compassionate people, should step in to 'save the Syrian people'?


    5 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago
  • Longevity of Madeira sponge cake?

    Hi, I have just bought a cake for an anniversary celebration. I, foolishly, didn't look at the best before date which is 24th December (the anniversary is on 7th January). Obviously I know this relates to the quality rather than safety. How long would the cake last (it is sealed & unopened) before it goes 'off' or stale?

    This is the cake I'm referring to;

    1 AnswerCooking & Recipes8 years ago
  • Metro Pass for Paris (Paris Visite)?

    Hi all,

    I am just wondering if anyone could tell me where I can buy a 3 day metro card for Paris, usually called a Paris Visiste pass? I have looked on several websites but I am a bit concerned that some of them may be fraudulent websites as they are quite undeveloped and unprofessional (usually official websites are quite neat looking).

    Thank you.

    2 AnswersParis8 years ago
  • Laptop slow to start up?

    Hi. I wonder if anyone can advise what I should do regarding an Acer 5551 laptop that is slow to start up. The laptop loads (as in gets to the login screen) within a few seconds but then after putting the password in it sometimes takes 2-5 minutes to load and I often get a black screen during that process.

    I have run a defragment, reduced the start-up programs to minimal, cleaned the registry and all other general tidying up. What else could I do to rectify this?

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • "Haunted Houses" in York/London?

    Hi. So Halloween is coming up in about 9weeks and I'm starting to try and plan what to do and have set my mind on visiting haunted house or haunted venue of some sort. Has anyone been to any such places in York or London (or Yorkshire as a whole) before and would recommend it?

    2 AnswersOther - United Kingdom8 years ago
  • New York City Holiday?

    I'm planning a holiday for one week to New York in either September 2013 or January 2014 and wondered how much I should take to live, reasonably, for that one week. Obviously NYC is a very expensive place and as such I need a lot of spending money but how much is realistic?

    I'm not including hotel, flight & transfers as this is separate, I'm talking about meals, tourist attractions (I plan on getting an NYCPass & 7day Metrocard).

    3 AnswersNew York City8 years ago
  • Which website is best to book a holiday to New York?

    Hi, so I am planning to go on holiday to New York City next year but I am unsure which website/airline to book with. I have been looking at HolidayGenie because of the ability to pay a £150 deposit, however, the reviews I have read of this company have put me off doing so.

    Does anybody recommend a website or airline to book a package holiday with, preferably where you can pay a low deposit?

    4 AnswersNew York City8 years ago
  • Oyster Online (topping up Oyster Card)?

    Hi folks. So I got an Oyster card the other month to use in London last weekend, which I did. I need to top it up with more credit, obviously, before I go again in a few weeks. However, the system is confusing me. I select top up pay as you go balance which takes me to a 'collect your purchase' page. Question number 1) Why would I need to collect it when I already have a card?

    Another issue is that it says it's valid for one week. Question number 2) why would it be valid for one week when it's pay as you go & the balance is used only when you tap in & out of the ungerground, buses, etc?

    Can anyone give me a step by step guide- preferably someone with an Oyster card who tops up online regularly.

    Thank you!

    3 AnswersLondon8 years ago
  • London: North/South Divide?

    So I'm going to London at the end of this month, and twice in August (I'm making it a kind of 2nd home). Obviously with it being the Capital there are certain aspects of live that are more expensive than in the North, such as property prices.

    But are products like clothes, food etc really more expensive 'down South'. For example if you purchased £100 clothes from Next or Primark 'up North', would there be a huge price increase if purchasing the same amount of clothes in London?

    3 AnswersLondon9 years ago
  • London Zoo Question.?

    So I'm off to merry old London in June and whilst I'm there I'm planning to go to London Zoo. I have 2 questions:

    1) How long can I expect to queue for on a Saturday?

    2) How long on average does it take to look around the Zoo?


    5 AnswersLondon9 years ago
  • Small Businesses: Legal and Financial Impacts?

    What are the Implications for SMALL businesses relating to the following Issues:

    Corporate Tax

    Bank Overdraft

    Rent in a Shopping Mall/Centre

    Accountancy costs

    Race Relations Act 1992

    Sex Discrimination Act 1975/97

    Equal Pay Act 1970

    Disability Discrimination Act 1995/2005

    National Minimum Wage

    Data Protection Act 1998

    Brief answers welcome. Thanks.

    3 AnswersSmall Business9 years ago
  • Acer BIOS update: Is it dangerous?

    So, i am having a major issue with my battery where it only charges to around 80% then stops. I have tried recalibrating it (charging it to as far as it goes, draining it and recharging it) to no prevail.

    I have been doing some research and found out that a BIOS update COULD potentially fix the issue but also be warned that it could seriously mess up the system if it is done wrongly.

    Have you ever done a BIOS update? What issues did it cause, if any? Should i risk it?

    2 AnswersOther - Computers9 years ago
  • Apple Mobile Device issues?

    I am having an issue with the Apple Mobile Device Ethernet. My computer is recognizing the problem as a code 10-it cannot start. I have tried scanning for an update to the driver software but it is up-to-date.

    Has anyone had this problem before? How do i sort it?

    1 AnswerSoftware9 years ago
  • Characteristics of target markets?

    What are the characteristics of Upper-Class people and the 18-24 age group?

    1 AnswerOther - Business & Finance9 years ago